By now, most of you guys have heard of the controversy surrounding Veerender Jubbal and the photoshopped picture that shows him holding a Koran and decked out with a suicide bomber’s vest. It’s a pretty good effort, and it even fooled me the first time I saw it. The guy’s face isn’t as familiar to me as it is to some, since he’s never done anything of note. In fact, the only time I ever hear of the bastard is when he’s getting wrecked on Twitter. I’m not even sure what he’s known for other than that. I think he started a hashtag one time, or some shit like that. I just checked, and yea, that’s why we’re even talking about this fuckwad in the first place:


Needless to say, Mr. Jubbal is a stone cold hypocrite:


Over the last couple days, he got a taste of his own medicine. There’s something poetic about a guy who has spent a year fighting a movement that’s about better ethics in journalism getting smeared by lazy journalists. For reference, here’s a couple of the outlets that spread the image in question:


Buzzfeed had a conniption about it last night, falsely blaming GamerGate for the image. In fact, it was done by a critic of GamerGate who goes by the name of “Blacktric” on Twitter. He’s a loser, but I have to admit, this one was kind of humorous. His account is suspended now, but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or not. I don’t care either way. I’m actually here to talk about the blatant dishonesty of the media and our SJW opponents. They both know by now that GamerGate had nothing to do with this incident. Yes, we laughed about it. Why? Cause it’s fucking funny. But we had nothing to do with the original act. That doesn’t stop the press, though. These fuckers just refuse to tell the truth.

Of course, our opponents outside of the press are even more dishonest (if that’s possible). As they’re fond of saying, there’s no such thing as a bad tactic, only bad targets. Nothing explains that mentality better than this tweet:


The truth is irrelevant. That quote above sums up the entire GamerGate struggle.

Media coverage:

The Guardian



NY Times 

The Sydney Morning Herald

Also, for some of you who might feel bad about all this, here’s a friendly reminder…

I’ll be back before morning with another post. Thanks for reading, as always.

  1. I think I’ll be pardoned if I have more sympathy for the hair that get shaved off my head at the Barber shop than I do for Jubbal.

  2. Yes, we laughed about it. Why? Cause it’s fucking funny.

    I thought it was really funny. Maybe Jubbal will now understand that the press is garbage, not games/gamers? Nope, he’s gonna just continue thinking that “you cannot be racist against white folk.”

  3. I know the word sociopath gets misused/overused but blatantly admitting to pushing lies to suit your narrative sounds pretty fucking sociopathic to me. #NoShame

  4. “You cannot be xxxist against (due to privilege or some shit)”

    Because regular prejudice is okay now? Just because you can’t label a hate with an -ism, it means it’s a-okay?

    I have to laugh at the Guardian, too. Whenever they mention Gamergate in a non-Comment-is-Free article, they always disable comments. It’s like they don’t want the comments to point out their false reporting.

    1. “I have to laugh at the Guardian, too. Whenever they mention Gamergate in
      a non-Comment-is-Free article, they always disable comments. It’s like
      they don’t want the comments to point out their false reporting.”

      When their article is GG-related, it’s easy for them to answer why they close off the comments sections though.

      It’ll just be the ‘we closed off the comments section to prevent harassment from GG’ party line.

      They basically kill two birds with one stone with that answer.

  5. Gotta love the weasel words used to link it to GG in the mainstream press

    “Some say…” “Some suspect….”

    Bonus points for rags like the Guardian, supposed bastions of free speech, not putting any comments sections below said articles which would allow readers to shut their shit down and contradict their weaseling ways.

  6. “Feminist Frequency retweeted John Scalzi @scalzi · GamerGate is about harassing, threatening and silencing women. Started that way, has been that way all along. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

    That’s from Oct. 22, 2014. Scalzi is the former president of the Science Fiction Writers of America and the moron who wrote the white privilege article at Kotaku the same month of May, 2012 Sarkeesian started her first Kickstarter. He’s been as responsible as anyone for selling this goofball brand of racist lesbian feminism in SFF.

