Another day another dollar, as they say. I’m getting ready for Wrestlemania tonight, as I explained in the opening of a column I’ve yet to post. So I won’t go on too long about that (read it later lol). Over on Twitter, the lunatic SJWs are popping off over “transphobia.” Obsidian had a joke in their game (Pillars of Eternity) that some delicate souls found offensive. Basically a guy finds out he slept with a man and not a woman, so he kills himself. It’s written in a poem format and it is rather humerous.

This already had SJWs riled up to the point of hysteria. TotalBiscuit made a few tweets and put out a SoundCloud on the matter. He said that some people believe that the scenario I just presented would constitute a rape. This is now apparently transphobia. I misunderstood what he actually said, at first. He didn’t even say he believed this, he simply mentioned that some people do. How is this a transgression against transsexuals? 

Here’s the quick rundown, SoundCloud first:

Take a look at the original joke that has all these special snowflakes up in arms:obsidian1

More from Twitter:

Keep in mind that my tweet above was before I heard the audio. He doesn’t actually say that’s his opinion. SJW ideologues willfully misinterpreting? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

As you can see, they’re going all out to smear this man as transphobic, simply due to philosophical disagreements over content. This what they always do, so I’m not surprised. Real gamers will ignore them. Sure, they’ll score points with the SJW Cult, but they won’t influence the real market movers. They can wax poetic on Twitter all day long. No one cares…especially TotalBiscuit.

    1. Calling Ralph a transphobe was their strategy last time. Now their trying to use that strategy on TB. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it

      1. TotalBiscuit is not transphobic but let’s not pretend transphobia doesn’t exist.

        If I suddenly attacked gays most of the western world would jump on me labelling me a homophobe. Apparently attacking transgendered people isn’t transphobia though? Wake up. There are people who hate transgendered people just as there are people who hate gays.

        As for the joke in the game it was just a joke though and it’s sad to see Obsidian back-pedal to appease a small vocal minority.

    2. Actually it isn’t. Men that have murdered transwomen have oft used the trans panic defense in the same way that the gay panic defense had been used. Still a real thing. Transwomen still per-capita murdered more than anyone else.

      Going into the “wrong” restroom will get you sometimes violent confrontations.

      That’s real shit. Yet no transwomen I know behave like these people.

      1. Erm. The “phobia” part denotes fear of — not hatred and anger towards. Appending “phobia” to these things just sounds idiotic. No dipshit hick partying before his senior graduation has killed a gay person or trans person because of a “phobia”. Because of bigotry, prejudice, and hatred? Sure. But not “fear of”.

        Can you imagine anyone would have been referring to racism for the last fifty years as “afrophobic”?

        1. I can’t dispute that the terminology is strange linguistically. I’m not here to defend it. Some people do have irrational fear of transfolks – and more often transwomen – though. It’s probably the best terminology we have to describe the phenomena though.

        2. It’s the same with homophobia.

          Yes the terminology is wrong but as with transphobia it’s come to mean “hatred of” not “fear of” so stop trying to be a smart-ass when you should know this by now.

      2. A phobia would imply an irrational fear. Wanting to know who you’re having sex with is not an irrational fear, as much as you special snowflake types dislike it everyone has a right, whether you like it or not, to know who they’re sleeping with, and to have sexual preferences.

        Yeah, so there are things about being trans that suck, and yeah society is still distrustful of them in general… both awful, but that doesn’t oblige men to sleep with transwomen, we don’t owe them anything at all. If a normal man lied to a woman in such a way the tumblr snowflakes would go fucking apeshit so why does it suddenly become OK for a transwoman to lie to a man?

        1. You clearly haven’t parsed my other comments in this thread.

          No one sane wants someone to sleep with them that ordinarily wouldn’t. Those non-sane people include cis men trying to pick up lesbians and women that give every indication humanly possible that they aren’t interested.

          What you’re doing – right here- is trying to support the trans panic defense.

          I have never known a transwoman to lie to a man. The fact that you seem to think this is even a significant occurance that happens often indicates an irrational fear in and of itself.

