Here’s the livestream link for SPJ AirPlay. I’ll be updating this post as the day goes along.

Audio kinda sucked at the start. They fixed that, but it’s still out of sync. The main focus this morning has been on Gawker and Kotaku, with an explanation of how the Internet works at the start. Yes, that really happened. Then they went on to talk about Gawker Media, and everyone shared a laugh when Lynn Walsh was asked if they were ethical. Koretzky talked about the shitpiece BuzzFeed wrote on the event before it took place, and lamented about it being labeled a news piece even though it was clearly opinion.

Other notes: Derek Smart looked like he stepped out of Miami Vice. Lynn Walsh is fine as fuck. Kotaku continues to be haunted by their reporting on Brad Wardell. Let’s go to the tweets. The second panel is starting up right now. Koretzky announced at the outset of the second session that a bomb threat had been called in. I guess some people really don’t want us to be heard. Not surpirsing, after what we saw in #GGinDC.

Now, let’s go to the tweets:

I’m going to go back to watching the second half. Based Mom is killing it now, reminding the viewers of how GamerGate reached out to her after husband died. Awesome monologue from her just now. Milo had just done a stellar piece himself. Cathy Young is taking over now. I know she’s gonna go hard. I’ll be back soon.

The second half was going pretty well, except for Koretzky cotinuously interrupting the panelists, and asking loaded questions. Then, as we were coming up on 2:40 PM EST, the entire building had to be evacuated. Here’s the reports from Twitter:

I’ll keep updating this post as more information comes in.

More from Master Milo:

I just came off stage at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Airplay conference in Miami, Florida where we were discussing the failure of the press to report on #GamerGate fairly. Multiple bomb threats were called in to stop this event about ethics in journalism from proceeding.

Here are my prepared remarks, only some of which I managed to get to on stage.


From HotAir’s excellent report:

As this back and forth intensified, with Yiannopoulos and Young tag teaming Koretzky, it seemed the whole thing was headed straight off the rails.  Fortunately, Milo was able to redirect things by turning the question back on the journalists, asking them how they would want or need gamers to approach them.  That led to a discussion of the problems with anonymous sources, and right about as Walsh was wondering what would actually be worth covering about #GamerGate, the answer provided itself because the entire facility had to be evacuated due to bomb threats.

Apparently several calls had been made to the Miami PD and Miami Herald indicating that a bomb would go off at 2:45 PM, and though apprised that this has happened before to #GamerGate, the authorities weren’t taking any chances.  They sent everyone back a couple blocks and cleared the entire neighborhood surrounding the venue.

Stuck standing outside in the 96 degree Miami heat, suddenly the journalists present were extremely interested in what #GamerGate had to say, and many of them were seen giving interviews there on the street.  After about an hour, the attendees who remained decided to finish their discussion outside, which was recorded and will hopefully be posted later.

  1. Audio gets better later in the stream – not too sure where exactly but it’s no too far in.

    So far my favorite part is where ONE neutral MSM media article by the NY Times supposedly reflects ALL MSM coverage of GG.

    This of course is 99.99999% false…

  2. 9/10 bomb threats are just that: threats. The only people who would run and hide from a bomb threat are the triangle of bullshit: Brianna Wumanchu, Chlesea Van Skankenburg and Anita fraudkeesian.

    1. That’s because they get paid, from not only doing that but what one could say bragging about the “threats”.

      1. It’s sad to see what society has turned into. Today frauds like them get hailed as heroes. 100 years ago they would have been punished with tarring and feathering.

        The good news is they will be gone in a few years. The media gets tired of them and so do the people.

  3. so it got bomb threatened, and then later on because someone did another bomb threat they evaced (in person?)

  4. You know, this is the second time a bomb threat was made on a GG related thing, and the second time Milo was there.
    Maybe they’re targeting that luscious head of hair of his?

      1. A little of each, I suspect. Milo (being gay) and Dr. Sommers (being a woman) are both ‘off the reservation’ so they probably loathe them equally.