    It was the same lie then as now: anyone who pushes back against these gender studies morons hates all women and non-whites rather than this feminist KKK-like ideology. The fact the succeeding months have proven tons of women in gaming hate Sarkeesian and that SJWs provide covering fire for anti-white racists like Jubal, Moosa and Chu tells the real story.

    Anti-GG is still lying and they know it and don’t care. Jubal doesn’t like being called a terrorist but has no problem using such rhetoric about millions of whites who do nothing but play games and want their hobby to be left alone by feminists and their racist cult. Why do they do it? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t spend a nickel defending the sanity of people like Jubal, Wu, Chu and all the rest of those sociopathic fuckers.

    1. “Anti-GG is still lying and they know it and don’t care”

      That’s why GG should no way on earth ever ‘moderate’ or ‘reason’ with SJWs/feminists. If we did, it would be completely suicidal because it means listening to and accepting their retarded ideologies. This would completely open up the door for Anti-GG infestation and take-over.

      What about the other way round? I can tell you that Anti-GG would NEVER moderate or reason with GG, ever. SJWs/feminists are here to completely take over and ruin video games, you cannot reason with them, you cannot debate with them, and they do not operate on logic and facts. Never ever forget that.

      Once again, props to Ralph for exposing that abortion of a plan to end GamerGate. Also, Jim/IA/MisterMetokur was right all along. Hah.

  7. Will Jubbal see that the mainstream media is crap and that it is not very nice to be compared to ISIS? Will he develop some sympathy and understanding for the people in GG?

    Obviously not. SJWs are mindless zombie drones set on offend mode constantly.

    1. Amritsar, india is the holiest city in Sikhdom. When you arrive on a train which looks like it was punched by giants, old dudes on giant three-wheeled bicycles pile your luggage on and you sit up top while he strains and pushes you blocks away to your hotel. Amritsar is where their holiest shrine is, The Golden Temple. Technically you can’t smoke a cigarette within a kilometer of it, it is so holy, though you see guys sneaking butts in alleys. They do have a Domino’s Pizza though, so all is not lost. You have to wear a scarf on your head to go in the temple. Actually it’s a very cool place and very cool people. Jubal just isn’t one of them. In fact I’d venture to say Jubal is nothing like a Sikh. I never felt even a single shred of hostility.

  8. What happened to Jubbal was a douche move, but the fact the SJWs know for certain it wasn’t GGers who did this yet still blame us is disgusting.

  9. Since this is the motherfucker that has NOTHING to do with the gaming industry but inserted himself Into GG just for attention I don’t feel bad for the fucker. But the worst thing is not his anti-GG stance but the fact that he constantly makes racist comments against white people and uses the “I’m brown I can’t be racist” defense to feel better about himself.

    NEWSFLASH: Not only are you racist but you are on /cow/ for your behavior.

    As people on twitter pointed out: “The guy constantly makes racist comments towards white people and wonders how the media could think he’s a terrorist”

    Theres a word for that:

    1. Make no mistake, he LOVES this.

      There’s nothing liberal psychopaths love more than being able to publicly cry over their perceived victimisation.

      Does he have a Patreon account, by any chance?

      1. I don’t think so. I tried to find him on patreon. It might be possible that he uses some “edgy” name or so. But knowing how narcissistic this guy is he would 100% only use his real name.

        “I am not racist or sexist, I’m the hero!” -Veerender. God I swear this guy is the brown version of Chris Chan.

  10. Jubal’s definition of hate speech is “never me no matter what.” That doesn’t really fly. These are the morons who said the Confederate flag kills. By SJW standards Jubal is certainly a terrorist since SJWs maintain any gamer who says they’re not a bigot defaults to terrorist. Disagreeing with the batty Anita Sarkeesian is “woman-hatred.” What does Jubal do anyway? I’m guessing he works in a laundry or is a meter-maid.

    1. I’m gonna go with failed fluffer as one look at him and all the boners died so now he stalks the internet because his dream of jerking cock has died.

