As you know, I write a lot of biting material here on the site. Making fun of SJWs is my stock-in-trade. I take some shots that might be considered below the belt by some. People’s objections don’t enter into my mind, at least not anymore. Doing and saying what I want is the fundamental basis of my operation here. Still, on rare occasion. my heart swells with pride instead of mockery. 

I was on Twitter all day Saturday. OK, I’m on Twitter all day everyday, but this was different. The way the hashtags were lighting up was amazing. I felt like I had been transported back to the fall of 2014. The camaraderie is not the same, because we’ve had a year of working on all this together. We don’t all like (or pretend to like) each other anymore. I make no apologies for the disputes I’ve had with some losers who used to support GamerGate or who have challenged me. But that’s not what the weekend was all about. It was a rejuvenation of our entire movement.

I said the other day that a bomb threat was the best thing that could have ever happened to us, and I stand by that. I don’t wish for this sort of thing to occur, but when it does, it allows the lazy media to see that we weren’t lying about the lengths people are willing to go to in order to silence our peaceful consumer revolt. It doesn’t matter whether it was anti-gamer scum, or third-party troll pieces of shit like baphomet. The point remains. People have been trying to silence us since the beginning.

In fact, that was one of the big reasons all this jumped off in the first place. Gamers were tired of being told to shut-up and listen to their SJW betters. Why? For one reason, they aren’t actually better. As we’ve shown over the last year, these people are hypocritical shitbags of the very highest order. If they really practiced the things they preach, it would be one thing. But intolerance and hatred are the watchwords of the day. Shaming and exile are their preferred tactics. Before GamerGate, there wasn’t as much of an organized resistance to these assholes. Now, thankfully, there is.

Keep going strong, and take this weekend for the major victory that it was. As you can see, the usual suspects on Twitter are trying to trumpet their false victimhood once again. Why? Because they know the paradigm was shifted with AirPlay. Don’t like what’s being said? Try to change the conversation. That’s their goal. Do not let them get away with it. Use this as the springboard it can be, and let’s ride into the fall season with the wind at our backs.


I’ll be back with one more article on SPJ AirPlay this afternoon, as well as a couple other stories of interest. The SPJ thing deals with third-party trolls and the shit they perpetrated over the weekend. I think it will be an interesting read for you all. I would have had it up already, but as you know, I can be a lazy piece of shit sometimes.

Not today, though.

  1. Wacky race-gender feminists have been busy these last 3 years. They’ve attacking gaming, SFF, comics, and are behind various campus rape hoaxes like Rolling Stone and even fanning racial incitement about Ferguson. You’ll notice all their arguments are the same: where there’s smoke there’s fire. In other words, any male, white heterosexual demographic defaults to misogynist, racist and homophobic. This sick ideology has no interest in the various venues they invade, but instead only the straight white male. Notice how they have no interest in other skewed demographics such as nursing, teaching, romance fiction, the NBA, or anything else. That’s because this shit about diversity is a lie. It is a shill in order to provide covering fire to attack straight white men and call it “diversity.” The fact there are a lot of naive “allies” means nothing. From the outside it all looks like hate speech. The real reason Anti-GG didn’t show for Airplay is simple: there’s nothing there. How are you going to argue whites, men and heterosexuals are bad and non-whites, women and gays are good? That’s just a Klan rally this boutique KKK decided not to show up for.

    1. It gets even sillier. Some idiot wrote an article chastising men that have sex with other men but still call themselves “straight” so “they could get all the benefits of being gay without the persecution”.

      SERIOUSLY. This dumbass accused straight men of co-opting gay sex.

      Someone needs to clue that idiot on concepts such as “denial”, “in the closet”, and “living on the down low”.

      1. I read that, and no it was EVEN sillier: the author claimed WHITE straight males can do this; that people of color don’t have the same “cultural resources” to pull it off; and that the white “straight” men are specifically doing this to ASSERT THEIR HETEROSEXUALITY.

