Here’s the livestream link for SPJ AirPlay. I’ll be updating this post as the day goes along.

Audio kinda sucked at the start. They fixed that, but it’s still out of sync. The main focus this morning has been on Gawker and Kotaku, with an explanation of how the Internet works at the start. Yes, that really happened. Then they went on to talk about Gawker Media, and everyone shared a laugh when Lynn Walsh was asked if they were ethical. Koretzky talked about the shitpiece BuzzFeed wrote on the event before it took place, and lamented about it being labeled a news piece even though it was clearly opinion.

Other notes: Derek Smart looked like he stepped out of Miami Vice. Lynn Walsh is fine as fuck. Kotaku continues to be haunted by their reporting on Brad Wardell. Let’s go to the tweets. The second panel is starting up right now. Koretzky announced at the outset of the second session that a bomb threat had been called in. I guess some people really don’t want us to be heard. Not surpirsing, after what we saw in #GGinDC.

Now, let’s go to the tweets:

I’m going to go back to watching the second half. Based Mom is killing it now, reminding the viewers of how GamerGate reached out to her after husband died. Awesome monologue from her just now. Milo had just done a stellar piece himself. Cathy Young is taking over now. I know she’s gonna go hard. I’ll be back soon.

The second half was going pretty well, except for Koretzky cotinuously interrupting the panelists, and asking loaded questions. Then, as we were coming up on 2:40 PM EST, the entire building had to be evacuated. Here’s the reports from Twitter:

I’ll keep updating this post as more information comes in.

More from Master Milo:

I just came off stage at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Airplay conference in Miami, Florida where we were discussing the failure of the press to report on #GamerGate fairly. Multiple bomb threats were called in to stop this event about ethics in journalism from proceeding.

Here are my prepared remarks, only some of which I managed to get to on stage.


From HotAir’s excellent report:

As this back and forth intensified, with Yiannopoulos and Young tag teaming Koretzky, it seemed the whole thing was headed straight off the rails.  Fortunately, Milo was able to redirect things by turning the question back on the journalists, asking them how they would want or need gamers to approach them.  That led to a discussion of the problems with anonymous sources, and right about as Walsh was wondering what would actually be worth covering about #GamerGate, the answer provided itself because the entire facility had to be evacuated due to bomb threats.

Apparently several calls had been made to the Miami PD and Miami Herald indicating that a bomb would go off at 2:45 PM, and though apprised that this has happened before to #GamerGate, the authorities weren’t taking any chances.  They sent everyone back a couple blocks and cleared the entire neighborhood surrounding the venue.

Stuck standing outside in the 96 degree Miami heat, suddenly the journalists present were extremely interested in what #GamerGate had to say, and many of them were seen giving interviews there on the street.  After about an hour, the attendees who remained decided to finish their discussion outside, which was recorded and will hopefully be posted later.