Earlier tonight, I watched the newest Anita Sarkeesian video so you didn’t have to. Well, I mean, you can still watch it if you want, though the piece of garbage doesn’t come with my recommendation. In fact, it was the most tedious presentation I’ve had to sit through in a long time. The only thing I can think of that was worse is Wu’s craziness from RavenCon, which I thankfully didn’t have to sit through in person. Regardless, let’s talk about the fucking video, before I lose my nerve. This is Metal Gear Solid V night for me anyway, so I don’t need another excuse to say fuck it and bail.

The video starts out with her looking at old games like Metroid and the like. She focuses on the fact that you get to see Samus in skimpier outfits, depending on how fast you beat the game. It’s nothing crazy, just a little lighthearted fun. In fact, almost all of her examples throughout the video were of this variety. From the Fem Freak transcript:

Metroid was notable as an early example of a game that employed multiple alternative endings which could be unlocked based on the player’s gaming skill and performance. If the player is able to complete the game in under five hours, a short cutscene will play featuring the protagonist without their armored helmet, revealing that Samus Aran is, in fact, a woman… 

Remember this was back before the internet, when you couldn’t just hop online to find out about all the secrets and spoilers, so for many players, the ending of Metroid came as a genuine surprise. Still, the subversion only worked provided players were skilled enough to achieve the surprise ending…

Sadly the alternate endings did not stop there; the two “best” endings make Metroid one of the first games to exploit the Women as Reward trope, as both reveal Samus in various states of undress. The better a player does, the more clothing is removed. If the player completes the game in under 3 hours Samus is shown without her armor and in a leotard. If the player finishes in under 1 hour they are treated to Samus in a bikini.

So yes, Samus wasn’t a damsel’ed woman waiting at the end of the game as a trophy; rather, her body itself became the prize awarded to players for a job well done. Later games in the Metroid series continued the convention of rewarding players with endings featuring Samus in various states of undress.

I know this may be a controversial statement, but the games aren’t actually real, Anita. Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of people playing Metroid at this time were men or boys. In fact, hardcore gamers are still made up of mostly males, even though the gap has shrunk a bit. But it’s not 50/50…not even close. The polls they use to show that are distorted, since they count anyone who ever played a game as a gamer. You and I know that’s preposterous. Kinda like Anita’s video. There’s a lot of bullshit here, so let me skip to the trophyism part, which I found some info on:

Just so we’re clear on what’s happening here, players are receiving a literal trophy for “achieving sex” with a woman. When games such as these award players with achievements or trophies for sexual conquests they are directly reinforcing negative ways of thinking about the dynamics between men and women in our society. By presenting sex as an end goal of men’s interactions or relationships with women, these games frame sexual encounters as challenges to be overcome.

Let me emphasize that the problem here is not necessarily that sex is included in these games. By presenting sex as a goal and then presenting players with an award for accomplishing that goal, these achievements function as a form of trophyism. Simply put, trophyism is the tendency for men to view women as objects to be collected and displayed as status symbols of their sexual prowess or virility. These “trophy women” then serve as a way for men to assert their social status among and relative to other men.

When I did a little research on the term, I came up with this “academic” entry:A9cdGi2Then I decided to look up the author of this rubbish. What I found didn’t surprise me in the slightest. She looks like a deformed witch, possible from that sick trio in The Witcher 3:


The whole video was a farce, to be honest with you. It consisted of Anita Sarkeesian sitting there regurgitating radical feminist agitprop like an alien from outer-space. I can’t believe any regular person would be influenced by such tripe, but who knows. It looked like utter shit to me, though. I watched it with my friend, Matt Conway of TheWrestlingRetort.com. Here’s his thoughts, along with a couple other tweets. Oh yea…Anita spent a lot of time shitting on Metal Gear. I’m sure that was just a coincidence:

h/t @pmb527

That’s about the long and short of things. If you want to watch the entire video for yourself, it will be linked below, along with the transcript. As for me, I’m off to play Metal Gear for 5 or 6 hours. So, I’ll see you back here in the morning. Hopefully, I’ll be able to drag myself back to the PC to post some more, or at least give a few thoughts on the game. Regardless, I’ll see you soon.


