EDITOR’S NOTE: Candy Jam is a cool person I’ve met who is plugged into the convention scene, as well as various fandoms. Some of you may be interested in that stuff, so I figured I would let her write a little about these topics occasionally. She’s going to the Boston Comic Con later this summer, so I’ll probably have her talk about that as well. If you don’t care about this stuff, that’s cool. I’m trying to add some new voices and topics to the site, though, and this is an attempt at that.


Harper and her goon squad aren’t the first to go after the big names that dare to disagree with them. This was shown in the recent blow out on Sansa’s (NOT IN THE BOOKS!!!!) off-screen rape. But what’s often under the surface or ignored is the ‘holy and sacred’ children’s shows. Where much of the underhanded bully tactics are varying and often out in open under the guise ‘For teh children!’
A known example is the mad rush to get any form of male influence out of My Little Pony. MisterMetokur (as IA) covered the drama queen known as April Davis and her long gone Molestia Tumblr in the Hugbox Chronicles. Though Appendicitis Pony went on to wreak havoc in the fandom, even after her 15 minutes of fame. One well known incident is the Michael Morones suicide attempt, where an 11 year old boy bullied nonstop for his enjoyment of the show was sneered at by Davis and her cronies.



You can read about that here:


Another incident is the ‘deportation’ fiasco in which Davis sent her fans to harass a woman who had the gall to point out her suicide story didn’t jive with the state she was located in. They in turn attempted to have the woman’s legal husband deported.


These attacks in the MLP “ew neckbeards” circle are nothing new. Last year’s BABSCon incident was an old echo of the current media ‘rape’ stories. A Tumblrina ran home from the con to write a long story about how the evil con let TEH NECKBEARD near a child. Also, there was nasty art and body pillows!!


Of course the moment that tale was taken under a microscope the op panicked, abandoning her blog. But as the tale went she was a SACanime member at the booth. Inquires to the head of that con went south fast. None of the staff present felt the need to alert the con authorities at the time, despite backing the Tumblrina claim. This resulted in SACanime’s banning from promoting and selling tickets at BABSCon. Lying will actually get you in trouble in the con world apparently. Colleges could take note of that. Guests at the con also weighed in, calling bullshit, especially as the very public removal of an e fame brony was spread everywhere prior.


Apparently the mother of said child got involved and claimed her daughter ‘exaggerates’ things. Though why an entire family with ailing issues doesn’t have a backup plan for kids is beyond me. Horse news covered the entire fiasco:


Though more recently is the Steven Universe ONLY FOR TRANS, WOMEN, ACTUALLY JUST FOR WOMEN PREFERABLY ON TUMBLR blow out. Among other things, they ran a writer of the show off the site. Ya know, for an episode he had no part in writing on (it’s about whether or not an alien eats food or not):


Stay classy Tumblr. Oh, and the hilarious battle cry of Messing With The Wrong Fandom. The SU’s fan base consists of  mainly screeching heavy feminists. Most are content to just bitch about the Crystal Gems being ‘identified’ with females, or screaming the show gets them, you know, despite the main character being a young boy. They’re stupid enough to take the following image seriously.

 (courtesy of ask-fury-belle: )

This satire by the Fury Belle blog was in reference to the creators of the pony news hub Equestria Daily. Who were planning to create a sister site for SU. Well of course the Shield maidens of Steven Universe couldn’t allow that! And like the grand Heroines they are, they proceeded to dox send death and hate mail till the evil Brony overlord was defeated and went off to lick his wounds. After all, they’d draw porn!! That’s not allowed!  It’s not like the creator drew porn herself!! Oh wait-

The gist is covered here:


And here:


But what else could you expect of ‘fans’ who post with a straight face the following.


If it’s a children’s show Feminists and SJW  will screech it’s only in protection of kids. What they really want to do, is use these shows as their own political mouthpieces. After all ponies would totally say “I hate boys”  and “Cis scum” with flower crowns on. Nearly all current kid’s shows have been affected by this insufferable bullshit, and it needs to end.

