The Skeptic Feminist's PTSD Excuse is Bogus & Here's Why

The Skeptic Feminist’s PTSD Excuse is Bogus & Here’s Why

The PTSD excuse is rapidly falling apart. Oh, and this guy also liked to make jokes about murders right after the happened while also using them to push a political agenda. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?!

Also, I want to thank my lovely and talented wife Nora for helping dig up some of these tweets. Mwah!



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Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • ExiledV2

    For those of us who don’t do videos, is there a transcript?

  • Celerity

    Aw, our adorable Pakistani is becoming a seasoned digger!

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Stick a fork in him he’s done, claiming he only committed the murder as a result of PTSD is still a confession to committing the murder. Furthermore having lived in SocJus spaces so long where nearly anyone can get sympathy and dodge accountability by making spurious claims of mental illness I don’t think he understands how differently a plea of insanity functions in legal proceedings.

    Unless he’s got a prior diagnoses it’ll be an uphill battle to even get such a plea considered and in any case it will require an actual court ordered psychological evaluation. Even should he be found unfit to stand trial or criminally insane all that means is he then goes to maximum security insanity prison instead of normie prison where he’ll be detained until they decide he’s “cured” which given the bureaucratic processes and liability issues involved will be a very very VEEEEEERRRY long time.

    It’s not going to play out that way though. The prosecutor is going to go through his actual personal history and since SJWs always lie the truth about his life and history will come out and it wont be flattering nor consistent with his claims.

    • Well, a straight jacket still sounds better than a needle in your arm (or numerous shanks if capital punishment isn’t sought), so I couldn’t blame the guy for trying. Not to say I don’t hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    • Typical

      Let’s not forget PTSD is faggy liberal fantasy anyway. If PTSD is a thing, clearly they need more stringent enlistment requirements.

  • Mr0303

    Getting a hitpiece from Futrelle should be seen as a compliment.

    • Danlantic

      Alexa the stat site says:

      The Ralph Retort
      74,000th most popular in the world
      23,000th USA

      –and it’s trending up.

      We Hunted the Mammoth
      140,000th world
      39,000th USA

      –and trending down.

      I hadn’t looked at Mammoth in years. Ralph was throwing him a peanut (mammoths don’t eat bones).

      • Mr0303

        Those are some good news. I hope Futrelle and his whole nasty ideology spin into irrelevancy soon.

  • Mr0303

    Even if we allow the PTSD claim, which judging by the evidence is highly suspicious, that doesn’t magically remove his responsibility for his actions. Why own a gun if you are aware of your condition – you purposefully put the people around you in danger.

    Also, yes. We should joke about it, especially given the dark irony of his tweets. It doesn’t help that jokes write themselves – a psychotic feminist Deadpool kills his girlfriend? Come on! This immediately came to mind: