As I said last night, I was on the road most of the day yesterday. So, I didn’t catch every piece of news. One of the things I missed, was Jim Sterling starting up a Patreon. I wouldn’t have thought this would be a very big deal, originally. But his enormous success has bought him some haters, and they aren’t shy about reminding Jim of his past foibles. As you will see, the SJWs never truly forgive.

Those of us in GamerGate have tried to tell Sterling this ourselves. It isn’t enough that he’s fully prostrated himself in front of the altar of radical feminism. These ideologues want complete subservience.


So, they bring up old shit and try to discredit him. Keep in mind, these are people that are supposedly on the same side. Sterling has publicly supported Zoe Quinn and Leigh Alexander in the past, and has spoken in favor of much of their agenda (though not all). I’ve went after him myself, and he doubled down on SJW ideas in response. Still, he gets accosted by this modern day beggar squad:

He’s apologized to this maniac in the past, but apparently, that’s not good enough. He also needs to give the loon money, in order to be fully absolved. And that’s what it always comes down to for these people: cold, hard, cash. I don’t defend Jim Sterling very often, but this person is an unhinged head case. The only way I would give this “safe space” expert any money, would be if it was earmarked for mental health assistance.

These two weren’t the only ones. Here’s a small sampling of the flack Jim has received. Most of it, is just good old fashioned jealousy:

I could put up several other examples, but I think you get the picture by now. This is why playing this foolish game is worthless. Radical feminists are never going to like you if you’re a white male. You will always be deficient to them. Apologies buy you only temporary relief. They will come after you again when the mood strikes them. It doesn’t matter if you’re Jim Sterling, Max Temkin or Santa Claus. There is no honor among the SJW thieves.

  1. “It isn’t enough that he’s fully protested himself in front of the altar of radical feminism.”

    I think you mean ‘prostrated’.

      1. Precisely. Hotwheels Patreon? Totally cool. Some random bitch on Twitter whose Bio just says “here’s my Patreon, here’s my amazon wishlist”?
        A person such as this deserves to live in abject misery, like a majority of the world wakes up to face every morning.

      2. Yup, but that doesn’t matter to TB, because the perpetually aggrieved fanatics were never his audience in the first place, and their butthurt just makes his real audience respect him more.

        1. The above is the primary reason I respect TB. He never pandered to the professional umbrage-takers, and he likely never will.

      3. Seriously. Why should I have to pay $10, $20, or $50 a month to someone that doesn’t do shit besides bait GG on Twitter and whine about how “harassed” they are? If i’m going to subsidise someone’s collection of shitty tattoos, hair dye, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, they damn better well produce something of worth on a regular basis.

        1. Frankly, the more money they decide to throw away on such stupidity rather than something substantial, the better.

  2. His income is now $ 5,000 per month.
    Good for him, I hate some of his hypocrisy but I respect many of his reviews.

    1. He’s at $6400 now. I can’t donate to him. He spit in our faces & I’m supposed to forgive because he put on a happy dance? Lost trust is hard to regain.

      1. Plus, after reading TotalBiscuit’s tweet, now I feel like Jim doesn’t deserve this.
        Patreon should be reserved for products.
        It shouldn’t be a glorified welfare.

        1. He’s more than welcome to run his Patreon if he’s offering a product, which he is. He’s not being paid simply for existing, which is more than one can say for Valkenburg et al.

          I disagree with Jim’s perspectives (and dislike his content in general), but I will defend to the death his right to have those perspectives and make money disseminating those perspectives in entertainment.

          1. I would agree with you if his Patreon was [a certain amount of money] per upload.
            Not $ 6,000 per month.

  3. And now we get to the crux of what actual privilege is all about: money! (And how we should hand it all over the the SJW highwaymen to atone for our sins).

    Jim’s a bit of a prick in my book however falsely DMCA’ing him and now this? Anybody who has played a part in either of these events is a straight up asshole.

    1. Tithe or be marked as a sinner basically. You either tithe with money or you tithe with overwhelming displays of guilt, for SJWs.

  4. Doesn’t this just mean as a youtuber he’s just not good or popular enough to support himself.

    Socialism at work ladies and gentlemen, Looks like Judas Sterling has gotten his 30 pieces of patreon.

  5. I think if I was raking in 3-5k a month on Patreon, I would be living in the Philippines. Hot chicks, good climate, awesome fishing and wouldn’t have to look at SJW’s in real life.

    1. >Hot chicks
      >Good climate
      >awesome fishing


      are you really sure that Philippines is a good country to live in?

      1. Consider that the average salary there is about 10k pesos a month, which comes to about 230 dollars +/- depending on exchange rate, with 3-5k dollars a month you’d live quite comfortably. And climate, sure if you like the humidity and heat all the time. As for the chicks, sure they’re hot, but you still have to watch your wallet around them, you don’t just take care of the girl, they seem to think you should take care of their family and friends too. But I wouldn’t say it’s SJW free there, they just aren’t as prominent yet, but give it time.

      2. Depends which part you live in. Cost of living is cheap, I live in a pretty hot/humid climate for about 9 months a year, so the climate wouldn’t bother me.

        I like to Fish, place has excellent fishing. You won’t find SJW’s there, you might find extremely conservative religious types but I’m already from a conservative state, they don’t bother me. I’ve been through Hurricanes so Typhoons don’t phase me.

        If you’re raking in 3-5k USD a month in Patreon, you could live like a damn king there. Every place in the world has their own problems but I’d trade that to not have to deal with SJW’s.

        1. well, I hope your views on living in our country will not be change when you get here. 🙂

          oh speaking of SJWs, like @Erthwjim said we don’t have SJWs but we have Social Media Warriors – focuses more on Country pride and everything else that can tarnish this country.

          1. I think I’ve run into those types before, haha. I don’t think its all sugar, rainbows and lolipops in any given country, it is just a place that seems pretty compatible with me. I would have to be weary of scam artists though, especially women who are crazy over western men.

    2. I hate to burst your bubble, but some of those hot chicks aren’t really chicks…

      (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s your thing)

    3. Not to spoil but make sure you read up on the downsides as well. But my personal opinion is that if you don’t mind traffic, it’s good to live on the cheap. Koreans won’t disagree.

      Do note the IRS and other Uncle Sam services are big here though, it isn’t exactly a tax haven country.

  6. Maybe these whiny SJWs would have more money if they got marketable skills instead of.womens studies.degrees and spending all day whining about ugly shirts on Twitter.

    1. But here is a perfect example of a woman’s studies major with a successful career thanks to her education…..I think.

      1. There’s three problems I can see in that picture, going from most to less glaring:

        1)Is this a guy? A gal? What is it? Probably a woman but…
        2)Women’s Studies? She brought this upon herself.
        3)She has a master’s degree and still can’t spell loans correctly?

  7. If you criticize the “SJWs” who “bring up old shit”, is it fair to also criticize the GamerGaters bringing up Alexander’s old tweets to paint her as a racist bigot? And what of all the people who were outraged over Anita Sarkeesian raising tons of money on Kickstarter? Are you going to mock them like you mock the people upset over Sterling raising money?

    1. Leigh Alexander has never apologized or acknowledged fault for the things she said and did.

      Kickstarter is for funding specific projects, which Sarkeesian hasn’t completed in double the time she promised.

      If you treat different actions the same, you’re going to make false conclusions.

    2. Nobody is mad that Sark raised money on Kickstarter. We’re mad that she lies and attacks gamers as misogynists for liking games. We think she’s a con artist and that her SJW patrons are suckers who got bilked, but that part makes us amused, not angry.

    3. She is a racist bigot. All sjws are bigots of one sort or another.

      Dat false equivalency. You people wouldn’t know honesty if it hit you with a brick,

  8. >TFW you colonize patreon.

    its like these jerk offs think that if they throw enough ten dollar words into a sentence it magically isn’t fucking retarded.

  9. So these people are jealous because…their literal and shameless begging on Patreon isn’t as profitable as someone else’s Patreon account? When that someone else actually produces entertainment content?