  1. I watched it too. The first 15 minutes were pretty entertaining. I wanted to buy all of those classic games with the Easter eggs titties. Then I fine out that you can jiggles those boobies in MGS4 by shaking the controller. Why the fuck didn’t I know that? I played the shit out of that game, I feel I missed out.

    The last 10 minutes was “male entitlement blah blah blah, mass shootings and rape blah blah blah”. She was obviously trying to manufacture controversy in an effort to stay relevant.

  2. Seriously? She’s taking cheap shots at 25+ year old retro games? It was a different time, considering when Metroid came out, being a gamer as an adult was a MAJOR social stigma. You were a loser, no girl was interested and regular people treated you like the child they claimed you wanted to be. Those endings were basically a reward for guys that WEREN’T gonna get any tail anyway and doubled as a plot twist, something that was uncommon in the ocean of the simple games that lacked a plot other than shoot things. Nobody gives a shit about your tropes bullshit, Anita. You never had to deal with the stigma then, and you sure as hell aren’t suffering from it now.

    1. so what else is new? she’s shown she knows nothing of modern games and the bs she’s slinging is flimsy at best so she attempts the ancient “baffle them with bullshit” tact on games that are old in a attempt to not get completely found out.

      After all anita’s target audience are not gamers or devs the people who know a little about gaming know how shoddy her “work” is just from seeing it, It’s the mob of useful idiots in feminism and the cult of socjus, and people who don’t know jack about games.

    2. “It was a different time, considering when Metroid came out, being a gamer as an adult was a MAJOR social stigma. You were a loser, no girl was interested and regular people treated you like the child they claimed you wanted to be.”

      It’s simply not true that no girls were interested. I’m kind of tired of these arguments, yes some of them were interested and were *gasp* also treated like shit. There is no point in devaluationg someone else’s experiences just on the basis of assumption. And because there were fewer of us this only meant that we had no one of any gender to share our interest with, and just because we were a minoritiy inside of a manority doesn’t mean that mine or some other girls experience doesn’t matter.
      The true argument should be that the devs simply maked games that they enjoy, and that they like, and they were male. But still despite all that, I never saw aynthing wrong with metroid or any similar game, to this day I see nothing wrong in having this sort of an achievement in a game. Because it is a game, and it’s fun to play. I saw nothing wrong in games like Duke Nukem also (except that I wasn’t really supposed to play them because I was too young but I did I still and ejoyed it). And if there ever was a game that I didn’t like, there would be 20 others I did for every one I didn’t. If i don’t like something I simply don’t play it, I don’t even need to demand of anyone that they make the games I would like, because there will always be games that I do. This is like me complaining “oh, why do they make puzzle games, I don’t like puzzle games I want more RPG’s!”
      The problem is, that Anita just assumes that no woman could possibly ever like something, when in fact, games are like food, some people like some food, others don’t, and it has shit do to with genitalia even tho men more prefer spicy on average I can like hot peppers too. So if a man likes the ending to metroid, it doesn’t mean a woman can’t. Hell I loved the ending, and I loved the fact that Samus is a girl and I didn’t give a shit how undressed or dressed she was, more importantly I liked the whole game.

      SJW’s like Anita want us all to believe that men and women are like two unified Borg collectives on opposite sides, and everything they do and enjoy revolves around their genitalia, it’s them who objectify people as a whole, and see them as nothing more then what’s between their legs. This is where Anita’s and the SJW’s whole argument falls apart.

      1. Agreed, I’ve known a fair share of girls who had an interest in video games thoughout my school years, so the media coming out with this whole unproven “gaming community is a boys’ club” bullshit all the sudden just left me utterly baffled. People of both genders are far more flexible than feminazis like Sarkeesian would have us believe. I know of some female hentai artists, for Christ’s sake (and I mean hetero, not just yaoi). I’ve even seen some draw female characters getting gang-raped, they don’t give a shit about “self-representation” or some such nonsense.

        On another note, I’m a guy and I don’t usually enjoy spicy foods. Hell, I don’t even like pepperonis on my pizza.