          *Edited to take out two “literally”s.

          1. Heh, I’ve seen enough to know what you’re shooting for. I never said it was a common occurrence, just voicing my opinion on the rights and wrongs of the situation (Not that you SJW types think anything apart from woman being oppressed by man is common). The question is whether TB is a transphobe for expressing the opinion that he did, and he isn’t. Arguing that people have a right to sexual autonomy doesn’t have a thing to do with fearmongering, dumbass, it’s a point of principle.

            The scaremongering is coming from dumbasses like you that casually yell “misogynist” and “transphobe” at anyone voicing opinions that you personally dislike.

          2. Conflating me with an SJW is utterly hilarious. Kudos for the laugh.

            I’ve said he’s not a transphobe and I’ve said this hubbub over the joke is stupid.

            Well, dumbass I’ve never disagreed on sexual autonomy. The fact you keep bringing it up as if it were a real and common thing that transwomen “trick” cis men into sex with them is absolutely fearmongering.

            I’ve never called anyone a misogynist in my life. To my mind the women are wonderful effect trumps any possibility of such. Nor have I seen anything that indicates hatred of cis women in my life.

            I don’t recall labeling anyone a transphobe. As I’ve said elsewhere that’s difficult to tell online. Besides I’d much rather label behavior than people.

          3. Again, I said it as a response to what TB said, I never said it was commonplace. Keep being a dishonest dick.

          4. Considering our discussion downstream it seems to me if anyone is being dishonest that would be you.

            I will apologize for biting when you started using ad hominems though. Poor self-control on my part.

        2. You’re worrying about the chromosomes in a person (clearly not also aware there are genetic syndromes in natural born women where they are born with XY chromosomes) and having an irrational fear over that. Sounds like a phobia to me.

          You probably don’t consider trans women real women either because of your outdated belief on what defines sex so we can add ignorance to that list too.

        1. Actually I’ve had someone murdered right next door to me and anyone that reads the papers knows of someone that’s been murdered.

          You might want to consider how you word things next time champ.

          And for anyone that thinks that transfolks aren’t murdered I strongly suggest seeing what the Transgender Day of Remembrance is and why it exists.

          1. Save your BULLSHIT. The fact is that Trannies are CONFUSED since XX and XY are NOT choices and those are SEX, since GENDER=Sex and there is NO other reality about it. Save the nonsense about ‘binary thinking’ as that is Nature’s Rule not some fucking choice that fruitcakes make.

          2. Uh huh … Yes it is always ‘funny’ when you freaks run smack dab into REALITY XX or XY there is NO other viable option … ‘transgendered’ is delusion by any other name.

          3. Yes, yes, I get it the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth and the planet is only 10,000 years old. Got it.

            Now you’ll excuse me while I laugh at you some more.

          4. Again: None of this will make ANY pairing but Male-Female produce Life or ANY other viable ‘sex’ but MALE or Female. It also will not make those that believe things that are NOT true anything but delusional people … delusional people you support mutilating themselves. So save the moralization.

          5. Looking forward to the day that artificial wombs become a reality (should be under 15 years) and your head explodes.

          6. That’s funny because there are natural born women with XY chromosomes. Look up sawyer’s syndrome or androgen insensitivity disorder but they are still women because sex isn’t solely defined by chromosomes. Science has actually shown the brain of a trans person aligns to the sex they identify with too so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

            Next you’ll be saying homosexuality is a choice too.

      3. You know, the funny thing is the last five cases I’ve seen of violence against transgenders was all committed by women against MtFs. I hardly think any of us have forgotten the infamous McDonald’s assault, and that is far more par for course.

        1. Violence by cis women against transwomen is definitely a real thing. And cis women can create an atmosphere (and are damn good at it) that invokes the men around them to commit violence (towards anyone).

          However, I think most people would prefer violence to death. Not that you get a choice when it happens to you (no matter who you are) but I think you get my point.

          Thanks for weighing in.