      2. This is pretty much standard radfem tactics for what to do when you can’t shut people up. See first International Conference on Men’s Rights, Detroit.

    1. Probably that GG sent the threats because they were “losing the debate and wanted to be victims”.

    2. AGG not attending Airplay is really working against them now. If they had attended, they could have argued the bomb threat was directed at them.

    3. Have you seen what the SJW and RadFem ideologues do to the people they disagree with? Anyone who they perceive as “damaging” to their narrative and “great work” (stalin and mao zedong approve) is targeted with both violence and a complete ignoring of civil authority (and they NEVER face any kind of legal consequences – see: pulled fire alarms, illegal picket lines, assault, disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, assault against law enforcement, etc. All because it’d be a political shit show if the various DA’s tried to prosecute. These are all losers with Communications and “Gender Studies” degrees remember; they know how to sell their bullshit.

      1. I know it, ideologues are scary because given facts contrary to ideology, the ideologue denies the facts.

        1. To quote Tim Minchin’s “Storm”: “Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.” People literally eschew reality because they want it to be different than what it is. But there’s a HUGE fucking difference between rejecting the status quo to try and effect change and literally DENYING THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH OF REALITY to promote a belief system.

    4. Technically 3 bomb threats if you take into account that one was sent to the venue at SPJAirplay and the the local Police Department thus forcing the evacuation. These terrorists (yes, they are terrorists, they are using the same tactics), not to mention fascists, are fully aware of the time constraints and trying to limit what kind of information becomes a part of the TRUE narrative that the SPJ is being made aware of. It’s information warfare via terrorism. Our enemy is truly desperate.

  5. The threat that got things going apparently included details about the place. The person would likely have to have been there. But wouldn’t you know it there was someone on Ghazi bragging about being a “volunteer watching the crowd”. That is to say, probably working security. Gee I sure hope basically admitting to being a massive flaw in security doesn’t come back to haunt that guy.

  6. How funny these ideologues believe that committing a fucking TERRORIST CRIME (bomb threat = jail time) to promote their narrative is acceptable AND believe that they are still on the side of “right” and “good.” Ladies and gentlemen, our SJW/RadFem adversaries are what they have always been and can’t hide it: #ProgressiveFascism #NazisInHipstersClothing

  7. My favorite answer to a question (so far):

    “Lynn, what is your opinion of Gawker?”
    “I mean…I would never quote, nor cite them.”

    Yet the MSM quotes Gawker don’t they?

  8. I cringed when I heard about how Derek ‘durr so’ Smart was gonna be there. That guy’s about as well balanced as a stripper in nine inch heels after three shots of tequila.

    As someone pointed out, the bomb threats really, really don’t help aGG much. If they’d been there they could’ve argued they were targeted, but with only neutrals (real or fake) and GG supporters, you have to wonder who was the real target?

    1. Actually, by the end of the conference, he has said a lot of favorable GG stuff that is hard to argue with. Hell, at the end of the morning session, he flat out said that things won’t change until journalists stop writing about gamers as a hategroup (especially GG) and said that he has never believed GG was about harassment, misogyny, or any of those other things.

      I mean… the guy might bee there as an independent voice, but he sounds more like GG than anything else.

      As for the bombthreats. They *hurt* GG, because everyone assumes that’s what GG does and can’t see SJWs doing it. Therefore, it must be GG doing it. Of course, even that might not matter much, because you’re not going to se eany coverage of this event.. if you do, it’ll only be about the bombthreat and about how it was probably GG… you woun’t see any acknowledgement of the meat of the event.

    2. Wow, Derek makes a solid point about 40 minutes into the afternoon session that really won me over (I have no idea who he is other than from this panel).

      After 40 minutes of gamergate going “feminism feminism feminism feminism” and everyone else going “what does this have to do with anything? press can’t cover this sort of story the way you are shotgunning all of this at us, etc, etc, etc”… Derek demands to be heard by the host and says “This is the exact problem. Instead of shutting up and listening to gamergate’s story, you’re busy telling them how invalid their story is in the way they’re presenting it and how it doesn’t fit into bite-sized news formats”.

