As you know, I write a lot of biting material here on the site. Making fun of SJWs is my stock-in-trade. I take some shots that might be considered below the belt by some. People’s objections don’t enter into my mind, at least not anymore. Doing and saying what I want is the fundamental basis of my operation here. Still, on rare occasion. my heart swells with pride instead of mockery. 

I was on Twitter all day Saturday. OK, I’m on Twitter all day everyday, but this was different. The way the hashtags were lighting up was amazing. I felt like I had been transported back to the fall of 2014. The camaraderie is not the same, because we’ve had a year of working on all this together. We don’t all like (or pretend to like) each other anymore. I make no apologies for the disputes I’ve had with some losers who used to support GamerGate or who have challenged me. But that’s not what the weekend was all about. It was a rejuvenation of our entire movement.

I said the other day that a bomb threat was the best thing that could have ever happened to us, and I stand by that. I don’t wish for this sort of thing to occur, but when it does, it allows the lazy media to see that we weren’t lying about the lengths people are willing to go to in order to silence our peaceful consumer revolt. It doesn’t matter whether it was anti-gamer scum, or third-party troll pieces of shit like baphomet. The point remains. People have been trying to silence us since the beginning.

In fact, that was one of the big reasons all this jumped off in the first place. Gamers were tired of being told to shut-up and listen to their SJW betters. Why? For one reason, they aren’t actually better. As we’ve shown over the last year, these people are hypocritical shitbags of the very highest order. If they really practiced the things they preach, it would be one thing. But intolerance and hatred are the watchwords of the day. Shaming and exile are their preferred tactics. Before GamerGate, there wasn’t as much of an organized resistance to these assholes. Now, thankfully, there is.

Keep going strong, and take this weekend for the major victory that it was. As you can see, the usual suspects on Twitter are trying to trumpet their false victimhood once again. Why? Because they know the paradigm was shifted with AirPlay. Don’t like what’s being said? Try to change the conversation. That’s their goal. Do not let them get away with it. Use this as the springboard it can be, and let’s ride into the fall season with the wind at our backs.


I’ll be back with one more article on SPJ AirPlay this afternoon, as well as a couple other stories of interest. The SPJ thing deals with third-party trolls and the shit they perpetrated over the weekend. I think it will be an interesting read for you all. I would have had it up already, but as you know, I can be a lazy piece of shit sometimes.

Not today, though.