        1. It was never a boys club, and when I was finishing highschool I actually started playing Magic The Gathering, being kind of a nerdy thing new people that I met were also gamers too, since that day I have been active in numerous communities and even organized some events. I’ve met tons of girls, but the men, from that first day that I walked into the card shop, were completley welcoming, warm and nice, some a bit awkward, but that just made them more genuine, I was awkward too so I felt I finally found people that made me belong somewhere. And they went out of their way to make me feel welcome, I’ve been friends with some of them for years now. And from an IT college to an IT job, to gaming and game dev everyone treated me with respect and kindness. And they treated other women the same way. I reached out and was welcomed. I respect gamers maybe even more then “regular” people, they were my first friends and no other people were so genuine. Gender never, ever mattered and never came out as a topic and we never had any issues communicating. If anything people were more open in communication then anywhere else.
          Now sure, there are some things that even I disliked (not having an option to be fully clothed in an asian mmorpg), but that was something that I wasn’t offended at, I was annoyed because I couldn’t play a badass in a badass armor, and I still didn’t want for skimpy outfits to disappear, i just wanted to have a choice, and I still didn’t demand that choice, I just said what I would like to see added if possible. Maybe a female char in some of the next AC games too. But those are things that are a matter of personal taste, not a matter of representation or sexism or whatever. And no matter what little change I would like for a certain game, hell gameplay comes first, and what devs want to create comes first and it isn’t sexism or the end of the world if something is never added. My female friend enjoys those skimpy outfits. All is cool, for us because we enjoy games as they are, and as they were when we were growing up. just like anyone else, SJW’s don’t enjoy games so they shit on them, Anita being the prime example. Let’s just hope she doesn’t discover eroge games any time soon, and tries to ruin that fun too, God forbid women would ever be sexual beings who enjoy some depravity from time to time, it’s only ok if it’s yaoi and a guy rapes a guy, otherwise it’s pure woman-hating . I met a SJW who enjoys butt rape yaoi, but god forbid there is a game where you can butt rape a woman and it’s the end of the world.

          You don’t enjoy pepperoni pizza? What are you some kind of a pizzaist? It looks like we will need to bring #pizzagate back

    3. Seriously? She’s taking cheap shots at 25+ year old retro games?

      I have to wonder what her reasons are for using very old games as well.

      Easier to find seemingly semi-related examples to twist to her agenda?

      Unlikely the developer can’t/won’t fight back?

      More videos on YouTube that she can steal, therefore she still doesn’t need to actually play the games she’s shitting on?

      being a gamer as an adult was a MAJOR social stigma. You were a loser, no girl was interested and regular people treated you like the child they claimed you wanted to be

      So how is that different from how Anita and her SJW-ilk treat gamers today?

      SJWs are using those same arguments/statements/justifications as we speak.

      Same-old same-old – very little has changed…

      1. I have to wonder what her reasons are for using very old games as well.

        Easier to find seemingly semi-related examples to twist to her agenda?

        Unlikely the developer can’t/won’t fight back?

        More videos on YouTube that she can steal, therefore she still doesn’t need to actually play the games she’s shitting on?

        Most of them will be obscure and therefore harder to debunk any lies she makes about them?

    4. She’s taking cheap shots at 25+ years plus retro games but games were made as games back then, they were representaive of the team behind them. No agenda, no apologies, they just were, because they could be. There wasn’t really an ideal, they were still making stuff happen, genres were a thing, but what was expected still wasn’t fully fleshed out. Sure people wanted to make money, but in no way would you ever know that making money would have been tied to an easter egg.

      These endings were rewards for hardcore gamers, people who put time and effort into the game to spread the word about a special ending. Those gamers that earned the bikini or leotard ending knew more about the character than those who didn’t. Lets be honest here, there’s no way you would have known getting the leotard ending that there was a more revealing ending.

      Noone KNEW about these rewards except by word of mouth. The internet wasn’t a thing. It’s more a surprise than a trophy. It’s a perk, not a reward. The reward was beating it.