  1. You have the right to be trans and live your life free of hate and discrimination as you see fit, but don’t I also have the right to not want to fuck a man who self identifies as a woman just as much as I have the right not to want to fuck anyone else for any other reason and to be upset were I to be mislead and manipulated?

    I am a fat dude and I can’t just erase your disinterest, sexually, in me for being fat by saying “no I self identify as a skinny person, therefore you have no right to refuse me for being fat!”

    I will fight to the death for trans people to have the right to live as they see fit, but that also means others have the right to live theirs as they see fit… And that includes not wanting to have sex with a guy with a Female name and clothing. That doesn’t make me a bigot or hateful and you shouldn’t take it personally that you are not my cup of tea… And if you lie to me to get me to fuck you, that is rape if we are going to say that lies or even omissions that might weigh in on your decision to have sex with someone is rape… Which is what SJWs like zoe quinn have been saying for years.

    1. That is what pisses me off the most. If the roles were reversed of course it’s rape. Everything a man does is rape. Just saying a woman’s name is rape. But no matter what a man can not be raped. It is somehow scientifically impossible. That is pretty much the main reason why I want to go on a SJW killing spree.

    2. A guy in a dress is anything from a female impersonator to a crossdresser. Hugely different from someone trans. If someone’s history squicks you you have all the right in the world not to do whatever it is you don’t want to with them. Does that make one transphobic? Depends entirely on the circumstance and the rest of that person’s attitudes. Not really something easily determined over the internet.

      Lest anyone forget lesbians are all too happy to sleep with transmen – and often won’t with transwomen so it’s not like this is something new or exclusive to hetero folks.

      1. Labelling people as “transphobe” for their sexual preferences is disingenuous full stop. We can’t control who we do and don’t find appealing, and SJWs are a lot like the religious in that manner, they seem to think they have some unwritten right to make other people’s sex lives their business and it bugs me.

        If both SJWs and religious people stopped judging people for what they do / don’t want to do in their bedrooms that would be great.

        1. >Labelling people as “transphobe” for their sexual preferences is disingenuous full stop.

          Which, if I were saying that, might have relevance to my comment or the thread.

          >We can’t control who we do and don’t find appealing

          You might be able to using some sort of pain modification process but I think we can both agree that would be a bad thing. I’m also not in disagreement here.

          >they seem to think they have some unwritten right to make other people’s sex lives their business and it bugs me.

          Which is part of why I consider feminists/sjws as the left wing analog to christian fundamentalists and creationists.

          I completely agree with your last sentence.

          1. If anything they remind me of Reddit atheists generalizing all Christians into one category because of a few who believe in creationism.

            Same applies to Shane Philips and his peers here throwing all trans people into the SJW category because a few complained about the joke in the game.

        2. Aren’t you the one judging people for their sexual preference and the gender they identify as?

          It’s amusing that most of the people opposed against transgenderism are atheists and yet they rail on at the religious right for being against homosexuality.

          Hypocrisy at its finest.

    3. Exactly. If a straight man tricked a lesbian into having sex with him, the SJWs would be screaming bloody murder. But if a trans person tricks a cis male into having sex, it’s perfectly OK?

      1. Of course, gender and sex are also not the same thing.

        I do not want to have a sexual encounter with someone who is of the male sex, regardless of their *gender*.

        I don’t think any less of someone for their choices. I don’t mock them. I just don’t want to fuck them. There are probably countless reasons they would not want to fuck me, too, and they’re entitled to those choices. When you know that your sex is something that would probably be a determining factor in the decision of a lot of your partners to choose to have sex with you or not, your omission is a great deceit.

        Is that rape? Well, no. And neither is having sex with someone without telling them that technically you are still legally married. But if we’re going to operate in this weird fairy-tale-land of SJWs where that’s rape, then so is this. (In real grown-up-reality-land, however, both are just shitty situations where people made poor and uninformed choices and have to pay for it and deal with it, even if the other sexual partner really should have informed them of these things so they could make a more informed choice).