      Good for that dude.

      Still.. holy shit… this first hour is so far really… awkward… cringeworthy.

    3. In fairness my opinion of Derek wasn’t that positive before going in either, but he was not only very complimentary towards us, I felt he actually also raised some pretty good points.

  9. And of course, the only people talking about it were GamerGate affiliates. This is all the proof you need of media bias.

  10. Wut.

    So Derek Smart basically said you can’t criticize game journalism, because “it’s all just individuals with individual view points writing about things and you can’t blame the platform”.

    Well, there we go, then. There isn’t any possibility for anyone anywhere in any form to be accountable for bad journalism, then. Because journalism is done by humans and you can’t blame humans… or… whatever.

  11. Is Derek Smart a GG plant on the AGG side? I mean, his counter to GG raising the Kotaku temkin thing (which I’ve been railing on since the day it happened to nobody who would fucking listen this whole year) was to basically say “I refuse to believe that editors don’t vet stories before they’re published”.

    Well. Yeah. That’s our fucking point.

  12. Part of the reason why SPJ is so irrelevant is that gaming journalists will simply respond by saying what they’ve always said “we’re not journalists”.

    I mean, despite their position, function, role, and duty.

  13. Koretzky asks a few times “will anything improve in journalism after this event?.

    Well, how many gaming journalists showed up on the panel? None? Well, then no.. the answer is fucking no. Nothing will change, because the only people who can actually do the changing aren’t willing to even have a discussion.

    1. Gaming journos didn’t show up because they’re liars. They don’t source their work and it’s easy to shoot it down. You can’t run around saying whites this and men that and call that research.

    2. If it gains traction via the bomb threats inside the mainstream press it will. It’ll cause people to look into it, the real question is…will the mainstream press report on it? That’s a tough one, because first their buddies(SPJ) are under attack because of the threats right. But, if it makes people go…look at how corrupt that gaming press is…what if the regular press is just like it(and many people already feel that way), then no.

      They’re kinda in a catch-22, which means this should be interesting. The MSM already has a credibility problem, especially in the US(I’m Canuck), but it’s true outside including in Europe and Canada. In the US for example, the press is less trusted than congress…that’s bad, really bad.

      1. “If it gains traction via the bomb threats inside the mainstream press it will.”

        And so far, 2 days later, the traction gained is… [MiB]precisely dick[/MiB] has posted a fairly good article about the bomb threat, and a crappy editorial by another Forbes writer that misses various points about GG and the event, but that seems to be about it.

        News article:


        (“Full coverage” of the event and bomb threat, per Google News: )

  14. “This is never going to end until the journalists who are writing about gaming stop branding gamers — especially gamergate — as a hategroup. I’ve said this from day one: It’s a non-starter. As a game developer, I’ve never believed that gamergate was ever about harassment, never about misogyny, or ever about any of those things. ” — Derek Smart

    BOOM. Couldn’t have said it better.

  15. Wow. The afternoon sessions goes really poorly. 40 minutes in and it’s still just a bunch of “you guys need to stop talking about feminism”.

    To be fair, that isn’t an unreasonable point. The problem is that feminism and social justice is very much intrinsic to all of this *because the gaming journalists have made it part of it*.

    Unfortunately, that’s the sort of thing that pushes mainstream people away and makes them think you’re a fucking nut. So what did “we” do? We sent two professional gender-issues experts and non-gamers and a non-gamer editorialist to “represent gamergate”. You get two gender-experts showing up and focusing on (almost entirely, from their very first word) on their personal platforms of gender… to the point that they have to be cut off in their very introduction and asked “what the hell does this have to do with this panel, today?!”

    1. You’re right it pushes the mainstream away, but only because the story about these feminists is so nuts it seems unlikely. You’re wrong about it being a non-issue; this feminist hate movement is central to gamergate. Take it away and there is no gamergate. Of course Koretsky said that, he himself doesn’t understand what’s going on, and may even have his own private thoughts about social justice feminist style.