  1. Hell, it was nutty feminists who tried to kill MLP in the first place, by talking down about the show the instant anything popped up about it.

    Who took offense to that? Cartoon fans on 4chan, who decided that if it pissed hardcore feminists off, it was worth a shot.

    BOOM, /mlp/.

    BOOM, the Derpy Hooves memes.

    BOOM, show goes viral.

    Feminazis can’t be allowed to “take back” the baby they tried to murder in its crib.

    1. Wasn’t there a debacle regarding the inclusion of an OC in the comics? The creator of the OC was a transwoman who wished death on the brony community, or something like that…

      Stay classy, feminists. *cough*enforcedequality*cough*

      1. I had heard of that, but I didn’t care enough to really look into it at all. Apparently the artist or the writer or someone working on it hated bronies too and I think they got rid of him…But again, I didn’t really look into it and can’t quite remember what little I did see.

        1. I can answer. The writer added the tumblr user Dragondicks’s ponysona in a panel. Dragondicks is a another 30 something woman who has nothing better to do than sit on tumblr and harass bronies. Complete with using them as mouth pieces.
          The writer is a wendy white guilt neckbeard himself and would do anything for feminist approval. However once his higher ups heard about Dragondicks’s bs as well as the writer’s insistence of using his work twitter to insult the main buyer audience.
          Result he was fired dragondicks didn’t care and went on to scam her followers. She’s a year behind on her etsy orders as is.

          1. Fuck, it was Dragondicks? I’ve had a run-in with that one once and another time when a friend deleted a comment by dragondicks off a post, a mutual friend of ours started giving him shit for it and defended dragondicks, proving to us both that he had started drinking the kool-aid. I’m also entirely unsurprised by her absolute scumbaggery. I’m glad that faggot that pandered to her got canned by whoever runs the comics, though. Did they do a retcon of the panel with the OC in it?

          2. I believe so. It was rereleased without the character in it. Right now Dicks goes by a new name Cutiesphere or something and is scamming to this day. I’d covered it but it was veering off the topic. As the comics are non canon to the show so it’s not as influencing to the kids.

          3. Why is it that so many of these moral crusaders are actually scam artists themselves? Or even people who just take absolutely no responsibility? I guess since they say shit like that gay jokes are homophobic, that entitles them to cheating people out of their money.

    2. IIRC, there was a recent episode that really inflamed some SJW anuses. The ponies discovered a town run by one pony who was pretty much a Tumblrina, telling everyone what was “OK” and was “not OK”,as well as trying to make everyone “equal” to an absurd degree. Rivers of tears and blue hair dye flowed that day.

  2. Probably the first article on this site that I had no prior knowledge about lol.
    I’d make the argument that kids shows have been transitioning for the worst every year for the past 20+ years. The starting point seems to be with Ren & Stimpy causing complaints which thereafter led to various restrictions on shows for younger audiences. Try to compare shows from the early 90s with whatever is on today and see which has more creative freedom.
    The SJW involvement is nothing more than a continuation of politics that amounts to “this offends me so it’s bad for kids.”

      1. Powerpuff is suppose to be returning soon as I understand. Though without Faust’s guidance so I am less than thrilled

    1. Yeah, I see some of the cartoons that are out today and none of them even come close to what was out when I was a kid…Don’t get me wrong, we still had shitty cartoons like Butt Ugly Aliens or Angela Andacona, but to counter that we also had cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy, etc.

      1. Wow lol, is Johnny Bravo still airing somewhere, imagine the outrage today if somebody actually remember that cartoon or if they re-air it.

        1. I doubt it. I think they sell the series on DVD now, though. I know they do with Courage, already got that one. The problem before came in when parents would use the TV to baby sit their children and the children seeing content the parents didn’t like (no matter how harmless it might have been,) now it’s moral outrage using kids as an excuse to say “You can’t do this! You can’t say that! Obey my whims!”

          I watched all sorts of shit as a kid, South Park, Family Guy when it wasn’t shit, Drawn Together, Tripping the Rift and at worst I’ve got a bit of a crude sense of humor. I won’t ever be able to understand these people who want the entire world to change to their beliefs. You don’t want your kid watching Johnny Bravo? Then take him to the park or change the channel. You don’t want to play a game with violence in it? Then don’t play it. It’s a simple solution and they don’t do it because it’s not about protecting themselves or kids, it’s about control. These people want to be the fucking gatekeepers of what is and isn’t allowed. That’s why you see people like Josh and Anita making up bullshit, cherry picking and presenting things out of context.

          Phrases like “that’s offensive” or “harmful opinions/ideas” are nothing more than a method of control. “You can’t say that, it’s offensive.” You have now found a way around the Freedom of Speech, you have decided what can and cannot be said and rather than sticking to their “safe spaces” the entire world must bend the knee to that demand.

          1. These are the same people that will dogpile on Christianity all day long, but the moment someone dares defile the sacred pig of Islam (see what I did there?) people will lose their fucking minds trying to apologize.

          2. Dude part of that is that it’s a “safe target” to attack/condemn. Why do you think there’s so much random hate on Fox news and no similarity of hate for the other 24 news using similar styles? People repeat shit about Fox news that I probably said in 2004, back when it was more true and less “acceptable” to just state out loud.
            Whenever you’re on Facebook, look through the trending stories and you’ll see “safe targets” attacked and untouchable ones get heaped with praise & support. It’s acceptable trolling as media would define “trolling”.
            [Side note: the mattress girl saga became a trending topic on Saturday morning for her porn video and 80+ percent of comments on articles were critical of her and her failed case. Needless to say, it was no longer listed with the other trending topics soon after]

  3. SJWs Try to Inflict Their Sick Ideology Onto Children’s Programming?
    They already are doing it…look at the stuff that is in schoolbooks
    Anita’s teachings are already at schools

  4. I dont’ know what 98% of this shit is, so I think I am going to officially stop caring anymore.

    1. Life will be easier once you’ve begun to embrace the “Give no fucks” mentality as I have.

  5. ..I’ve been on the internet way too long – – Long enough that I can honestly say ” Not this shit again”.

    It’s the same shit that happened with Pokemon. The same shit that happened with Avatar the Last Airbender , Kim Possible , Sonic the Hedgehog and Erin Esurance.
    The actors are different , the pronouns are different but the results are EXACTLY the same.

    Entitled Freaks are going after Entitled Freaks. They can’t just keep their fetishes to themselves, they have to share them with people who don’t partake of them. And that’s where the problems start.
    (Funny enough. Most creators don’t speak out against these freaks because face it, these freaks have disposable income and are throwing it us; Why rock the boat?)

    Group A calls the Group B disgusting for jerking off to the underage imaginary characters, while Group A is jerking off to incest, scat and or bestiality porn of the same imaginary characters. They can never be freaks in peace, they always will have to conflict.

    Now that they’re tossing Social Justice into the mix, nothing really has changed. Except now people will be sent flying off the rails unless you get their pronouns correct.

    1. Best part is they say boys and girls should play with any toys they want. Girls play soldiers, boys play house etc. But as soon as boys play pony they shit the bed. Which then shows its just about hostile takeover of everything and leave the boys with nothing. How the fuck is that equality?

  6. I’ve been watching MLP since 2013 so I’ve seen a lot of dramas and read about many more retroactively. Tumblerina’s don’t have a single victory I’ve seen. Yes PinkiePony got the hilarious Princess Molestia blog taken down but the artist behind it just continued on with a Gaming Princess Luna blog which is now even more popular than the PM blog ever was and his fans are even more loyal because of the fiasco.
    Tumblerina’s don’t have a safe space in this fandom outside their blogs and they know it.

    1. They don’t have a victory but they do have numbers. Which is the rinse recycle repeat we see.

  7. I had seen this stuff before, childrens cartoons seems to be the only things they like. Tumblrettes consistently lose their shit over Legend of Korra and stuff, too.