        It was such a clusterfuck of stupid SJW arguments, it was almost unbelievable. The funny thing is, she said men of color have fewer “cultural resources” to draw on to get away with gay sex – uh yeah, that’s basically the same thing as saying “non-white communities are more homophobic”. Obviously she would (COULD) never word it that way without inviting charges of “racism” from her ideologue friends.

        It’s all so completely idiotic. She’d be wrong about her claims, except that I don’t even think this is happening anyway. She wasn’t talking about closeted gays on the “downlow”, she was just flat making up ridiculous nonsense about how straight white men fuck each other to assert their white, male, heterosexual dominance.

        Totally fabricated garbage. All my gay friends (including myself, I’m a gay fyi) were laughing hysterically at how stupid it was.

        1. “the author claimed WHITE straight males can do this; that people of color don’t have the same “cultural resources” to pull it off”

          Clearly, the fuckhead that wrote this is ignorant of the Down Low culture prevalent in the Black community.

          I’m gay too, and it just smacks of someone trying to create an imaginary scenario in their head so that they can not only blame straight white men for their “oppression”, but now they can blame gay white men as well.

          1. Serious question, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. But because you both just said you’re gay, and you’re fighting against the SJW’s… how does that make you feel? You’re basically fighting against the assholes who keep TRYING to “defend” you (If you want to call it that), I just want to hear your stories, sorry if it sounds offensive. D:

            I’m asking this as a white straight cis-male rapist.

          2. The things is, it wasn’t SJWs who fought for my rights – it was the people that actually got off their asses and did it, rather than waste their time on Tumblr trying to convince everyone that Samus Aran is trans *rolls eyes*

            Most SJWs just pay lip service so they can pat themselves on the back and act like they’re good allies. It was people like Harvey Milk, Marsha P. Johnson, Margarethe Cammermeyer, and Pedro Zamora that sweated and suffered for us. To most SJWs, “suffering” is being more than 10 miles away from a cafe that serves 100% organic free-trade coffee.

  2. Gamergate has won. SJW’s like Wu are crawling back under their rock, and will re-emerge with some new target, and leave games and gamers alone like they should be left. GAMES WON, GAMERS WON, FREEDOM WON.

    1. We have won the battle but not the war, like you said they’ll move on to a next target. We need to make sure that next target can fight them back effectively.

      1. Indeed. Really, gamers should’ve had a case against them right from the get-go, but because SJWs had so much power, we were completely shut out by the media that was in bed with them (both figuratively and literally). The fact that they’ve got such a stronghold on academia sure isn’t helping matters either. If we’re not careful, they could come back to oppose us even stronger than they were before.

  3. It’s weird that these snowflakes don’t understand what they are doing wrong.

    * Hey let’s piss off the gaming community and then the industry!
    * Yeah and if the they are trying to give us the finger we just call them rapist and write BS articles about them!


  4. I found a SJW pull string doll laying on the street earlier today, my girlfriend thought it was broken cuz it just kept repeating the same 3 lines

    1) My life is threatened!!
    2) White CIS males are satan
    3) Donate to my Patreon account, like yesterday

    Me: No, that’s all they got babe 😉

    1. Nah, that asshole will just come back with a new lie about how GG threatened his life again and ask for hipster money.

    2. Well, I mean… not be rude to Brianna, but… about fucking time she took a break, she’s been bitching how she’s afraid of these fak– I mean totes REAL threats she gets on a daily basis, I think it’d be best for her to take a long break from social media for a while and do other things than sit there on Twitter for 24 fucking hours and make $$$ off these so-called threats. But, that’s my opinion…. I know… i’m so evil!

  5. Saturday was great, I was following my feed, #SPJAirplay and my notifications all day. I even had a run-in with an SJW who called me a fascist and tried going off about how everyone is a gamer, therefore the identity is dead, being redundant to identify as a gamer since “everyone is a gamer.”

    1. Don’t worry I’m italian so everyone of us studied fascism a lot in school to avoid make the same mistake in the future (even if back in the days we had a civil war because half of us,like my grandfathers, was never fascist) if someone accuse you of fascism/nazism (Hitler copied Mussolini to start his movement) redirect these SJWs to me…they’re the closest thing to fascism, in these days, than I’ve ever seen.