  3. The essential fallacy the gender studies majors (they call it that because ‘female grifter’ on a diploma would give the game away) buy into is that men view real life no differently than they do a game. That they are incapable of cognitively shifting gears from the simplistic world of the game to the more complex realities of human interaction. Perhaps such men actually exist outside of sitcoms. The technical term I’d use to describe them is assholes. I certainly won’t accept taking abuse from the femme grifter sector for the failings of a few.

    Does any sane person believe a not already severely damaged pre-pubescent boy somewhere had his regard of women permanently distorted by striving to achieve the best ending on Metroid? Like so many of Anita silly examples, this comes from an era when games were measured in mere kilobytes and any kind of reward beyond “A winner is you!” was difficult to justify if it would only be seen by a small fraction of buyers. The two states of Samus’ attire were overlays on her featureless body, in a single color. The more fully dressed version used both overlays and the less covered version used just the bikini portion. Thus a set of reward conditions were achieved while using a tiny scrap of the cartridge space.

    Is this really the basis for evaluating how games depict women? Couldn’t we at least move on to the era when CD-ROM was the primary distribution format and there were few limits on what a developer might include as a reward? The video includes a clip from Cinemaware’s ‘Defender of the Crown’ on the Amiga, an item near and dear to my heart, as it was a game I play-tested and later served as Associate Producer on ports to other platforms. The game was memorable for, among other things, rewarding the player for certain successes with an animated depiction of a night of passion, including the suggestion of nudity in a firelight cast silhouette, with the noble Lady you had rescued from kidnappers. There is no question that this is a reward and nobody involved would make any apologies for it. This was intended to be an epic adventure in the tradition of Ivanhoe and Robin Hood. That meant the hero got the girl and there was no silly attempt at equality by having her involved in battle. No apologies asked or given.

    You know who went nut for that part of the game? Nearly every woman who saw it. It showed off what the Amiga was capable of more resources went into those women than any of the male character the player could choose to control.

    That was hardly the end of the sexy in Cinemaware games. The head of the company, Bob Jacob, was a big fan of ‘good girl’ art and knew who Betty Page was before she her mainstream revival. So he was quite taken with Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer comic series, featuring a female lead plainly modeled on Page and even named Betty. Cinemaware tried to create a Rocketeer game in partnership with Stevens but it killed off because his editor urged him against it. Then Disney came sniffing around. The character wasn’t particularly original and we eventually created a game called ‘Rocket Ranger.’ The penultimate battle of the game had the player in a shootout with Nazi amazons in leather bustiers. Sexy? You bet. Silly? That too and fully intended so.

    Did some guy who played Rocket Ranger become so damaged as to never have a fulfilling relationship with a woman? Maybe but I’d be damned impressed if you could point to the game and any other like it as the source of that person’s problems. Any woman who believes otherwise is saying far more about herself than the games she blames for her problems with men.

    1. Good points. But the major fallacy of gender studies and feminism is to see all depictions of gender as a manifestation of patriarchy. The emphasis on otherwise minor depictions (like getting laid when successfully completing date sequences in GTA) also does not effectively make the case that these are bad things.

      There are some good points in the gender critique: Men DO demonstrate their virility by having hotter girlfriends. Men do take on trophy wives based on their hotness. Getting laid is often the reward we seek for interacting with women.

      However, the analysis is shit. Because firstly these are neither good or bad, they just are. Secondly, because these are only one part of human relations. Husbands have to put effort into getting laid too, usually by making their wife feel good beforehand. Men do more than just have hot wives to display virility. Most of it is just status signalling anyways.

      Their analysis always relies on the premise that there is an omnipresent patriarchy and that this is bad. The former premise idiotic, but even assuming that this premise is present, they fail to convincingly make a case that it is bad. Because when you have it as good as we do in the west, you gotta offer something better. They offer what is to many of us a dystopic vision of human relations.

  4. >Samus in a bikini – “achieving sex”

    Woo, lost my virginity at 2 then, go me. Shame it was at a family gathering during the summer. Man, the beach must be litered with rapist.

    1. I seriously want to see her reaction to the Atari porn games. I mean, those were BAAAAAAD even by the standards at that time. You seriously had to have a damn good imagination to get some sexual stimulation from blocky 8 bit sprites, not to mention desperate, since just to legally get your hands on any of them required you to be the same age required to get porno.