        1. Well, there legally is such a thing as “rape by deception”, and not disclosing your trans status before intercourse would certainly count as deception. I wouldn’t compare this to “full-on, hold you down and punch you in the face until you comply” rape, but it’s still not something that should be seen as OK.

      2. How can a trans person trick a straight man into having sex with them?

        Unless you’re talking about the passable transgendered women and not just cross-dressers.

        In which case crying about having sex with someone who has XY chromosomes but is a female hormonally and phenotypically just shows your insecurity.

        I wonder how you feel about there being natural born women with XY chromosomes or variations and the brilliant thing is, you’d never know about it unless they knew or attempted to have a child.

    4. The difference is transgender people have actually transitioned and phenotypically and legally are women. And if we’re talking about the really passable trans-women then they look completely female so you referring to them as “men in dresses” is not only wrong but against common sense.

      Chromosomes have shown not to function solely in two categories such as XY and XX anymore. We have variations, indeed natural born men and women can be born with the opposite chromosomes so if you’re basing sex solely on this then your concept of sex (as well as gender) is outdated.

      You can argue as much as you like but modern science is against you.

  2. If they think that they can even scratch the man that can see through their bullshit as well as spit in the face of cancer. They must be cra… Oh, yeah, they’re crazy. Nvm.

  3. How does the fact that I consider most self-proclaimed transsexuals on the Anti-GG side to be mentally ill misandrists make me “transphobic” again? I mean, I’m not in any way afraid of those people (they’re mainly a danger to themselves), so how does my view qualify as a phobia again?

  4. Jesus fucking Christ! It’s just getting out of control. Batgirl, Fable, now this! Twitter needs to be burnt to the ground. There is no salvaging it. Also to that cunt that says it’s not rape fuck you! I almost want to get a twitter account just so I can yell at each and every one of these fuckers. But I feel like doing so would make me lose my sanity. Also I would probably be on Level 1 of the block bot faster than you can say cunt. I use to not say that word a lot but these people piss me off that much.

  5. How about I make a game for SJWs? I’ve got it all planned out, it’s just an empty room with absolutely nothing in it. Your character makes no sound, you can’t see their hands, so you can’t tell what gender or race the character is and there’s nothing in the environment to challenge their views or opinions. I’ll call it “Safe Space.”

    In all seriousness, this is exactly why I stay as far away from the trans community as possible and don’t “identify” with them. Because every single fucking person within it and the SJWs that support them are batshit insane and get offended at literally nothing.

    And I would like to point out this is the third time within a few weeks and the second time within a week they’ve thrown a shit fit about something. This is what I mean when I say “No matter how wrong they are, giving in to their demands and self-censorship tells them they’re right.” It’s getting worse and it’s only going to get even more worse if people keep giving in like this.

    How long before they start going after older games? How long before they start putting pressure on companies for a line of dialogue in a game that’s over a decade old? For me, this is the biggest proof that these people are invading the scene rather than people who actually care about games. It’s not the fact that they haven’t played older games, it’s the fact that they never had a problem with this shit until now.

    Pic related, you will never see a line like this in a AAA game again, even if these the SJWs lose.

        1. The same way that ‘Gone home’ was only lauded by the critics and everyone else said “meh” on it.

        2. Well it is made by any of them from what i heard. I guess it is because self reflection and reallization that they are DICKS is too much for them to handle.

    1. “this is exactly why I stay as far away from the trans community as possible and don’t “identify” with them. Because every single fucking person within it and the SJWs that support them are batshit insane and get offended at literally nothing.”

      Now say this about gay people or black people and tell me you’re not a bigot.

      Nice go at generalizing all transgender people. It shows you really are deluded. You remind me of one of those Reddit atheists who categorize all Christians into one group because they had a bad experience with one.

  6. 1) transmysoginy is the most retarded buzzword I’ve heard to date

    2) obsidian should ignore these crybaby clowns, because none of them would have bought the game anyway

    1. Since it is literally the only misogyny that exists, and that transmen don’t face anywhere near the amount of discrimination or violence it really isn’t.

