I’ve been consistent with my views over the last few days. The left is like a wounded animal right now and there is a very good chance the violence they’re promoting will soon spiral into people getting killed at these “protests,” which are actually riots in many cases. It’s weird, because only a few short years ago, I might have actually bought into the spin they’re selling. I was a fairly committed leftist. In terms of policy, many of my current positions would be considered lefty. But the organized left in this country is not only fraudulent (which is why I left). It’s flat-out cancer. They’re openly promoting violence against white people and/or Trump supporters of any stripe.

Look at this thread:


(“Diversity of tactics.” This guy has no problem with rioting and even killing Trump supporters.)


People like Oman-Reagan have psyched themselves up into thinking they’re fighting the new Hitler. I remember this fucking clown from GamerGate, of all places.


Are you starting to see how this all comes together, yet? All these scumbags come from the same, SJW, Marxist, anti-democratic cesspool. They only respect constitutional norms when they’re winning. When they’re on the losing side, any tactic up to and including murder is acceptable. This idiot was condemning violence back in the days of GamerGate (despite their being none). Now, he’s talking about killing Trump supporters because he thinks they’re fascists. How quickly the worm turns! (Worm is a perfect way to describe this guy, by the way.)

I don’t believe that all leftists and/or Democrats are evil. I used to be one and I still know many who love their country. The problem is, the psychos are running the asylum now. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s already turning some of them towards Trump or at least away from said psychos.

But there’s a problem with this as well. The more rational people turn away, the more influence nutjobs like Oman-Reagan will have. Radicals thrive in a vacuum. You can see it even with who is likely to take over the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison. He’s a radical and only slightly less crazed than Oman-Reagan. And that’s just what we see in public. In private, he’s probably echoing the same sentiments. If you think for one second this shit is going to die down in a couple weeks, look at what these people are actually saying and think again. Hopefully, I’m wrong and shit gets back to some sort of normalcy. But I don’t believe the evidence shows that.




This is just a very small taste of the encouragement given to the scum in the InfoWars screenshot. It’s late and I’ve been up all night, so I encourage you to chronicle more down in the comments if you feel like it. The point is, there is a huge push from academics and pundits against Trump’s very legitimacy as a president-elect. They preach against “normalizing” him, even though he won the election with over 300 electoral votes. It’s true that he lost the popular vote, but who gives a shit? That’s not how the president is elected in America and it never has been. There is nothing illegitimate about his victory whatsoever. That’s not stopping SJW cancer from trying to foment violence and murder, though. If he was somehow killed, I can promise you that they would then try to blame him instead of the destructive path they’re setting the country on.

The only good thing is what I mentioned above. This is turning off normal liberals. We can only hope that the radicals burn themselves out, as they so often do. People need to realize that this is all the same bunch, however. The SJWs we fought in GamerGate and in the culture war at-large are also the people who are trying to burn the country down. They are likely to completely takeover the Democratic apparatus in the wake of Clinton’s loss. The threat is anything but over and this next period has a chance to be even harder than the campaign. Luckily, Trump will control the White House and there are a multitude of advantages that come with that.

Still, we can’t get complacent.

  1. All these riots, protests, celebrity leftists, big company leftists, academia leftists and the sheer mainstream media bias against Donald Trump really does show how much SJWs and the feminist ideology have infiltrated, taken over, and been ingrained into society and people, especially young women.

    How on earth did America allow this to happen?

    1. I picture all of America just running along a plank that’s teetering on top of a stone pillar. It’s about to fall because everyone’s on the right, so they all run to the left. It’s about to fall on the left side, so they all run over again. Whether they all run to the right again, or just stop at the middle and try to climb down, we’ll have to see.

      Seriously, though, I think Bush’s fuck-up has a lot to do with this. He utterly destroyed the economy wasting money on a war with the wrong opponents, and the Westboro Baptists being left to run amok as they picketed any funeral of a soldier or school children who didn’t hate faggots as much as god did wasn’t helping. Simply put, the right turned people away almost as bad as the left’s doing now. When it came time to elect a Democrat, probably wouldn’t have mattered whether or not he’s black or even if it was Hillary at the time, people would jump at the opportunity to get them in office and try to get shit back in working order.

