I’ve been very slow with the posting this week. I will fill you in later on why that’s been the case. It’s not the kind of news I wanted to bring you, but the post in general has been a longtime coming. There’s another bit of news I didn’t want to bring you as well. That has to do with Jamelle Bouie and Slate going full race baiter and calling Donald Trump and Dylann Roof “Brothers in White Resentment.” I saw this on the way home today and I was so startled by the headline that I had to tweet out a screenshot of it on Twitter.

There is a school of thought that this is the best thing we could possibly hope for from the left at this point in time. I agree with that, actually. It’s great for us politically. There is nothing more pathetic than trying to link Mr. Trump with a nut who murdered 9 black churchgoers in cold blood. Still, I hate what these people are doing to the country. I see shit like this, combined with people like Keith Olbermann coming just short of calling for an assassination to stop Trump, and it makes me worry about what these “progressive’ ideologues are opening up. I know they see themselves as important intellectuals who need to put trash like this out into the ether, but some psycho is going to go off the rails and do some killing because of it.

Someone in the same vein as Dylann Roof, when you think about it. Which makes Jamelle Bouie’s column all the more hypocritical.

[I]f Trump embodies a white reaction to perceived decline in a changing world, then Roof represents that backlash in its most extreme and virulent form. Both Roof’s violence and Trump’s demagoguery flow from a shared swamp of resentment…

If Trump shares a heritage with Roof, then his victory is a painful asterisk on the outpouring of unity and hope that followed the Charleston shootings…

Roof will face justice. But the ideas that radicalized him will thrive, not just as an amorphous force in American life, but as an active presence in American politics. They will thrive in the West Wing. They will thrive from the Oval Office. They will thrive in rebuke to Barack Obama himself, what he stands for, what he means.

I can’t even completely process this. How does a the chief political correspondent for Slate (who also works for CBS!) get away with this garbage? I don’t know about calling for his firing over something like this, but that’s exactly what the left would be doing if the roles were reversed. This isn’t some blogger with his own site, mind you. He works for some of the biggest media corporations in the United States. It’s one thing to spread nonsense about Russia and slime Donald Trump. But it’s quite another to try to link him with a murderous monster who gunned down black parishioners in one of the most heinous crimes in the nation’s history.

Yes, it’s good for us that people can see just how far the left has sunk. Still, I felt sick when I read this disgraceful polemic. Bouie should be ashamed, but we all know he won’t be. The white man has to pay, Donald Trump especially. One has to wonder if he really does want to see violence against the president-elect and/or his supporters. What other conclusion could a reasoned person come to?