      Transwomen do not benefit from the women are wonderful effect.

    2. I have no qualms with anyone for their gender identity.

      That said, I find it hilarious that there are so many white males in gaming who have transitioned to being females and now deem themselves qualified to speak up on behalf of women for the female experience. It’s like infinitive mansplaining. They’re literally adopting all the outward aspects of womanhood and then speaking on behalf of womanhood as women for women against the patriarchy that up until their reassignment, they were representative of.

      It seems so disassociative. I mean, if you’re transgender, you can speak to life as your sex (or former gender), but you can not speak to life as your chosen gender-identity. You can only speak to life as a transgender person, because that is the only experience you have had. If I decided I wanted to identify as a woman, tomorrow, I still would not have had the experience and background and perception through life as a child, young girl, teen girl, and so on. I would only have the experience of a guy who felt that he was not externally the gender he felt like internally and did something about it.

      Of course, to recognize that transgender women are in any way whatsoever not 100% biological women who have always been 100% biological women is practically a hate-crime (though I’d call it a crime against intellectual honesty for us all to play pretend and ignore the elephant in the room).

      It’s a real shame. I think it’s wrong of someone like Wu or Anna Anthropy to speak on behalf of women as women. Disingenuous of them to do it and everyone else to play along. Why not speak up as transgender? Isn’t that a worthy and valuable voice to have?

  7. Special snowflakes are especially vulnerable to meltdowns. But they are more flakes than snow, though they may be frosted. But Frosted Flakes are bad for you, Tony the Tiger is like Mr. Butts from Dunesbury.

    Speaking of cereal killers,

    Is it “consensual” when a person who is a necrophiliac (but doesn’t say so) kills his partner just before?

  8. Why doesn’t “cis-phobia” get any love. Oh, I probably shouldn’t have put it quite that way.

    Great for a Sunday, with this and Mr. M. Trans and Dental meditation.

    1. I don’t know why cis-phobia isn’t a thing either. I mean, for all the oppressing, discriminating, raping, and murdering we do I can’t think of anyone people are supposed to be more afraid of, can you?!

  9. I’m wondering if we can start a change .org petition to have these A-holes considered a hate group. This shit needs to be nipped in the bud and I’m honestly tired of these idiots having a say in anything. The amount of retardation spouted would make the kids on the short bus looks like Albert Einstein. As for these idiots complaining about a made up lymric on a game that doesn’t exists in the real world regarding a character that doesn’t exist and that is dead; grow the fuck up, realize the world doesn’t revolve around you, you’re not as special as you think you are.

  10. I have no idea how anyone could read what TB said and somehow construe it to be “transphobic” in any way… There doesn’t exist a mental asylum big enough to contain those retards’ bigotry, geeze.

  11. Last year, I wrote one of the several short stories which would become the basis for my pending game “Iron Skies.” (It’s slowly in development, don’t get your hopes up, though Mark Kern seems to like the idea.) In that story, set in an alternate inter war (Pre WW2, post WW1) timeline; there is an interaction between a character named John Smythe and an officer of his known as Charles. Charles is described as being effeminate, and very “foppish.” Long story short, in the story itself Smythe removes Charles from his position with the King’s Imperial Airship Corps, because he claims to have found evidence that Charles was homosexual. The story does make its way into the game, though I won’t detail how exactly, but that whole interaction is included in the plot.

    When I first released the original story, I was hit with a ton of “transphobia” and “homophobia” complaints both on twitter, and my personal site for the game (now down, being rebuilt.) The hate seemed to finally peter out, especially after I made a note that the period (though alternate history) the story is set in, generally took a dim view of homosexuals. With several nations, and US states having laws on the books that made homosexuality illegal. While the game may have been fictional, it was based to some degree in history; so like it or not, if I intended to replicate that history, then those laws which were discriminatory, had to be in place.

    Ironically enough, it seemed that those who were complaining about the story, missed a major plot point of it (Which will also be in the game itself.) Though a major spoiler, I figure no harm in saying it.