    Colour me surprised! I never expected these people to cannibalize their own allies just to satisfy their own pettiness. Have they no shame? (Rhetorical question)

  10. Daphne is a Patreon parasite on foodstamps, with a monthly income of $622 per month in patreon, and $200 per month from food stamps. She doesn’t work and isn’t a real developer. Neither are other psychos like Anna Anthropy, Mattie Brice, and Christine Love. They aren’t real fucking developers, and they have no accomplishments, yet their somehow IGF judges. Bullshit.

    Maybe, people don’t want to give Daphne the “time of day”, because she doesn’t do any fucking work for a living, and no one takes them seriously with company names like “poopdoggyballs”.

    Foodstamps screenshot

    1. These….people like these dare call us names like losers, basement-dwellers, neckbeards and everything nice.

      Well, at least we work for a living. We earn our money with blood sweat and tears (literally and metaphorically). We have the decency not to beg for food money. I’m sorry, but, I have to say it:

      Fuck this and parasites like this.

      1. Indeed ^^ I for one am proud of my job working as a baker and I get free bread to for my hard work ^^ Also Food stamps should be used in emergencies not for getting free food.

      2. The other thing is, well, just LOOK AT THESE FREAKS! Almost every last one of them is frankly hideous, or obese, or crazy looking, or usually all of the above. It’s absolutely hilarious that such a group of people would trot out “fat sweaty neckbeard” so often against anybody else. It’s all deflection and projection.

      3. It’s all right. I’ll just keep coding the medical software that will keep these land whales alive slightly longer and making an excellent middle-class salary doing so. No big deal. I’ll just spend my legitimately-earned cash on the video games I love and the developers and critics that don’t throw me and my identity under the bus.

      4. After seeing some people post things like “I have never had $1000 in my bank account so give me money”. Well then get a damn job you deadbeat.

        Everyone in my last band worked full time to support our families and still had time to practice, write and create a product on the side. We didn’t sit back and expect people to “fund us”. When we earned cash it went right back into our creative project.

        Have any of these people actually worked? Honestly here.
        All I see are trust fund babies and Patreon welfare parasites.

    2. I don’t know about the others but I’ve played a couple of Love’s games. They were alright for what they were (Visual Novels, essentially) and I did enjoy them. I don’t know how hard they were to make or if they deserve the “game” moniker but I wouldn’t be so harsh as to say that Love has no accomplishments. Maybe that’s just me though. Remember, lying about the facts is what is making these people lose. Even if you don’t like Jim Sterling, Christine Love, or Zoe Quinn give them what credit they deserve and move on. At the end of the day a real game dev or someone with integrity will always outshine even their greatest accomplishments. And that’s even worse than denying their accomplishments in the first place.

      1. Has anyone played games by Anna Anthropy? She seems to have some credibility as a game dev.

        I followed Daphne on tumblr a couple years ago (, it’s hard to take anything she says very seriously. Then again I’ve been burned before by having this attitude so I’m going to call Poe’s law on this one.

    3. I’m on disability & on foodstamps (EBT) too. (Also pro GamerGate) I probably shouldn’t get offended it’s just I’ve dealt with folks before who used “parasitic” as a way to describe the disabled. I don’t think you meant “everyone” who gets assistance but even the comments that follow seem a lil quick to throw the non-working class under the bus.

      For the record, I personally do not have a patreon and if I could make a decent living at my art/writing/game design I certainly would. And if you think being mentally ill or physically handicapped is nothing but laughs and “easy money” I can assure you it’s not.

      But fret not, I’m not going to scream for privileges to be checked or any similar insanity. lol.

  11. Reminder that a characteristic of a cult is manipulation through guilt, including past ‘sins’ (and any other sort of confession).

  12. But when Anita Sarkeesian got nearly two hundred grand on Kickstarter to make a couple of Youtube videos, that was just hunky dory? That couldn’t be seen as diverting funds from struggling developers with far more deserving projects?

