Hollywood types just can’t seem to accept reality: Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. They’re coming up with all sorts of schemes to cheat him out of his win, including Electoral College shenanigans. It’s not going to work, of course, but that’s not stopping them. Take Joss Whedon, for example.

That was his tweet from early this morning. You get the feeling that he would even approve of someone assassinating Trump at this point. That’s how far gown this overgrown baby is. When he’s not tweeting out thinly-veiled calls for violence, he spends his time spreading rumors about a fake rape charge against Mr. Trump.

Even Vox said that one was pretty much bullshit, but these “progressives” don’t have much to hold onto these days. Riots, hopes that the Electoral College will screw Trump over, false rape accusations…in other words, it’s the same old shit that caused them to lose in the first place. They’ve learned nothing and will continue to get their asses kicked so long as they refuse to internalize the lessons on 2016. Maybe once Trump actually takes office they will actually get serious about moving forward, but don’t count on it.