If you’ll recall, we talked about Jerry Seinfeld’s comments on how politically correct culture was killing comedy. Bill Maher has talked about this as well. But there’s another comedian who has been in the news lately, and her name is Amy Schumer. She’s a darling of the feminist press, who promotes her at every opportunity. Schumer was also offered the hosting gig on The Daily Show. I’m glad she didn’t take it, because she’s not really all that funny. To be fair, I’ve heard a lot worse. Anyway, why am I even talking about this marginal comedian at all? It’s because her fellow social justice warriors have come out and labeled her a racist due to some past jokes that she made. The attempted censorship of comedy  is exactly the sort of thing that got me involved with this activism in the first place.

I have to give Ms. Schumer some credit, even though I disagree with her on a lot of issues. She’s standing up to the speech bullies at the moment. OF course, she could be apologizing by tomorrow, so you never know. Still, props for right now:


You don’t have to renounce your feminism to stick up for comedy, and I wouldn’t expect her to. But that was a pretty full-throated defense. It’s nice to see that no matter who’s saying it. I doubt that will calm her most strident detractors, since they’re radicals, but we shall see.

  1. I saw this coming a mile away, when Gawker was posting 3 articles a day about how she was “sticking it to men” by making jokes about “teaching them not to rape”. You know, because rapists only rape because no one told them it was bad, and they need to be bopped on the nose with a newspaper while saying “BAD RAPIST! NO RAPING!” in order to get them to stop raping. Once Gawker started nibbling on her clit, I knew it was only a matter of time before she would get Jossed the minute she said something that the SJWs didn’t agree with.

    I honestly think that Amy was placed on a pedestal because she made jokes with a feminist slant, not because she’s actually funny. That whole stunt of “tripping” before Kim and Kanye all but screamed “I’M TRYING TOO HARD!”, and even the King and Queen of Attention Whores looked embarrassed for her. I’ve seen some of her stuff, and it’s worth a chuckle or two at best. There are WAY funnier female comedians out there that should be getting attention instead of Schumer, like Garfunkel & Oates, or Lea DeLaria.

    1. That whole “teaching them not to rape” is a phrase that genuinely pisses me off. So you are saying that I am a walking rapist just because I have a dick? If I ever have a son and I find out that this is being taught in schools you bet your ass I’ll be pulling him out. I fear what is going to happen to the next generation of boys when they are being told over and over again that they are monsters.

      1. They will say, “If they’re going to think I’m a monster anyway I might as well get something out of it.”

      2. Wait a minute are you telling me rape is wrong? Shit. I guess I have some people I need to apologise to, or would that make me a rape apologist?

      3. The whole “Teach men not to rape” thing is a gigantic clusterfuck of idiocy. Knowing to tell right and wrong and choosing to do wrong anyway are not mutually exclusive concepts, we’re told from the cradle to the grave what is morally right and what isn’t, were taught it by our family and friends, told it consistently by the legal system and shown it ad nauseam in all forms of media; people who CHOOSE to do wrong don’t do it just because they’ve never been told not to, but because they DO NOT CARE.
        Education is not the way to fix this problem because it goes about it in the most useless way possible, blasting people in the face with propaganda only has two effects, they either listen or ignore you, and chances are the vast majority of people who are willing to listen were never in any danger of doing it in the first place, so what is the use of this retarded campaign?
        Well, the use is one concept feminazis are very familiar with: Collective shaming. It doesn’t really matter that the vast majority of men are not rapists just like the vast majority of white people alive today had/have nothing to do with slavery, they’re just using something as basic and impossible to choose or change as our genders and races to try to push us into a nonsensical guilt trip so that then they can cry “I’m a victim, I’m oppressed!” from their blogs in their overpriced Apple laptops while sipping their overpriced Starbucks coffee and then reap large amounts of money and notoriety by exploiting that guilt despite the astoundingly illogical nature of the situation.
        The interesting takeaway from this is that, despite claiming that genders and races are unimportant social constructs and that they want to end any form of difference between people, the “progressive” crowd sure seems to be intent on pushing these very same notions when it comes to defending and promoting their ignorant, hateful and bigoted attitudes; but of course they have to, they need their goals to be unattainable bullshit about how men’s mere biology making them sit a certain way is oppression, because otherwise equality will be declared to have been achieved in the realm of what is possible to control and then their majors in social studies and jobs at International Amnesty will only be worth the paper they’re printed on.

    2. The “teach men not to rape” thing is so ridiculous. Do they really think it suffices to tell people “don’t rape” for 100% of people to obey?

      Yeah, ’cause hundreds of millions in ads and mandatory classes in schools telling kids “don’t do drugs” have been so successful at completely eliminating drug use in America, right?

      Newsflash feminists, men already know rape is wrong, that’s why 99+% of men will never rape anyone even if they have the chance.

    3. She’s riding the feminist money train to superstardom. That’s why Judd dumbass Apatow directed her screenplay. It’s also why she “uses” her feminism to detract people from calling her racist. She doesn’t want to lose her core fan base.

      “I mentioned my feminism because I am also pleading for the people I most want to help not to look to burn me at the stake”

  2. Everyone is a SJW until the rabid army turns on them, then it is hold on a sec, you are batshit crazy. No, they are always batshit crazy, about everything. They only just realise it when the crazy is pointing at them.