    And they always, ALWAYS use kids as yet another human shield when they can. I remember seeing a stupid post and called someone out for their stupidity and false facts and I got a brigade of “STOP HARASSING A MINOR!!” “YOU’RE SICK FOR ATTACKING A MINOR!” As if I was supposed to magically know their age (btw, just because they’re under 18, doesn’t mean they’re free from criticism and 16 isn’t really that far off anyways.)

    These people are mental.

  8. Glad this shit never got to the Touhou fandom, then again there are no kids to indoctrinate into it. God but when it comes to anime fandoms over in the west, fujoshi have fucking more then have the con mostly to themselves and that shit is made up of 99% SJW/Rad Fems over here. Otakus have some safe fandoms like Touhou, GuP, and KonColle, but the people running the cons are often not the same as they were 10 years ago. Lucky I can careless for these MLP/AT/SU/DW/HS/ whatever crap it is these days, cause at the end of the day they won’t be there in con in 10 years and Touhou will.

    1. Japan is pretty much the last bastion of entertainment I have. Their show creators [Anime and Tokusatsu] seem to give no fucks about offending anyone. Hell, one of the character designers for Final Fantasy XV seemed rather indifferent when told people thought the female Cid was dressed too sexily. So fucking glad this shit hasn’t infected that country. SJWs and Feminists seem to have a problem with Japan in general, so hopefully they won’t touch it. Fuck knows they want to.

      1. Reminds me of Kojima when he made Quiet’s design… And then the action figure of her that has soft breasts. He didn’t give 2 sh*ts. Something that artists over here need to take a page from.

    2. Unfortunately, SJW nonsense is creeping into Touhou through one of the English language forums. But while it does share many of the same diseases that seem to percolate through the various con crowds, it still has yet to go full aGGro or Puppykicker.

  9. This just shows the fucking hypocrisy of these people. They want to destroy the barriers between girl things and guy things. They encourage girls to go into guy spaces and demand them to be more welcoming. But if a guy wants to go in the girl space then oh no watch out its the end of the world here! Besides I think the creators are sick of this shit as well because there was an episode that was making fun of SJWs.

    1. You’re right. A fine example of Sargon’s law: “Whenever an ideologue makes a character judgement about someone they are debating with, that character judgement is usually true about themselves.”.

      So basically, when SJWs accused Gamergate of being about men trying to keep women out of gaming, they were actually projecting their own feelings about how men should keep out of the hobbies that they themselves liked. In fact, in many ways, the SJW assault on gaming is about nothing less but trying to eject men and what they enjoy from the hobby so that it can become a “safe space” for them. When gamers fought back, the SJWs projected their own motives onto gamers. “We were trying to kick you out, so if you oppose us, that must mean that YOU are trying to kick US out!!!”.

    2. That’s one thing that really makes no sense – the majority of SJWs continually claim that “Gender is just a construct! Things shouldn’t be just for girls or just for boys!”, then they scream “THIS IS JUST FOR GIRLS! NOT FOR DIRTY BOYS!”

      1. They are never consistent. After 10 months GG has been consistent with its message. We want gaming journalism to follow a code of ethics. SJWs….yeah I couldn’t tell you shit what they want. Even looking at Anita’s videos she is so god damn inconsistent. I refuse to believe that someone can honestly tell me what exactly she wants. Get 10 of her supporters in a room and they will give you 10 different answers.

  10. As a brony, and yes, I admit it, I hate it when people pull this stuff, but not just against MLP.

    When MLP G4 was coming out, Feminists actually attacked the show! They said that Rainbow Dash was an angry lesbian, mainly because she has rainbow hair – Last time I checked, that’s not a sign of lesbianism. They also said that Princess Celestia, who for those who aren’t familiar with the show is a tall, white alicorn who is twice the size of the average pony, they said that she showed white superiority over all the colored ponies and that the black (even though in the picture shown they’re gray) ones were slaves.

