The thing that’s really struck me over the last few days, is how much the Sad Puppies campaign reminds me of GamerGate. You have the SJW media smearing a wide swath of people based on nothing but the word of rad fem activists. Once a couple of reports get out, and they set the tone early, the ideologues focus like a laser on reinforcing that narrative at all costs. It saddens me to see this happening again in such a familiar way, but the resolve of the Sad Puppies supporters gives me confidence in the final victory.

Luckily, they were blessed to catch Entertainment Weekly blatantly misrepresenting the facts, and got a key retraction. Still, the rest of the media was full of SJW talking points (i.e. lies), and I didn’t see any retractions out of them. Author Larry Correia said it pretty well on his site:

Yesterday the following media outlets ran articles about the Sad Puppies campaign, in which they either directly said or insinuated that it was run and populated by racist straight white males with the goal of keeping scifi white and male. (not true)

The Telegraph
Entertainment Weekly
Huffington Post
Slash Dot
The Guardian

It was almost like they were all reading off the same script.

Stupid EW

Most of them said our slate was exclusively white, straight, and male (not true)

Most of them said that last year was a big win for diversity (I believe last years winners were all white and one Asian).

Most of them said our slate was exclusively right wing (not true, in fact the majority skew left, we have socialists, liberals, moderates, libertarians, conservatives, and question marks. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that last year’s “diverse” winners all espoused the same social justice politics).

But there is no bias in this perfectly functioning system. My side said that political narrative trumped reality in this business. Believe me yet?

Yea, I believe you. This pattern is all too familiar for me. I’ve been here chronicling GamerGate since mid-September. The site is brimming with stories in this same vein. SJWs ostracize their opponents. They smear with accusations of racism, sexism, and transphobia. But when you look at the record, they are the only ones engaging in those behaviors. These transgressions are excused as being “for the greater good.” But to me it’s obvious that their primary concerns are their own personal aggrandizement and enrichment. Radical feminists want to censor the arts. Their views on masculinity, safe spaces, and “rape culture” are no doubt disturbing. The offensive ideology isn’t what makes me have unmitigated contempt for them, though. It really isn’t. It’s the hypocrisy and the lies.

I’m not sure how all this will play out. I know that I’ve seen a lot of people excited about voting for the Hugos. If you ask me, we’re gonna see a good number of winners from the Sad Puppy slate when they hand out the awards in Spokane on the 22nd of August. I know I’m considering registering myself. You get some free books out of the deal as well. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. In the grand scheme of things, $40 is not a very high price to pay in order to cast a ballot against some SJW thugs. Also, John C. Wright is going to be in Richmond later this month at the same convention as Brianna Wu. That just happens to be where I live, so I might attend that one in person. I haven’t decided yet.

At least Wu is keeping it classy, though:

I’ll be back in a little bit with another post. We had a slow Wednesday, but I’m going to ramp it back up headed into the weekend.

  1. The rebellion against the SJW empire grows every day – MetalGate, comic book community, sci fi, scientists and soon we’ll have bronies on our side. You don’t mess with bronies, man! I glad GamerGate was the start of this culture war.

    1. We were the one who pushed back and told the bullies “what? Do something about it.”

      In all I’m proud of what GG has managed to accomplish in the long run.

    2. By the way how is metalgate and comicgate doing. Haven’t heard from them lately. It is going to be a tough fight for comic fans though because the SJWs own that territory. It would be nice if we could all combine our forces and help each other out. Also I’m curious about how long it will be until Femgate happens. I have several feminists friends that are really getting sick of this shit too.

      1. Metalgate stopped pretty quickly (it was just one article) and SJWs circle-jerked themselves about their “great victory”, but the embers that caused the flare-up are still burning underground ready to start a firestorm if nessacery. And some are still carrying on the name.

        ComicGate has the pressure growing but it still hasn’t had the “Comic Readers Are Dead” spark yet, unlike Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

        1. As a metal head and has several friends that are don’t expect the community to push forward. They’ve never cared what society thinks and just keep to themselves. But the moment you start encroaching on their territory expect a rude awakening.

