I’ve been consistent with my views over the last few days. The left is like a wounded animal right now and there is a very good chance the violence they’re promoting will soon spiral into people getting killed at these “protests,” which are actually riots in many cases. It’s weird, because only a few short years ago, I might have actually bought into the spin they’re selling. I was a fairly committed leftist. In terms of policy, many of my current positions would be considered lefty. But the organized left in this country is not only fraudulent (which is why I left). It’s flat-out cancer. They’re openly promoting violence against white people and/or Trump supporters of any stripe.

Look at this thread:


(“Diversity of tactics.” This guy has no problem with rioting and even killing Trump supporters.)


People like Oman-Reagan have psyched themselves up into thinking they’re fighting the new Hitler. I remember this fucking clown from GamerGate, of all places.


Are you starting to see how this all comes together, yet? All these scumbags come from the same, SJW, Marxist, anti-democratic cesspool. They only respect constitutional norms when they’re winning. When they’re on the losing side, any tactic up to and including murder is acceptable. This idiot was condemning violence back in the days of GamerGate (despite their being none). Now, he’s talking about killing Trump supporters because he thinks they’re fascists. How quickly the worm turns! (Worm is a perfect way to describe this guy, by the way.)

I don’t believe that all leftists and/or Democrats are evil. I used to be one and I still know many who love their country. The problem is, the psychos are running the asylum now. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s already turning some of them towards Trump or at least away from said psychos.

But there’s a problem with this as well. The more rational people turn away, the more influence nutjobs like Oman-Reagan will have. Radicals thrive in a vacuum. You can see it even with who is likely to take over the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison. He’s a radical and only slightly less crazed than Oman-Reagan. And that’s just what we see in public. In private, he’s probably echoing the same sentiments. If you think for one second this shit is going to die down in a couple weeks, look at what these people are actually saying and think again. Hopefully, I’m wrong and shit gets back to some sort of normalcy. But I don’t believe the evidence shows that.




This is just a very small taste of the encouragement given to the scum in the InfoWars screenshot. It’s late and I’ve been up all night, so I encourage you to chronicle more down in the comments if you feel like it. The point is, there is a huge push from academics and pundits against Trump’s very legitimacy as a president-elect. They preach against “normalizing” him, even though he won the election with over 300 electoral votes. It’s true that he lost the popular vote, but who gives a shit? That’s not how the president is elected in America and it never has been. There is nothing illegitimate about his victory whatsoever. That’s not stopping SJW cancer from trying to foment violence and murder, though. If he was somehow killed, I can promise you that they would then try to blame him instead of the destructive path they’re setting the country on.

The only good thing is what I mentioned above. This is turning off normal liberals. We can only hope that the radicals burn themselves out, as they so often do. People need to realize that this is all the same bunch, however. The SJWs we fought in GamerGate and in the culture war at-large are also the people who are trying to burn the country down. They are likely to completely takeover the Democratic apparatus in the wake of Clinton’s loss. The threat is anything but over and this next period has a chance to be even harder than the campaign. Luckily, Trump will control the White House and there are a multitude of advantages that come with that.

Still, we can’t get complacent.