    I’m not making this up, and they got the idea because RD’s eyes are narrowed slightly… http://msmagazine.com/blog/2010/12/09/my-little-homophobic-racist-smarts-shaming-pony/

    … Logic…

    Whether you like the show or not, whether you like the fans or not – You can agree that it’s BS to attack someone for something they like. Who knows what’ll happen over the remainder of this year, we might be looking at ‘Pony-Gate’.

    We don’t need people like this to be the guardians of the fandom, or any fandom in that case.

  11. i have no idea what this is about

    but bigger news: Social justice has been embedded in western schools for several decades, maybe even a century at the university level

    Might wanna fight that first

  12. Remember the good ol’ days when people could just enjoy shit at face value and not bitch about gender or what ever the issue de jour was? I miss that.

    The only thing that we can do is fight these ideologues with everything we’ve got.

  13. the big reason the BABScon incident story fell apart is because in the state of California, not contacting the police regarding potential child-endangerment is a crime in and of itself (SaintCheshire, who admitted to being in the middle of it, said the girl didn’t want to get the police involved)

    this is why SaintCheshire deleted the post and changed her blog’s name to SaintCaffeinated (Tumblr itself points this out via. the blog post, which is still circulating), and why I believe the email from the mother of said child was fabricated by her, in order to legally cover her ass

    1. That was my thoughts dear friend! Though I didn’t feel my place to open that can of worms all over. It’s the general view of those who witnessed that the ‘mom’ was bullshit to cover tumblrina’s ass. Imaged up by friends of hers

  14. That’s really fucked up. I mean, all of it is fucked up; but the Steven Universe thing resonates with me. I just got back from hanging out with my future cousin in law. He’s obsessed with Steven Universe. Watched it the entire vacation. I’d love one of these assholes try to tell this wonderful 7 year old that he can’t watch a (kids) show he loves because oops, he’s a guy.

  15. I never was able to bring myself to start watching the Game of Thrones show, and when I heard Sansa got raped on it, amongst other things, I was glad about that decision – I’m invested enough in the books that I can’t stomach a major deviation, and a big part of Sansa’s story so far is that she has managed to be (personally) unscathed, compared with pretty much every other character. But I don’t really get the SJW blowback – are they saying that it diminishes someone to have been raped, or that a psychopath raised by a Dracula stand in and born of Nocta Prima wouldn’t do such a thing?

    1. I believe they are upset that it happened to a character they liked. Screw all the death, incest, torture, rape of non liked characters. As for the story of Sansa, well as the old saying goes, when it rains it fucking pours. God knows it happens to other characters (Tyrion).

      1. That’s exactly the reason for the blowback. It happened to a character they liked without realizing that anything can happen to any character regardless of popularity in the world of Game of Thrones.

  16. Didn’t the show’s creators do a ‘take that’ episode to SJWs with the whole cutie mark equality incident?

      1. Probably a little of both, since SJWs are “an unholy cross between Puritans and Communists”, per Larry Correia.

  17. OT, but regarding SJW infections, it appears Tor (the publishing house) has gone Full McIntosh. A creative director named Irene Gallo shot her mouth off, referring to both Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies as ‘extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups’.

    This… has angered certain folks, especially Jim Butcher (who was on the SP slate). He had some pretty choice words about it. If you buy and read sci-fi or fantasy, consider giving Tor the disrespectful nod and don’t buy any books published by them. Maybe they’ll get the hint, and give the stupid bitch the pink slip she’s earned.

    EDIT: So far, the best writeup I’ve seen on this crap thus far:


    1. This… has angered certain folks, especially Jim Butcher (who was on the SP slate).

      The Dresden Files have always been a favorite of mine.

  18. Not surprising since we know what that agenda is in that 3 hour gamergate film. Data mining, not just for games, but for anything they can control. Trying to fear monger people into submission so they can do this.

  19. This is the real downside of low labor force participation. Utter loonies with far too much time on their hands.

  20. They’re going to take back My Little Pony? Pfft. They’d be chewed up and spat out before they could cry about the lack of trigger warnings.

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