        2. Metal is going to be fine, they have had years to corrupt it but the SJWs will make no headway.

    1. she’s no guest of “honor” she’s just the representative of the gaming side most likely because of her husband. Because to be honest, she has only produced a single shit game while her husband is the only one of the 2 with at least a grain of talent.

  2. The world is taking notice and everyday that passes is another where sjws are on the run.

    Sad puppies.

    Let’s see how this goes.

  3. The Sad Puppies campaign has been going on for a few years now, and suffers some unique struggles compared to Gamergate. While a handful of the SJWs that Gators face are familiar adversaries to the SP/RP community, the SJWs in Sci-fi are *extremely* well entrenched and have been crushing the life out of the entertainment medium for decades. Gamergate occurred in a much more timely fashion, catching these radical progressivists while they were still consolidating their power.

    Make no mistake. They seek to do to video games the same thing that they did to SFF and comics, and likewise, the timing of their infiltration of the video game industry is as cut and paste as the rest of their play book. Everywhere they go, they go when the industry is in its golden age, at the height of its popularity, and when it is most profitable to be part of the industry. They take control by forming cliques of opinionated assholes that assume control of gatekeeper elements specific to each industry. In the SFF community, they wield power over publishing houses (They even have their own) and usurped the Hugo and Asimov Awards through an uncontested voting bloc.

    As a member of the SP community (in as much as we can be called a community, we’re not much more centralized than GG is, but we definitely have lead figures helping to move things), I have long awaited a union between the Gators and the puppy lovers. The SP community is generally aware of GG due to the great similarity in the conflict as well as the mutual adversary we face.

    The difference, right now, is that we just basically took back our version of the GDC. It doesn’t mean quite as much, and isn’t as lavish, but the 2015 Hugo Award nominee list is a MASSIVE set back to the SJW stranglehold on our industry.

    It is my belief that ultimately it will require a union of every group and fan base of our combined dispositions to take back what has been taken from all of us. What makes us strong, and them weak, is that we are what they wish they were: Diverse. They are, with few exceptions, a group of rabid white yuppies and hipsters lead by radical white feminists with penis envy and who have zero intention of doing anything that resembles real work, requires real sacrifice, or stands on real moral ground. They are rapidly losing the patience of the genuine liberals in the west (as our respective movements show), and their manufactured outrage requires them, more and more, to eat at each other in order to dominate the top of their precious little progressive stack.

    Ultimately, these people are bigots of the same caliber that constituted the body of policy makers that saw the great ethnic purges of Native Americans in the mid 1800s. They uphold one of the oldest and purest concepts of the Progressive Impulse: The White Man’s Burden.

    They grossly overestimate their reach, because they, like any given bigot, are too caught up in trying to prove they’re something they are not. Destroying their narrative is key to destroying their grasp.

    1. Dude, you guys support Orson Scott Card. Nuff’ Said. I don’t care what his political views are – His writing is one of my sci-fi favorites.

  4. why is it awkward? Is it that hard for her to be on the same room with someone she disagrees with? That’s kind of childish if you ask me.

    1. It’s because she has no idea how to handle herself should he call to her to task in the middle of the con. These people thrive on hug boxes and bubbles of like minded fools who “Listen and Believe.” If she attempts to talk shit at the con, he can (and will) publicly call her out on this and make her answer for her words.

      Combine this with the fact that, despite her egomania, she’s aware she’s not nearly as well known or well liked as he is. If she went there to pander shit and snake oil to the masses, this will indeed be very awkward for her.

  5. You know so far each of these groups has been in defense of something. Gaming, SciFi Authors, Metal, Comic Books, Science, and Atheism. Each to some level defending it’s own with a little overlap of the individuals based on personal likes.

    All of this has been defensive actions. It’s getting high time to go on the offensive. Take it to the epicenter of SJW brainwashing. Universities. It’s time to look at the pseudo academics who drive this sort of, “Mindkill,” and out them. Put names to them, show them for what they are, and make sure the world knows them for what they are.

