This is the funniest story I’ve read in along while. Well, I guess some of the hilarity is lost when you consider that radical feminist activists (aka game journalists) are after a man’s job because he committed the heinous act of teabagging some game journo.

Read this headline. And no, it isn’t from The Onion.

Man ‘team-killed and virtually teabagged’ female journalist during shocking in-game rampage


Lol, it gets even better in the actual post.

A developer’s career is under threat today after he ‘virtually teabagged’ a female journalist during a demonstration of a video game.

The unnamed man was showing off a demo of his game at the conference Pax East when he killed the woman and then squatted up and down on her dead body.

This is known as ‘teabagging’ for its similarity to a sex act in which a man places his testicles into another person’s mouth.

Although this incident took place in-game, a complaint has been made to the man’s employer which could have disastrous consequences for his future…

The journalist who suffered this simulated sex act appears to be Amanda Farough, a self-professed feminist who once worked for Mic.

Ah, yes. Amanda Farough, a feminist who once worked for Mic. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Amanda Farough, pictured left.
The Soy Squad, also pictured in the cover photo.

Wew. Aren’t you glad people like those have influence within the gaming community?

Anyway, this guy will probably get fired all because he teabagged some multi-haircolored SJW. We’re living in a clown world, ladies and gentlemen.