    Ah, the sweet taste of hypocrisy; number one export of SJWs, next to batshit lunacy.

    1. These people literally want to reinstitute pre-Magna Carta principles into society — they don’t want the rules to apply to the people who make them. Eight hundred years of human progress down the toilet because someone’s feelings were hurt.

      Did I mention these morons think of themselves as “progressive”?

      1. These are the same kind of hipster fuckwits you meet at parties who say they shouldn’t have to get a job because working is oppressive. They just want to be given money for nothing and fuck anyone who actually believes in earning what you get.

        We’re headed for dark, dark times if these pricks get their way.

        1. Indeed 🙁 I highly doubt the government would be able to afford paying those parasites if they got their way. What ever happened to getting into a work placement program and getting the skills you need to get a job. I mean if it wasn’t for my work placement program I wouldn’t have gotten my job as a baker, my WHIMS, and my Food Handlers Safety licence.

  13. I’m not that bothered… Yeah, the guy’s an asshole but he has as much right as anyone else to make money from his work.

    1. Patreon desperately needs to include a “you must provide a product to use our service” clause in their Terms of Use. Nobody should be paid simply for existing.

  14. Funny how SJWs conveniently forgot the horrible, sexist shit he said years ago, and overcame their amnesia right about the time he jumped ship.

    They’re scared that since he’s not beholden to SJWs for job security anymore – he’s his own boss now – he’s going to start spilling the beans on the deep shit he’s been privy to since he ingratiated himself into various SJW circles. I’m hoping that Jim finally stops kowtowing to their bullshit and starts making some heads roll.

  15. The white knights are straight white males being used by the SJWs as pawns, and once they’ve outlived their usefulness, the SJWs will turn on them and reward them as a traitor deserves. They are, after all, straight white males, and therefore The Enemy.

    I knew this would happen, but I must admit that I’m surprised the SJWs are turning on their allies when they have yet to secure their victory.

    1. SJWs will self-cannibalize the moment they detect any part of their cancerous organism is turning against itself. No surprises here whatsoever.

  16. So much sour grapes are being thrown at Jim by the SJWs, he could start his own winery.

    He could use those grapes to make jelly too, but they obviously have plenty of jelly to go around.

  17. For the SJWs, Sterling’s overtures to them are merely a sign of submission – an indication that he is capable of being cowed into accepting their false narratives. Once you give them that, you *increase* the amount of vitriol they will send your way should they ever decide you have stepped out of line.

  18. I try to see patreon as a good thing, I really do, but all I can imagine is a giant upside down fedora surrounded by SJWs begging for pennies.

    1. Like any platform, you must dig to find the good stuff under the surface layer of pop culture garbage and hipster panhandling. I recommend looking up the MMO Grinder sometime; I’ve supported him for quite a while.

  19. Wow lol, that is such petty jealousy. I’ve actually argued with that loser in the last picture on Destructoid. He’s got absolutely nothing to offer. Sterling is entertaining, and has built up his small bit of fame with constant work. It’s fucking hilarious to me to watch all these hipster losers that won’t just get a fucking job crying about someone else getting money.

    Unreal. Never had 1,000 in your bank account? Maybe get off twitter and go get a fucking job, and don’t blow it all on bullshit.

  20. Ha ha, fuck Sterling and all that, but goddamn, some of these fucking people.

    “Oh my god this guy made more money than me in a day!”
    “I’ve never had $1000 in my bank account!”
    “Give that money to someone who deserves it (like me)”

    Here’s an idea, GET A REAL JOB YOU FUCKING LIBERAL ARTS DEADBEATS. This is what you deserve for taking out student loans to take a bird course in college/university. Fucking idiots.

  21. “I have never had 1000 dollars in my bank ever” – WOW, that entitled, self-pitying cunt. It’s called work for something in your life you fucking pathetic cunt.

  22. What is it with these artists and their opposition to getting a REAL FUCKING JOB? I mean, if you can’t hit it big on a planet with 7+ billion people, it’s understandable, but get the fuck over it! Art doesn’t pay; it’s something you do because you’re passionate. I mean, of course if you’re super talented you can be successful, but most of these psycho’s are just special snowflakes.