    We’ve stopped the beach head. Now it’s time we turned the flank, and went after the source. Sargon of Akkad started with Digra. Mister Metokur (I.A.) showed us Dalhousie University. There are many Universities that are even now pumping out future thought police, and censors. It’s time to start thinking of ways to take the fight to them.

    1. There’s got to be a better way than that because that’s a dangerous witch-hunt path to take. The problem isn’t so much the people and their views, it’s the disproportionate voice they have to disseminate them far an wide. Media access is key to that; if they are only interested in “what bleeds, leads” we’re kinda stuck. But that means news outlets getting the funding they need so they don’t resort to click-bait. And that’s a whole ‘nother question. There isn’t an easy answer to this that doesn’t mean inadvertently silencing someone or involving the Government.

      1. Media doesn’t so much use, “if it bleeds, it leads,” anymore as they do a sort of “Shock and Awe.” If it has buzz words, catch phrases, slogans, and can be spun to a political agenda then you use it. Not even really for the agenda but for the demographic. Watch CNN, and FOX, and see what adds for what things run on them. Geared towards a specific demographic around which a common political agenda is woven.

        Marmaduke takes a massive dump on the front lawn at Arthur Chu’s house. The owner is about to clean it up when they decide it looks like a statue of the Virgin Mary. So instead they snap pictures of it, and carefully collect it and take it home. Pictures go to a Face Book post, and before you can say “Penn and Teller.” It’s now famous. So famous that the Pope recognizes it, and articles are written about the holy poop.

        Eventually someone finds out that the poo originated on the lawn of Chu. So they ask him about it, and he explains that since the dog is owned by his white devil of a neighbor who is using the image of a woman to get famous that it is just Misogyny in action. That it is another example of men pooping on women, and that had he known he would have run out and defended the holy poop against the great white devil.

        One network will run with the holy poo angle, and the other will go with Misogyny. Meanwhile Bill Maher will make holy poop jokes. It does not matter to either network that it’s just a dog turd. It’s the followers, and their eyeballs that’s all that matters. Because in between all the talking heads are all the things that really matter that’s the ads.

        So it’s not the media that matters in this particular instance. It’s the instigators the ones inculcating people in to this. Professors who push the political is personal safe space, hug box mentality. They are the source of this particular cancer.

  6. The primary problem with all of this (as with everything when dealing with SJWs) is so many of us stand on principle. We are capable of abstract thought, which means our minds work beyond the simple “what do I get out of this”. We’re the people who may vote against something that would directly personally benefit us because we understand that the principle behind it is wrong.

    We’re also the kind of people who understand that sometimes people you dislike or disagree with may agree on important things and that just because the two of you share an agreement in support of something doesn’t invalidate that principle.

    We truly embrace the sentiment that Hall expressed when writing of Voltaire — “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. That means we may find someone like Brianna Wu revolting and the views she expresses laughable and offensive, but we would not wish to see her forced into silence or for her right to express herself — no matter how idiotically — to be revoked.

    We understand that principles are not changed by who supports them. They are not invalidated by those who form a consensus around the value of these principles.

    SJWs are the other way around.

    They are the people who would hear that some person that is truly vile (or just widely unpopular among their crowd) supports free speech and expression and, the next morning, demand that the government do something about this oppressive “free speech” thing.

    They’re the kind of people who would hear a right-wing religious nut comment on how they agree that rape is one of the worst crimes upon humanity and something must be done to aid victims and discourage others from ever becoming victims and suddenly have a change of heart, determining that “you know, rape isn’t really that big of a deal”.

    Because they don’t give a shit about principles.