    After being drummed out of the Kings Imperial Air Corps, Charles goes on to make something of a name for himself with the Free Nations (simply called Pirates) in the story/game. He assists the true heir to the English throne to take her rightful seat, and is afterward awarded his own title, and most importantly, marries. The Regent rescinding any and all discriminatory laws, and making it illegal to discriminate on any basis. (Religion, Sex, age, race, orientation… etc.) Charles then in the epilogue becomes the ambassador for the Empire, and helps further spread the word of tolerance to the remaining nations of the world, heralding in a time of peace and understanding.

    So you see, had they paid attention, they’d likely have found a hero in Charles. As opposed to a villain in me.

    1. If your story is “homophobic/transphobic”, then by that logic, so is “The Imitation Game”, which was about a gay man in WWII that was later persecuted for his sexuality.

      It’s getting to the point that SJWs will soon call for bans on “Roots” and “Schindler’s List” because showing actual racism in a historical context is “racist”.

      1. They’ve tried to push Mark Twain’s books out of libraries because of Twain’s use of the n-epithet… except that was actually how people often referred to blacks during the time. Unpleasant, but true.

  12. “Culturally oppressive”. Jesus H Christ that’s a load of horseshit. No joking kids! It might make someone sad!

    The joke isn’t even worth discussing. It’s mildly funny and not worth more than the time it took to read it to think about it. Transfolks, primarily transwomen, have a lot more pressing things on their plates than to deal with this kind of trivial bullshit.

    Edited to add: All this b.s. that flows out of post-modernism is ridiculous. And it trivializes the real issues that exist out there. I fucking hate these people.

    1. If the worst form of oppression in your life is a stupid joke that is buried in a video game, then you have it a lot better than people facing actual oppression, like not getting hired due to your trans status, or being beaten to death for flirting with the wrong person.

      1. Now that I’ve had a think on it I can only imagine the Anti-gamer transwomen are like Wu and have grown up in a bubble their whole lives and never faced actual difficulties let alone had to defuse potentially violent encounters. Most transwomen are poor and live in poorer neighborhoods where violent crime is much more likely. We know antis are classist in the extreme.

  13. I’m lost on how not disclosing that you’re a transgender is not rape. Call it transphobia, but I do like knowing what I’m having sex with, whether it’s a man, women, transgender or anything else. What if I didn’t want to have sex with transgender, man or woman? Am I still transphobic? What if I only wanted to have sex with transgender, I’m a misogynist and a misandrist? Please someone explain the logic.

    1. Silly boy! If you don’t want to sleep with a trans person, then you’re clearly a trans-misogynist, just like not wanting to sleep with someone of the same gender makes you a homophobe! Now shut and bend over so you can let everyone know how progressive you are!

        1. What if the person was a gay black guy who took advantage over a drunk white cis male? That is RAPE they are rape apologists.

          1. I’m not a friend of feminism but any sex that is forced is a form of sexual assault. Even the most batshit insane Ghazis haven’t made a claim that a case like that wouldn’t be rape.

            I should indicate that feminists like Mary P Koss have insured that any non-penetrative act not be considered rape.

            However, in most cases of male rape the perpetrators see themselves as straight. Rape actually is more about power than it is sex.

  14. So what happened to “enthusiastic consent?” Apparently all those totalitarian, over the top enthusiastic yes consent laws go out the window when it comes to transgender women. TW apparently get to deceive people all they want.

    With all the crazy shit they have done to expand the definition of rape as much as possible and even include consensual, mutual alcohol consumption; they simply don’t have a chance at putting that genie back in the bottle.

    If you’re not ashamed of who you are, and in being a TW, then disclose it to your partner. If you don’t disclose it, it seems pretty clear that you’re actually a self-hating transphobic person manipulating people into sex without their full consent.