  16. God damn. Does the second session ever get better? An hour in and it is still so cringeworthy and awkward. Everyone came prepared to talk about gamergate and journalistic failures in it and Koretzky wanted the whole session to, apparently, be about “please tell journalists how to do journalism… how do you find people involved in a subject to interview? how do you find out about a topic?”

    I mean, jesus… this is all Journalism 101 bullshit. This is not beneficial to ANYONE. I can understand a lot of confusion when approaching the topic of gamergate as a journalist, the least thing you should need help with is “how do you find people to talk about the subject and interview to get an idea of what is going on by”?

    He’s flat out admitting that “journalists are fucking lazy and would rather just parrot what everyone else is already saying instead of hitting the street and talking to people involved”.

    God damn, this whole session so far is fucking … guh….


    Oh man. Thank god. Derek Smart finally jumps in after about an hour and calls Koretzky on how he keeps putting the GG side on the spot about “how to journalism” and how the neutral people are in the uncomfortable position of not knowing anything about the subject (so why the fuck are they there?). And then calls him out on how everything they say, he’s going to claim is going afoul of the aim of the panel.

    I was impressed with Koretzky from the morning session, but the afternoon session is a mess. They got together a bunch of editorialists who aren’t gamers to talk about gamer gate to tell two journalists who aren’t gamers and don’t know anything about gaming or gamergate about how to “do journalism about leaderless online movements”… This is a funadmentally flawed structure of a panel. The panelists are fine on both sides… but this should be the GG side talking to the anti-GG/journalist side… not non-gamers talking to non-gamers/non-gamer-journalists.

    1. This is a funadmentally flawed structure of a panel. The panelists are fine on both sides… but this should be the GG side talking to the anti-GG/journalist side… not non-gamers talking to non-gamers/non-gamer-journalists.

      What can actually be done though when neither aGGers nor gaming journalists bother to attend?

  17. Yep. Knew it. The way this is being spun on twitter is “GG was failing miserably on stage, so they bombthreated themselves to get out of the spotlight”.

  18. The harassment AGAINST Gamergate and the lax of reporting standards is the story. Always has been. The press wide indifference to reporting facts. This is reportable. The inability of the industry to do fact checking and running with feeling or ideologically driven and fact poor reporting is the story.
    Why are they still looking confused in this and why is Ren acting all suspicious of Gamergate intent when you are getting bomb threats targeted at you and gamergate supporters.
    It kind of hard to point out as it has been underlined to death.

  19. Going to ramble a little bit.
    I’m deeply disappointed this ended with a bomb threat. I had watched a bit of the morning stream and I was pleased to see there was actual discussion on this issue with people who may have some actual clout in the journalism world. But once again, Immature fools made their presence known
    It was wishful thinking that this would go without a hitch, and I had hoped we were nearing a turning point in this war of words. Maybe we gained some ground, but still the war drums march on.
    Maybe with the recent change with Suey Park…maybe its a real start. Maybe we’re getting close too the climax. More and more celebs are coming out against extreme political correct narratives like Vox or Gawker.
    Or Maybe I’m just very tired. Tired of years and years of defending my favorite hobby. Wishing that people would just stfu and make and play video games.

  20. Meanwhile, Brianna Wu is on Twitter continuing his pitch perfect impression of everything that’s wrong with this bizarre feminist movement, whining about white people and men. What that has to do with gaming only Wu and his other psychotic supporters know. It would’ve bee a great wake up call to read Wu’s Tweets at SPJ.

  21. I haven’t listened to any of the event but I sincerely hope the police find who made the bomb threat, no matter which “side” did it. Its a waste of Police time and resources to be chasing up bogus junk like this.

  22. “Stuck standing outside in the 96 degree Miami heat, suddenly the journalists present were extremely interested in what #GamerGate had to say, and many of them were seen giving interviews there on the street.”

    So, essentially, this shit just blew up in some aGGro faces?

  23. Keep thowing your bomb threats you freakazoids. we’ll keep coming out strong, even stronger. But we shall never run.

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