I want to do a short post with some things going on as a result of SPJ AirPlay. There’s been a lot of opinion columns and videos made about where we go from here, and several high-profile GamerGate supporters have some pushes that are worth talking about. Personally, I don’t have anything revolutionary to say, other than keep up the pressure and keep doing what we’ve been doing. Even the arguments and in-fighting are healthy, to a certain extent. It means the movement is vibrant and that people are passionate about the different ways to advance our goals. That’s a good thing.

Speaking of the different paths, someone has come up with the idea of doing a GamerGate panel at SXSW, and I have to say, that’s a pretty good idea. Mike Cernovich has said he would pay my way to go, but I don’t think everyone wants the controversy of having me attend. I would be down to go, of course. It’s just not something I’m really entertaining, due to the amount of haters I have. Regardless, let’s take a look at a piece of the KiA thread on this potential panel:

I emailed the panel submissions of SXSW and confirmed with @OPGamingSociety that indeed, they have accepted a purely pro-#GamerGate discussion panel. 
OPGamingSociety current draft is a placeholder but once it is submitted it is locked down. Speakers can be replaced at a later time (for contingencies or emergencies) but the topic and discussion cannot be changed. You can read about it on his website here:


You can discuss the potential candidates down below, head over to Reddit, or do both. Here’s the the list, current as of 30 minutes ago:


What else we got? Well, here’s a pretty cool album that Oliver Campbell made. It’s filled with quotes from SPJ AirPlay panelists. Speaking of Mr. Campbell, we’re gonna be doing an interview with him soon. I’ve been working on the questions, but we should get it done sometime next week. So be on the lookout for that.


AirPlay panelist Ashe Schow, who did an amazing job at the event, has some more thoughts on how to keep the positive momentum going:

[Cathy] Young noted that The New York Times ran a front-page story about feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian canceling a speech at Utah State University over death threats — allegedly from a GamerGate supporter, though no evidence exists to prove her claim. Young also pointed out that the Times has thus far made no mention of the bomb threats against Airplay.

This was a great first step, but more events and panels are needed.

Michael Koretzky, the regional SPJ director who hosted the panels, offered some insight into what’s next for the movement.

“We are talking about offering the gaming press some education, some training directly from SPJ and the Poynter Institute … to help provide direct contact and support,” Koretzky said during Airplay.

He also suggested providing gaming outlets with a policy for correcting articles in a timely and accurate manner, and a policy for addressing conflicts of interest. He also floated the idea of beginning a new outlet or creating a position to report on gaming media — an ombudsman of sorts for gaming media. Such a site or position could help keep gaming journalists honest.

There’s more in the article, and I suggest you go read it. I like that Koretzky is keeping himself involved with the debate. Not only that, he seems to be really passionate about this. If he keeps it up, I think it’s fair to reevaluate the past assessment I made about him. Others will have to make their own calculations.

Before I head out, here’s the new video from Sargon, which gives his thoughts on the AirPlay aftermath and where we go from here. Let me know what you think about this or any of the other topics I discussed above. I have three more posts before the LIVE show tonight at 6PM EST, so buckle up.