    1. I wonder the exact same thing, I spent the day being called a transphobe, but not once can they explain the twisted logic behind their idea of consent squaring with this being a trans issue as a result of transphobia. I learned that if a woman kills herself after rape, that is quite horrible, but a result of trauma, but in this case the guy was “transphobic” so it’s his problem. Top this all off with the fact that it doesn’t even say he slept with a trans person and I am dumbfounded. They literally are incapable of explaining any of the problems they seem to have, but that doesn’t stop them from being really loud about it.

      It is sick. The worst part is this turns people off of the idea of trans people, and makes them seem like devious people. They do more harm than good for every “oppressed” class and persons they claim to fight for.

    2. I think you’re probably on to something with the self-hatred. Sort of an analog of suicide by cop since a violent outcome is highly likely. On the other hand some transwomen are so frequently rejected depending on what area of the country they’re in that it makes a kind of sense even if I don’t agree with it.

  15. For the love of fuck. These people has NO LIFE or understanding of humor. Humor is build upon misery and misfortune.

  16. I love how one of those guys has the #antiwhite hashtag in his name.
    We’re talking bout respectful peoples guys!

  17. They have to set the narrative, and in this case it’s to benefits or not to criticize the behavior of the transgendered people. Having sex with a person before telling them you were not born as the gender they suspect you to be falls under Rape by fraud or deception.
    The problem is Rape by deception was only meant to be used against “cis-gendered” and not to protect them. So again the narrative has to be set that it is OK for transgendered men to deceive straight men.

  18. SJW’s don’t understand monosexual dysphoria because they’re all bullshit pansexuals. That’s all queerdom is. Identifying as queer is just lying through your teeth that you don’t hold any forms of sexual discrimination. Most of these social-justice people don’t have an intact sex life, emotional state or any sober sexual history. They dictate their ethics from a paper high horse of postmodern pseudo-science and try to convince you that ‘everyone is bisexual’. To them, only trans”genders” (*as distinct from transsexuals) can feel deep revulsion at their own sex. The reality is a lot of people are monosexuals and experience that same extreme revulsion when encountering the sex they don’t want anything to do with. But social justice logic is so abhorrently convoluted, to the point where they would shame a lesbian for killing herself for being raped by a man who identifies as a queer feminist. Bunch of shitwhores they are.

  19. I wonder at which point people will declare the likes of wu and sarah butss “total nutcases”

    At some point they will get that they are crazy.

  20. Nobody wants to sleep with a tyranny except a queer so any tyranny that LIES to a straight man about being a women is in fact passing off something that NOBODY would want if they had been told. It is the same as passing off herpies or aids, IMHO.

    As to Trannies: They are just insane people that believe XY and XX are choices. Anyone that helps them ‘change’ should be arrested for mutilating the degranged and they should be properly medicated and shock treated until they get with the program. Systemic elimination of them is the goal.

    1. Curtius you are an idiot. Some women have XY chromosomes and its called AIS. Being transgender is a medical condition as evidenced by brain studies.

      Please educate yourself because you are sounding like a fucking spastic. Your the freak.

  21. Holy fucking shit, if you’re transsexual and you can’t take the joke, I’ve got news for ya: You don’t need a sex transplant – you’re a huge fucking pussy already.

  22. I’m sure you’re damaging Totalbiscuit’s image anyway and you’re trying to support him. Uh, Totalbiscuit himself is hopefully not transphobic. Still, though, Gamergate ended, the anti-Gamergaters agreed with the Gamergaters, and everyone who still is “on a side” is just an idiot. I tend to find these posts amusing as they have no idea what an SJW is. A social justice blogger is someone who talks about how they want rights for minorities. An SJW is someone who talks about how they want majorities to have no rights. Ok? Ok.

  23. “Basically a guy finds out he slept with a man and not a woman, so he kills himself”

    This very statement in your article is transphobic and show you understand nothing about transgender individuals.

  24. >Claim game has content insensitive to transsexuals
    >But it’s a backer reward, on a tombstone
    >And a limerick, at that
    >Which covers the same subject material as the Aerosmith song “Dude Looks Like A Lady”
    >And is probably more accurately homophobic than transphobic
    Jesus Christ.

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