        1. After Playboy featured John Flynt in their revolting, yet laughable “6 WOMEN WHIPPING THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY INTO SHAPE” article back in July? Noooooooooooooooo… thank you.

  5. This is basically the same exact content every video. That’s what happens when you’re a talentless, soulless hack fraud who lacks the passion for what they are spewing and have to read a script in order to get through each scam video.

  6. Oh, FFS. Not this bullshitting con artist again. Since Quinn was getting too much of the attention, Anita was due to come around to grab the limelight again.


    Meanwhile, feminists like Patricia Hernandez and the writers at The Mary Sue are drooling over bare-chested and bearded Ryu…but it’s not “sexism”, since it’s just a “male power fantasy”.

    Here’s a hint ladies – both sexes can be “sex fantasies” and “empowering” at the same time. Some women find Chun Li sexy and Ryu empowering, and some men (like myself), see Ryu as hot and Chun Li as empowering. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

    Bonus Pro-Tip for feminists: Who cares if some 12 year old kid is fapping away to Chun Li’s tits? How is it affecting your lives in any fashion? Even if you manage to remove all scantily clad females from video games, teen boys will just find a billion other things to spank their monkeys to. How about focusing on doing some real activism, like starting support groups for battered women, or charities for girls who were sexually abused?

  7. now come on….she and the rest of the rainbow haired professional cunt brigade are only pissy because the only sort of man who wants to see them in a leotard are betaboys and chubby chasers.
    Meanwhile, here at Sandman News we have an exclusive photograph of Ralph last night as he made the foolhardy decision to sit through Neetaz latest agitprop performance art session

    1. betaboys and chubby chasers.

      Almost spit my breakfast on the monitor when I read that. 😀

      I’m definitely “appropriating” that for future use… 😉

  8. It baffles me because the first vid was the embodiment of stupidity but I’ve to admit Anita (I mean McIntosh) vids became more dumber as time pass by. Probably two-three vids from now (so 2017-2018) they will be so retarded that while watching your brain will melt, pouring out from your ears.
    A truly weapon of mass destruction.

    Luckly this time Ralph has taken the bullet for us.

  9. ‘Hi, I’m Anita Sarkeesian and I’m trying to drum up more funds!’

    Really, games can’t win for losing. If you depict realistic female protagonists, you’re ‘pandering’; if they get knocked around like guys do, it’s ‘abuse’; if they’re dressed sexy it’s ‘misogyny’; if they DON’T get knocked around it’s ‘lack of equality’. And if you have a guy character, you’re just sexist and hate women characters.

    This is screaming for a ‘Desert Bus’ style mockery. Make a game which somehow doesn’t offend the gentle sensibilities of feminist trash.

    OT: If it’s not really sexism, do feministas attack it anyways? Commentary on the Tim Hunt mess: https://www.commentarymagazine.com/article/the-timothy-hunt-witch-hunt/

    1. I think she knows she is yesterdays news. Thats why she and Josh got desperate with their E3 actions. Her video views went form millions to under 100.000. I also checked her site on web stats. It sank 69000 in the last 3 months.

      Anita doesn’t have to be your audience, Anita is over!

    2. Thanks for the link, although my enjoyment of it derived from some confirmation bias.

      That is, confirming my view that the facts show that Tim Hunt was unfairly destroyed by his intellectual lesser-thans for no good reason at all.

      And women in science, unsurprisingly, are worse for it.

  10. I find it odd that Anita continues to shit on deeply popular, beloved characters and franchises, yet continues to wonder why she gets all the shit that she does.

    Or…she DOES know exactly what she’s doing, yet has the savvy to spin it to fit her agenda and rack up dem Victim Bux.

    Ugh, I hate this woman.

    1. she DOES know exactly what she’s doing, yet has the savvy to spin it to fit her agenda and rack up dem Victim Bux.

      I think we have a winner!

    2. I find it interesting that thoughout all these videos she hasn’t had the self introspection to notice that she is FullMcintosh’s puppet trophy.

  11. When it comes to Samus, I don’t see anything remotely sexual in the first game. The bikini stuff is completely reasonable. When I go home from work I’m just in my undies, sit down and play games.

    It is the same old with Anita – pretend to be offended at the most miniscule of things so that she can provoke a reaction and get Patreon bucks.

    1. Anita’s comment about how you could play as Samus without her suit made me snort my soda. I think I’ll sue her for damage to my sinuses.

  12. And my big Metroid fan/SJW friend will still defend this clown to the end. He just doesn’t get that she hates the games he loves.

  13. Content Warning: This educational episode contains game footage of a graphic sexual nature.

    Was this warning really necessary? “graphic sexual nature.”???

    Although I’m 99.999999% sure I know the answer to this question, can anyone who has watched the video tell me if this warning is even remotely accurate???

  14. The sad thing is that the video will get plenty of views, Sarkeesian loads of validation, by people who want to complain about and see how bad it is.

  15. I guess someone needed more patreon money. Still waiting for her to finish that first series she promised. How many videos were there suppose to be?

  16. Just remember everyone, “This project takes an enormous amount of research”

    Anita, Just finish your dumb series and go away ok? Just get the damn thing you said you were going to do finished, so your patrons who gave you 180 thousand bucks will finally get what they paid for.

  17. Even entertaining the idea that video games have a problem with their portrayals of women is giving frauds like Anita more credit than they deserve.

    Any time anyone says “Video games have a sexist problem” look them in the eye and say “no, they don’t”.

  18. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but nothing makes me happier than a pixelated blob in the vaguest imitation of the female form

  19. She says that the reaction to Mass Effect 3 was because of white cis temper tantrum over not getting the their sex fantasies fulfilled….what an idiot. No one freaken cared about the sex of the characters in ME3. It was the craptastic pointless ending.

  20. Funny how they shit on Rockstar games when their games consists of you playing as blacks, puerto ricans and even fucking jewish bikers lol

  21. Guess what, feminists, women are “trophies” because… let’s face it, what is the point of living other than to get the girl? This is like the main drive in a man’s life.

  22. I kinda feel like “trophyism” is what Buffalo Bill / Ed Gein engaged in.

    I’m 34, been gaming since playing on a Commodore 64, I remember doing this before first grade (which I hit in ’86). Used to rent 5 and 1/4 floppies with games on them from the library on Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico. Yesterday I loaded up Mad Max on my PC.

    I’ve played a ton of games, rescued thousands of “damsels”.

    Let me list my criminal history for you:

    DUI in 2006, Withheld Judgment.

    Nowhere on my shelf is a collection of “trophies” of women. I feel pretty safe in saying people like me who grew up playing games in the pre 90’s to late 90’s when gaming was seen as a shameful nerd activity, grew up introverted, alone and away from a lot of the influences that pushed people into high sexual activity or the “collection of women.”

    My “status” as a gamer didn’t get me laid, it has never gotten me laid. Most girls thought I was a disgusting nerd.

    So, where’s your research into that, Anita? The cultural bias people had/have against gamers? Most of my sexual ‘conquests’ were paid for. I feel like being born with could looks is more likely to lead to sexism than video games. Because the good looking guys were too busy banging every slut that wandered the halls, they didn’t need video games to cope with life.

  23. Guess who Anita thanked for helping writing this one: Carolyn ‘muhsoggyknees’ Petit , formerly of gamespot. Might as well bring Wu on board to write an episode and level up the crazy.

    Like I said on the twitters. Anita (Josh) thinks men are all at various stages on the Elliot Rogers path and videogames are conditioning us to wrong think about Women.

  24. “players are receiving a literal trophy for ‘achieving sex’ with a woman”

    It must have been hugely expensive to post out all of those trophies!

    And there must have been a baby-boom because of it.

  25. >Ambiguous character being revealed as a woman in the end: BAAAAAAAD.
    >Ambiguous character dropping vague hints that she’s a woman in-game: GOOOOOOOOD.

    1. I think the s(h)ark is just jealous because she needs a ton of make up to look decent and we still see her crow like nose. She attacked Mercedes Carrera and other pornstars for doing such “filthy” stuff. Its funny that SOCJUS-nuggets hail her as queen of justice when she does exactly what nuns do.

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