If you’ll recall, we talked about Jerry Seinfeld’s comments on how politically correct culture was killing comedy. Bill Maher has talked about this as well. But there’s another comedian who has been in the news lately, and her name is Amy Schumer. She’s a darling of the feminist press, who promotes her at every opportunity. Schumer was also offered the hosting gig on The Daily Show. I’m glad she didn’t take it, because she’s not really all that funny. To be fair, I’ve heard a lot worse. Anyway, why am I even talking about this marginal comedian at all? It’s because her fellow social justice warriors have come out and labeled her a racist due to some past jokes that she made. The attempted censorship of comedy  is exactly the sort of thing that got me involved with this activism in the first place.

I have to give Ms. Schumer some credit, even though I disagree with her on a lot of issues. She’s standing up to the speech bullies at the moment. OF course, she could be apologizing by tomorrow, so you never know. Still, props for right now:


You don’t have to renounce your feminism to stick up for comedy, and I wouldn’t expect her to. But that was a pretty full-throated defense. It’s nice to see that no matter who’s saying it. I doubt that will calm her most strident detractors, since they’re radicals, but we shall see.