Another day another dollar, as they say. I’m getting ready for Wrestlemania tonight, as I explained in the opening of a column I’ve yet to post. So I won’t go on too long about that (read it later lol). Over on Twitter, the lunatic SJWs are popping off over “transphobia.” Obsidian had a joke in their game (Pillars of Eternity) that some delicate souls found offensive. Basically a guy finds out he slept with a man and not a woman, so he kills himself. It’s written in a poem format and it is rather humerous.

This already had SJWs riled up to the point of hysteria. TotalBiscuit made a few tweets and put out a SoundCloud on the matter. He said that some people believe that the scenario I just presented would constitute a rape. This is now apparently transphobia. I misunderstood what he actually said, at first. He didn’t even say he believed this, he simply mentioned that some people do. How is this a transgression against transsexuals? 

Here’s the quick rundown, SoundCloud first:

Take a look at the original joke that has all these special snowflakes up in arms:obsidian1

More from Twitter:

Keep in mind that my tweet above was before I heard the audio. He doesn’t actually say that’s his opinion. SJW ideologues willfully misinterpreting? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

As you can see, they’re going all out to smear this man as transphobic, simply due to philosophical disagreements over content. This what they always do, so I’m not surprised. Real gamers will ignore them. Sure, they’ll score points with the SJW Cult, but they won’t influence the real market movers. They can wax poetic on Twitter all day long. No one cares…especially TotalBiscuit.