  23. Wow, so some people that have patreons that aren’t getting money are pissed because Jim’s does get money and they don’t. Perhaps these people should provide something worth money that’s not shit and then they’ll start getting money too. But I guess this is why they accuse capitalism of being patriarchal, because in the capitalistic system, they can’t succeed because they lack the skills and the talent.

  24. Won’t be long before the gaming press turns on him as well, seeing as though they loathe Youtubers like TB who they see as potential threats. Can’t say I’d feel sorry for him, though. He chose this.

  25. We also need to remember it was the SJW that convinced Jim he needed to leave his job and do this. He burned bridges so he better keep his contributors happy.

    One question that does come to mind seeing all this parasites using this as a new form of social welfare….does the taxman know about Patreon? Because if he doesn’t he should.

      1. Speaking as the son of a retired IRS accountant/auditor, I’m not even sure the IRS understands how Patreon works to start with.

        Then again, things are so fucked up there, the pressure is not to ‘get people to pay taxes’ but ‘close the case’.

    1. I’d prefer the taxman remain oblivious. I am more than willing to let these con artists and hipster douchemuffins make off with a bit extra every month than cut into the legitimately-earned patronage of real content creators. Fools and their money are swiftly parted; let the fools do what they will.

      1. Might not be an option. I talked this over with the old man today, explaining as best I could how Patreon worked. Since Patreon is not a 501(c) charitable entity, income received must be reported… theoretically.

        The catch is that it could be claimed as a gift, which is somewhat less vulnerable. I guess it depends on how the recipient wants to play their cards.

  26. Can’t muster an ounce of sympathy for Jimmy boy. He knew the rules of the SJW’s he was getting into bed with them. You can tow the Progressive line all you want, but you step outta line once, and they’ll turn on you like a pack of wild barracuda’s. If your lucky, they might forgive you if you grovel and beg.

  27. Jim Sterling is a giant phony who would be right at home on TGwtG, I got zero pity for the guy.

    Remember when King of Pol fucked up and we eventually all worked out the facts of what happened and then he admitted he fucked up and apologized and we forgave him and apologized back to him for shitting on him as hard as we did and then we all moved on with our lives even stronger? Yeah you will never see something like that happen in the SocJus camp, throw off the group think’s groove just once and you’re an unperson forever.

    1. That’s because admission of error is a sign of maturity.

      It’s very hard to admit ‘Holy shit, I really fucked this up’. But the thing is, once you accept your own fallibility your life gets easier.

      SJWs never grasp that. They are right, and good, therefore anyone who is not with them is wrong, and evil.

      1. I remember the day when I suddenly realized that most of my problems where caused by me and my attitude. After that day I saw a therapist, got into a work placement program, got the licence’s I needed to work in the food industry, and got a job. Now I am currently working on getting my own apartment^^

        1. My opinion on ‘social justice’ is so low you’d need to measure it in angstroms. It’s a construct designed to circumvent the normal legal mechanisms of our society, so that people can pursue imagined grievances with little fear of rebuke.

          Not for nothing do many people wonder when SJWs will turn their attention to REAL suffering among women, such as the plight of the female gender in the Middle East.

          1. Just the female gender?
            That’s the “Don’t kidnap our girls, kill our boys!” syndrome inadventently rearing it’s ugly, ugly head.

  28. I found out that he blocked on twitter for some reason. The only reason why I can think of, is when I called out on him being on the side of gawker and not the consumers.

  29. I love all this griping about “he needs it less than I do“. If they need money then why don’t they earn some?! The reason that Jim was able to rake in the money on Patreon is precisely because he has worked hard in order to entertain people in a way that is obviously quite popular. What have these bleating parasites ever done? Nothing. That is why people don’t throw money at them!

  30. Sterling is a hypocritical, biased, offensive, and ignorant person.
    He’s hurt the image of many things and his flock of sheep don’t hesitate to defend him.
    It’s honestly sad…

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