    2. Oh I’ve bumped into Magdalen before- in April, she was celebrating when Alison and the Honey Badgers were perma-banned from Calgary Comic Expo for wrongthink. She thought it was acceptable because their group included men, and wasn’t just women. Like unjust banning is fine for group X, but not group Y.

      She’s bananas.

      1. I saw some obvious, but very poor baiting from her. I think she wanted me to start insulting her or something. There was a few points she claimed I was mad or upset and there was one point she obnoxiously claimed victory when I said I was done, since there was no point in continuing as ground was neither gained nor lost and we were just repeating ourselves at that point. When talking about journalism, she brought up Eron and the Zoe post a couple times, but I just shot that down and she kinda gave up on it. By the end of it she called GamerGate a fascist movement and that we were trying to impose a morality on games, I replied saying it was her side trying to control gaming and her trying to kill the gamer identity in that very conversation was proof of that. She didn’t block me, but she stopped replying.

        1. That sounds about as fun as talking to a manipulative three year old… But, if she didn’t block, I guess that puts her near the top in terms of SJW integrity.

          Which is itself a sad statement.

          But yes, opposing censorship is now considered fascist. Welcome to wacky-land.

        2. GamerGate…..trying to impose a morality on games

          WTF does that even mean?

          Does the term “Anything Goes” = some negative “morality” now?

          “Make the games you want to make” is all I’ve ever seen pushed by GG…

          1. I have to wonder what this “morality” is that we are supposedly pushing???

            I guess I never got the GG memo because I have ZERO idea what she’s babbling about…

          2. Yeah I don’t get that either. They are the ones desperately trying to enforce a morality on gaming via their “games need moar quo…I mean diversity!” chants.

  6. Do you have proof?

    Because I’d think Vince from /Baph/ is smart enough to realize how bad that would turn out for him.

    This ain’t something like a Swatting that can be minimized by law enforcement (A. It effected far more people. B. With Swatting cops have incentive to pretend it couldn’t have turned deadly because the murder weapon would have been themselves).

    This is full on terrorism, the kind that the FBI can use to justify budget increases. And after D.C. they’ll be on full guard. Plus it’s now crossed State lines.

    1. Nevermind, deleted since reasonable assumptions seem to cause so much butthurt in these comments with some of you, even when we’re talking about swatters.

      1. If you presented it as a reasonable assumption that would be one thing, but you presented it as a confirmed fact.

        Also I pointed out the between this & a Swatting in terms of “How likely is this to ruin the life of whoever did it”.

        Are you honestly claiming “trust but verify” = “butthurt”?

  7. I have typically been more anti SJW than anything else.

    I think it was Sargon that made the best argument: If you want diversity, then make your own fucking thing.

    Stop pretending that diversity in of itself is a moneymaker, because nowadays there is no social science you can trust. If a study says it happened, it might just be a lie because the peer review process (especially in the social sciences) is broken as fuck.

    If even academic extremists like Noam Chomsky are saying it’s broke, it’s broke.

    1. Problem here is the fact that they can’t make their own game. It’s too much work to make a game, so therefore… BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT IT FOR A DAY!!! That’ll work, totally! (Pfft)

      1. Actually, they have made their own games. Depression Quest, Revolution 60, Sunset…. and of course, when they inevitably fail because no gamer in their right mind would want them, they can only bitch and moan and blame us for their failures and NOT their own incompetence of their audience (be it incompetence of the average gamer and what they’d actually want, or incompetence of their own hipster in-crowd and failure to realize that they’re never gonna buy games anyway).

  8. The worst part of the night for me was Milo though I feel he made some good points he constantly hijacked the mic.

    Though to be honest the debate would of been better if anti gg was there to give a fair rebuttal.

    The morning show was great

  9. through fire we grow strong, through adversity we grow hardy, try to silence us and we become louder, what you attempt to break and destroy with lies we rebuild and reinforce with truth, those who started this cannot win, and the sad thing is they will never realize why and how they lost.

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