Hollywood types just can’t seem to accept reality: Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. They’re coming up with all sorts of schemes to cheat him out of his win, including Electoral College shenanigans. It’s not going to work, of course, but that’s not stopping them. Take Joss Whedon, for example.

That was his tweet from early this morning. You get the feeling that he would even approve of someone assassinating Trump at this point. That’s how far gown this overgrown baby is. When he’s not tweeting out thinly-veiled calls for violence, he spends his time spreading rumors about a fake rape charge against Mr. Trump.

Even Vox said that one was pretty much bullshit, but these “progressives” don’t have much to hold onto these days. Riots, hopes that the Electoral College will screw Trump over, false rape accusations…in other words, it’s the same old shit that caused them to lose in the first place. They’ve learned nothing and will continue to get their asses kicked so long as they refuse to internalize the lessons on 2016. Maybe once Trump actually takes office they will actually get serious about moving forward, but don’t count on it.

  1. Look at that face. That the face of a man you expect to be knocking door to door when he moves into a new town.

  2. You’d think he would have learned how vile social justice is after they attacked him for one tiny thing (I don’t remember what it was nor do I really care) but this just shows how stupid they are and why it’s so delicous to see them whine.

    1. What he did wrong was having a female character express grief at not being able to have children because of a forced sterilization.

      1. Oh yeah. Now I remember. But I never even watched his Marvel movies so chances are I’m going to forget again.

    1. I’m still waiting for the news that Sensitive Joss Wheldon was visited by the Men in Black (the real deal, not the troll on twitter), if it hasn’t happened already.

  3. I’m reaching a point where I don’t even feel like bothering with most any movie made after about 2006. When they’re not overtly political in favor of Marxism or globalism etc they’re still usually nothing but a bloated corporate product with a credits section that as RLM put it “looks like the Vietnam war memorial”.

    Case in point the speds they’ve got making all the new Star Wars films. The writer for Rogue One not only just joined the safety pin crew but he’s dragging the property into it and accusing everyone who voted for Trump of being white nationalist storm troopers or some shit. I’m just done with Hollywood now. They’re going to spend the entirety of Trump’s time in office levering ham-fisted whining about him into literally everything they make and I don’t have the patience to try and eat around it.

    1. There was a golden era of storytelling in movies- and I’m not just being a nostalgic sop, the decades bookending and including the 80’s were best. Think of the iconic fantasy from that generation of filmmakers:

      Terminator. Aliens. Predator. Original Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Jurassic Park. Original Ghostbusters. Abyss. The Thing. Bladerunner. Gremlins. Ninja Turtles. Army of Darkness. Nightmare Before Christmas. Just off the top of my head, but I could go on.

      What iconic new stories have we inherited in recent years?

      …The ‘Twilight’ movie series. Three saccharine Hobbit movies. I mean, four. Um… Avatar, which was just Dances with Wolves remixed in space. Some more Terminator movies… Some more Star Wars movies… Some more Ghostbusters-

      Seriously, what lasting, original creativity have we seen from Hollywood of late? It’s all just rehashed formulaic dreck. Exceptions prove the rule.

      They changed the way they do business, and now they suck balls. The time is now to pursue independent, quality entertainment, and start filling the cultural void with something worthwhile.

      If we don’t promote good indie content, we’re just gonna get “Depression Quest” tier garbage crammed down our throats.

  4. these people are fucking idiots. its not like hillary gets the position by default. shes lost. she irrelevant now. if trump get assassinated, then we will be stuck with mike pence. and mike pence as president would be just awful.

  5. I’m actually glad he’s off of Avengers: Infinity War. Who knows what Liberal shit he’d inject into that movie.

    1. And congress has to ratify the electoral vote on Jan 6, if it’s swapped to clinton, they can legally correct it.

      Our system has more checks and balanced then people realize.

  6. okay, we’ll just need to boycott this fool’s next big hollywood film.
    fool’s like this hurt everyone that counts on him…

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