      Of course, that didn’t end up working out all that well either, but Obama got the second term anyway because people on the left were still generally tolerable, not to mention Bin Laden finally got offed just the year prior and I guess there was still a lot of mistrust placed on the Republicans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall the far left crazies really coming out in force until around the time of Obama’s second term. All the media outlets getting overrun with rad fems whose only arguments are that we’re all bigots was only the beginning. Then we got all this shit with safe spaces, the rise of fucking hate groups like Black Lives Matter, political correctness taken to the extent that we can’t even criticize a religion that’s responsible for most of the world’s major terrorist attacks today, and the real kicker is that nobody in power did anything to try to distance themselves from such mental cases. Hell, the likes of Obama and Clinton were actively encouraging them. These riots going on now are just a culmination of all the left’s worst traits that’ve been freely allowed to fester over the last few years, and Europe’s migrant crisis was also looming over our heads as a reminder of what happens when these lunatics are in charge. Even if Clinton wasn’t known to be corrupt as all hell, even if the e-mail scandal never happened, I’m willing to bet that Trump would still have won because the public has ultimately decided that this shit needs to change.

    2. because they’ve been slowly introducing more and more degeneracy in to advertising, tv, music, academia over the past decades and now its about reached its limit. But it happened gradually so we hardly noticed

        1. I guess because we are passive. We just worry about our own situations most of the time. Other races are tribal and care more about their ingroup vs an outgroup and we just let it happen without paying attention. We don’t have any unity. So when people try to poison us with their degenerate marxist crap we just let it slide. I’m just speculating though.

  2. Dear SJWs, go ahead and try and kill Trump’s supporters but rest assured, we are not pussies. We have guns and knives and here’s what really matters, we outnumber you. And even if you did succeed in killing Trump, it will only expose you to the point where the only option left would be to kill you all rather than a simple debunk.

    You assholes lost. Trump’s victory has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the majority of Americans are fucking sick and tired of your “holier than thou” attitudes, your hypocrisy, and getting people fired or expelled for disagreeing with you. Trump’s victory means you lost, you’re finished, social justice will soon be dead, and hopefully most Hollywood celebrities will leave and some fresh blood can come in.

    These riots are causing vandalism, causing innocent people to be injured, becoming a complete waste of tax dollars, and as Ralph pointed out, really could get someone killed. There is nothing good about them and only further shows why Trump won.

  3. silly ralph they always wanted the country to burn, well kneel or burn and with trumps election the country didn’t kneel so the crazy ones that aren’t too fat to move are to trying to burn everything. well before they are imprisoned for their actions.

    i wonder if twitter if banning the idiots threatening trumps life what with their tos (matters little the threat is going to get the halfwits punished anyway)

  4. and there was me thinking that incitement to commit violence and acts of criminality, especially murder, were not classed as protected free speech under US law.
    yet it seems while misgendering some special snowflake or putting feminists on the spot for making ridiculous statements is classed as online harassment and a hate crime by Twitter, calls to murder the president elect or his supporters is just dandy.

    Here is an idea…..why not contact the FBI or DHD with screenshots and ask why they are doing nothing about this

  5. Lol, Oman-Reagan’s an anthropologist, which was turned into an unscientific bastion of cultural Marxism/political correctness by “pioneer of modern anthropology” Franz Boas. Looking at Oman-Reagan’s tweets convinces me he’s both mentally ill and dangerous. He advocates “property destruction,” which is of course violence. I hope he becomes a victim of “property destruction” and loses his home, his car, his office, and especially his computers.

    1. It’s certainly been surreal watching them try to punish those of us who voted for Trump by smashing up their own urban “vibrant cultural centers” but yet here we are out in the decaying suburbs of the lower middle class, in rural towns, in farm houses, in industrial parks, in cabins and double wides just watching and laughing at them.

      If they decide they want to come out here and destroy MY property they’ll get a belly full of buckshot but I don’t think it’ll come to that. Most of these people lack cars and are thus instantly defeated by the twenty miles that separate me from the nearest huge cluster of them.

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  6. Great article Ralph. The salt from Trumps victory has been a cherry on top of the well earned sundae. I almost missed the fun due to my PC’s SSD drive dying on Monday night.

    Right now the extreme left is going NUTS. The DNC/Dems are in tatters and the infighting in that party pales in comparison to what the RNC went thru. Normal ordinary people do not care for gender/identity politics. When you marginalize people…it tends to push them away and you lose them. The Dems response to this is to think they should tacit more left when the proper response should be to pull more to the middle. People like the Young Turks head faggot are pushing this and they are going to lose even bigger down the line.

    1. That’s what gets me. They will keep on shouting that Trumps a pedophile or that he’s a rapist yet these cases were dropped cause there was no proof and the accusers turned out to be backers of Hillary, so why am I not surprised?

      1. Well we all know the depths that SJWs/Hillary Supporters sink to, that’s not a surprise. But in this case because it’s Total Biscuit, I feel that he needs to be called out more, because after all, he is supposedly a GamerGate supporter. Unfortunately it seems that he’s one of those GG SJW-Lites, based on the stuff he’s said within the last 2 years or so.

        Therefore I really think he should stop considering himself a GG supporter. Because if you were to read those posts without knowing who wrote it, you would think that it had been written by a SJW/feminist.

        I realize he has cancer and I sincerely hope he manages to pull through it and beat the disease.

        1. I used to like TB, I really did but I do remember that he is the same as Jim “Thank F*ck for HIm” Sterling and drank their kool-aid. Shame really but I guess in the end, you’ll go to whoever pays you the most cash.

  7. Don’t the idiots who want to kill Trump realise that he has the best insurance ever? His VP is far worse than him is so even if that happens it will be Pyrrhic victory for the SJWs.

  8. Oman-Reagan is living proof that even back in the day GamerGate was fighting the exact same people who are acting like violent thugs today. It’s good to know we were right long before the rise of Trump.

  9. Careful with the use of the word scum. In the UK scum is almost universally used by the SJWs to describe non SJW people. Such as me!

  10. I used to watch TYT and only started to fall away after their race-baiting during the Michael Brown case and others. Cenk says they are seeking revenge by dismantling the democratic establishment, for which I don’t blame them, but they are also continuing their insulting propaganda and misdirection. I have seen two videos by other YouTubers that point out how they have already been lying about Trump. It wont work, they have already tried this.

    As for the rioters, they will burn themselves out. Most of them don’t even have jobs or any sense of the real world, nobody will care and they will burn out.

  11. The Left and SJW’s are just bitter cause their easy lifestyles are about to come to an end. There needs to be an investigation into what part Soros is playing in this as well, that mans a crazed crackpot

  12. Yep. It was gamergate that inspired me to find how Canadian citizens could legally help out in the U.S. elections because I started seeing a pattern. I ended up driving down on election day to join a carpool of people in Pennsylvania who were driving the Amish back and forth to polling stations, the vast majority of whom had never voted before. I don’t know how many trips I made, it was around 90, but each time there were 3 or 4 people in my car. God bless America, leader of the free world. We all need a strong America.

  13. Here’s a funny one from a USA Today article:

    In Manhattan, Leslie Holmes, 65, a website developer from Connecticut, said she was joining her first protest sincethe anti-war marches of the 1970s.

    She described herself as an armchair liberal but declared, “I’m not going to be armchair anymore.”

    “I don’t want to live in a country where my friends aren’t included, and my friends are fearful, and my children are going to grow up in a world that’s frightening, and my granddaughters can look forward to being excluded from jobs and politics and fulfilling their potential. So I’m here for them,” she said, according to the Associated Press.

    She apparently thinks the president with a simple majority of Congress can repeal the 19th Amendment. Unlike her I was paying attention in 7th grade Civics class. Ignorance in action.

  14. Well, that shot down any chances of me becoming Liberal again. I’m glad I severed all ties with people like that. Oh yeah, I also think it’s funny that people are encouraging this, while if you so much as called Hillary a liar, they’d label you a misogynist.

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