  11. their entire assertion is that we ‘pushed’ this meme. No proof required. GamerGate is the monster hiding under your bed also

  12. We are reaching inception levels of journolism fail. First they report a photoshoped pic, then buzztards report on the failed journalism while making false claims. On top of that, Agg find it funny how they made the false claim, maybe because we laugh at retards like Jubbai.

  13. Oh, the irony. SJWs bitch about one of their own being labeled a terrorist based on false information by the press…but have no problem labeling us as terrorists based on false information by the press.

    1. TheDailyKos did exactly that to Milo when the Nyberg stuff hit.

      They claimed Milo (and by association Breitbart itself) used as a source that nutcase who got arrested for trying to buy bomb parts off the FBI or whatever he did. So they claimed that the guy arrested for terrorism was a ‘writer’ for Breitbart.

      The ultimate hilarity is that TheDailyKos itself had actually published multiple articles written by this person they arrested.

      Milo and Breitbart are still waiting for the retraction and apology. They’re not likely to ever get one.

  14. I remember when I first saw this comic, I had no idea it was based around an actual Twitter user. Sad to think that this person is not only real, but the comic actually didn’t exaggerate how fucking lacking in self-awareness he is. I guess it’s true what they say: these people have become parodies of themselves.

  15. “It’s irrelevant that you guys weren’t behind it, there’s still consequences for you!”

    What a fucking retard.

        1. Nicholas “Srhbutts” Nyberg a crazy person that hates being born as a white man so much that he became a tranny and constantly makes white man = evil tweets. And lusts after underage girls. Of course he claims that pro GG peopel are the pedos and racists. TYpical SJW.

          I don’t know if the guy was always so crazy or if he became crazy after his brother did of an overdose and his mother killed herself shortly afterwards.
          I’m not joking. That actually happened.

          The failure lives with his dad now and refuses to get a job or do anything social.

  16. Lol this is so funny and I don’t feel sorry for him. Also there’s a brown dildo in the photoshopped picture. It’s at the corner next to the bag.

  17. Does it suck that it happened to him? Sure.

    But many of his ilk have spent at least the past year falsely branding us “terrorists”. Now that it happened to them, they squeal about shitty journalism, and it shows how supremely hypocritical they are.

    And considering Veerender’s “FUCK WHITE PEOPLE” talk, he could easily be mistaken for a would-be member of ISIS.

    As WynterWyfe said above, Karma’s a bitch when you are one too.

    He’ll get no sympathy from me.

  18. Just to clear things up. If the data I am privvy to is any indication, Blacktric is not the one responsible for making the photoshop edit of Veerender.

    Here is the data I have on this subject:

    And taking a look at the person’s account, they’re still active but they’ve put their account on lock-down.

  19. Devin fucking Faraci…

    I used to like him as a film reviewer but he’s become one of the most shameless blue pill manginas on the internet. His site,, which is primarily there to review movies and argue about bullshit like whether the Hulk’s skin is green enough., occasionally will include an ‘important’ article, which invariably is some liberal drivel praising revolutionary figures like Trayvon, Anita , Zoe or Black Lies Matter.

    They ran a disgusting article in the wake of the SXSW gaming panel cancellations titled ‘GamerGate Terrorists Win’ or some bullshit like that. I don’t want to go looking for it and feel that disgust all over again.

    I’ve followed his internet career for many years, from his days as CHUD’s notoriously thin-skinned ban-hammer (a character trait he continues to this day) and seeing him nearly driven to suicide by an incredible troll group called ‘The Scorched Planet’.

    For a while I actually listened to his podcast ‘The Canon’ where he and another critic discuss whether a certain classic film deserves to be considered one of the greats. His regressive leftist politics reared its hear on occasion but I got through it. But then one episode he actually uttered the phrase “As we move towards a gender-fluid future…” and I knew just couldn’t listen anymore.

    He’s a piece of garbage in a way that every liberal is when they have a platform..

  20. How poetic. I called him out about it on a site which was, unknown to me an Anti-GGer site and i got shot down for being Pro. Just goes to show that this guy tried to slander all Gamers as trash and White People can’t be victims of racism. Maybe he’ll learn to not play the media when it plays him back.

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