    Since this Sad Puppies thing seems to be heavily influenced or spear-headed by people of unpopular political sides (as a libertarian, I find both of the political sides fucking scum) who sometimes say or support unpopular things — or even vile things according so some claims — SJWs paint everyone with the same brush who supports a thing they support. It doesn’t matter that Sad Puppies addresses possible corruption and collusion in the awards. It doesn’t matter that it deals with the issue of forced censorship and blackballing. It doesn’t matter that it deals with free speech. It just matters that you’re in support of a thing and people who support a thing that is of great foundational value to everyone.

    This is all, of course, evidenced by how they respond to GG and Sad Puppies, accordingly. That most people who care about GG are probably not overly religious (many of us decidedly anti-religion) and that most are probably not republicans (many are decidedly democrat, libertarian, not even part of the american fucking political system because they’re in another fucking country) is irrelevant. You support the principles of what GG cares about and that one right-wing guy from that TV show fifteen years ago supported the same principles via twitter, so therefore everyone is a right-wing nut-job… because if they weren’t, they would *surely* abandon ship… because it’s more important to save face by only associating people that are exactly like you and exactly agree with every aspect of your “platform” than it is to find common ground with people and work on that common ground, which happens quite a fucking lot since things like free speech and anti-collusion and corruption and ethics are a thing that most people across the fucking board also care about, regardless of their other affiliations, believes, interests, or concerns.

    So, you care about this issue? You’re clearly a right-wing religous nut who hates gays and women and all ethnicities above a skin-tone of about #FFFFF1 — because if you weren’t one of those, you would abandon your principles before agreeing to any common ground with anyone that isn’t just like you/us!

    (For the record, I support smaller government, less intrusive government, lower taxes, more responsible spending, less global intervention, more free speech, more free expression, no censorship, atheism — literally a card carrying member of the AA –, abortion — involved in one, sadly –, legalization of drugs — don’t do them but don’t care –, equal civil liberties and rights for all regardless of ethnicity or sex or sexual orientation or gender or gender identity, and while basic-income seems initially contrary to the principles of self-responsibility and autonomy I am somewhat swayed to consider it as the most reasoned and fair alternative to the current mess of government social and welfare programs we have now. I’m also married to non-white woman and spent a chunk of my youth living in Zambia and Kenya and come from a family that has done significant medical missionary work building hospitals and teaching nurses in those places. And I contribute regularly to RAINN, the ACLU, and the ASPCA. And I have supported countless voices in gaming in the past before they revealed themselves to be such assholes… like contributing financially to Zoe’s patreon long before any of this came up and contributing to David S Gallante’s indie gogo to raise funds to go to IndieCade before any of this came up…).

    But, you know, I’m clearly a “bigoted right wing religious nut” so all of my interests in GG can be summarized in self-interested pushing of my hatemongering agenda.

  7. Funny how a group that preached diversity throws a shit fit if a straight white conservative comes in. Practice what you preach shit heads.

  8. Wu is Guest of Honor? What is she going to do? Present a speech telling everyone how oppressed she is? How hard it is that random strangers don’t know who the fuck you are? How to program shitty games?

    Ralph, please, please, PLEASE go to this and record Wu’s speech. I’m sure it will be batshit insane and provide hours of LOLs.

  9. I piece went up on Raw Story today in their “opinion” section by Amanda Marcotte titled “Hugo Awards assaulted by Sad Puppies, who really should be called Whiny Babies”.

    The pussy bleeding is real.

    1. It always amazes me when SJWs – people who have psychological meltdowns over jokes, differing opinions, comic book covers, video game characters, button-up shirts, and clapping – accuse opponents of “whining.”

      Their hypocrisy and total lack of self-awareness is just staggering.

  10. So from that list, the whole political spectrum is against Gamergate and Sad Puppies. From my personal experience we have the left, The Guardian. The right, The Telegraph. I guess it just shows they are two sides of the same coin.

  11. The Atlantic ran a hit piece today (4/9) with all the discredited canards of the EW piece and the obligatory “it’s just like GamerGate booga-booga!” boogiemanning. Mark Kern is demanding an out-of-context tweet they included to smear him be retracted.

    It’s almost as if the corrupt regressive media was running some sort of BIG LIE playbook or something.

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