  3. I hate female comedians becaused they constantly draw attention to the fact they are female in their act. Okay, I get it, you have boobs and you’re trying to be funny. I’ve heard this joke 1837574829384600 times already. You’re doing a Chris Rock routine. Do something original already.

      1. So is Seinfeld and they’re raking him over the coals for simply saying that he doesn’t want to play colleges.

      2. I don’t think that’s true anymore.

        Jewish men are still “white males” after all……

        …and being a white male in a position of power = priveleged + racist.

    1. Blazing Saddles would get banned from every state. Curious how that hasn’t happened yet anyways.

    2. The usual SJW stuff TRR readers would most likely expect probably has been said of it.

      Mel, being based as hell, doesn’t give two squirts of urine about it. He’s probably still laughing all the way to the bank from royalties and such from his previous works, even if he hasn’t (IIRC) put anything new out in a while.

  4. They are what they are: a hate mob. And thats why they lose. They lost elevator gate, they lost shirt gate, they lost gamer gate and they will lose #comedygate.

    1. This is has been going on for a while. Remember Salon.com’s war with Patton Oswalt?

      Funny thing is, they all got pissed off at Jerry Seinfeld who might be one of the LEAST offensive comics today. Think of controversial comics and Seinfeld’s name probably isn’t going to be the first to jump to mind.

      1. Agreed.

        Just my personal bias, but I think the court jesters ought to be the most protected speechifiers. Not deprived of market consequences, but certainly immune from humorless interpretations. Comedy is not pornography, even when its profane.

  5. Anyone else notice the similar behaviors between first world feminism and the practices of the medieval Catholic Church?

    Only our doctrines save. Our doctrines are law. We must find the unbelievers among us and shame them. We must slander the unbelievers as agents of evil. We are infallible at all costs and any truths that bring reproach to us must be labelled as lies and mistruths. And those who wronged us will only be forgiven if they accept our gospel and flog themselves in public.

    1. Yeah, except the Catholic Church’s reputation during the medieval period is largely myth. Galileo was put under house arrest (where he was still allowed to teach, publish books, and attend parties) for teaching his theories as fact without solid enough evidence; the Church actually told him they were fine with him teaching it as a theory, just not to teach it as indisputable fact without more solid evidence.

      The Inquisition engaged in fewer witch hunts and executions than the Protestants, and the Church’s official stance on witchcraft was that it was baseless superstition. In almost 2 centuries the highest estimate of number of people tortured and executed by the Inquisition is a whopping 5,000 people, with more realistic estimates being around 2,000. Compare that to the hysteria surrounding Witch Hunts in the “forward thinking” Protestant states.

      Really dig into the history of the Catholic Church and you will find a group that was actually surprisingly forward thinking and scientific minded for its day and age. Sure, there were abuses, and superstition, but was it outside the norm, or even remarkable compared to its contemporaries? No.

      Note: I am not Catholic, nor am I even religious in the slightest, just a lover of history and fascinated about narratives of demonization and canonization of various historical groups by other groups.

  6. Sooner or later they are going to run out of allies. I’ve never found her funny but I will say I give her props for having a spine. How many other comedies are coming out pissed? I know Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry the Cable Guy have. Not sure who else.

    1. Don’t hold your breath just yet. I expect her to freak about losing her feminist audience and to start capitulating within a week.

      1. Oh don’t worry. I never cared for her in the first place so she is not worth holding my breath at all. Now if it was someone I actually cared about then yes.

    2. The thing about comedians, they’ll actually defend their profession and other comedians. You won’t see Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK all write articles shitting on comedy, comedians and fans of comedy. That would be beyond fucking stupid. Seriously, who would be so fucking dumb as to do such a thing?

  7. Agreed. Her defense of her comedy will only apply to her anyway. If you’re not a feminist comedian, she still agrees with censoring you.

  8. Like you, I’m not an Amy Schumer fan. But has she really done anything to earn the “sjw” label? I’m always one to give any comic the benefit when it comes to being anti-pc. Honestly that’s why Sarah Silverman was so disappointing.

  9. Don’t forget about Joe Rogan. He constantly talks about these issues and how stupid PC culture is with his guests. (Political Correctness)

    I miss News Radio…Phil Hartman, Dave Foiley, Joe Rogan, and more. Was a nice ensemble cast. Wish Netflix would put it back on streaming.

  10. The best thing we can do is watch as their civil war takes place and they destroy each other from inside.

    1. They’re the ones in control, so the fact that they’re so volatile kind of insures their inevitable demise by self destruction. I just wish it would happen quicker. The rest of us are getting sick of waiting.

  11. I hope these idiots don’t discover Lisa Lampenelli.

    Also, I have no clue who Amy Schumer is, but from what I just google, she looks like a weird stocky-bulldog.

  12. They realized they can’t eat GG, other groups they demonized have been trashed so much that any more trashing does nothing, so they are moving onto their own.
    Pretty good, and keep targeting visible people so that more and more people see how inclusive are the “progressive” authoritarians.

    1. Joss Whedon claims it wasn’t “feminists” who drove him off twitter, and to assume so would be stupid. He seems to have “male privilege” syndrome where he’s been told so many times that he’s in control that he believes he holds more power than women so they couldn’t possibly have an influence on his actions. He’s the perfect feminist ally; a man with a lot of power whose actions are swayed by women.

  13. She already has kind of apologized by admitting she has a blind spot for race. I’m glad she gets a free pass because she’s a feminist and a woman. I mean, she hasn’t made a race joke “in two years”!

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