I want to do a short post with some things going on as a result of SPJ AirPlay. There’s been a lot of opinion columns and videos made about where we go from here, and several high-profile GamerGate supporters have some pushes that are worth talking about. Personally, I don’t have anything revolutionary to say, other than keep up the pressure and keep doing what we’ve been doing. Even the arguments and in-fighting are healthy, to a certain extent. It means the movement is vibrant and that people are passionate about the different ways to advance our goals. That’s a good thing.

Speaking of the different paths, someone has come up with the idea of doing a GamerGate panel at SXSW, and I have to say, that’s a pretty good idea. Mike Cernovich has said he would pay my way to go, but I don’t think everyone wants the controversy of having me attend. I would be down to go, of course. It’s just not something I’m really entertaining, due to the amount of haters I have. Regardless, let’s take a look at a piece of the KiA thread on this potential panel:

I emailed the panel submissions of SXSW and confirmed with @OPGamingSociety that indeed, they have accepted a purely pro-#GamerGate discussion panel. 
OPGamingSociety current draft is a placeholder but once it is submitted it is locked down. Speakers can be replaced at a later time (for contingencies or emergencies) but the topic and discussion cannot be changed. You can read about it on his website here:


You can discuss the potential candidates down below, head over to Reddit, or do both. Here’s the the list, current as of 30 minutes ago:


What else we got? Well, here’s a pretty cool album that Oliver Campbell made. It’s filled with quotes from SPJ AirPlay panelists. Speaking of Mr. Campbell, we’re gonna be doing an interview with him soon. I’ve been working on the questions, but we should get it done sometime next week. So be on the lookout for that.


AirPlay panelist Ashe Schow, who did an amazing job at the event, has some more thoughts on how to keep the positive momentum going:

[Cathy] Young noted that The New York Times ran a front-page story about feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian canceling a speech at Utah State University over death threats — allegedly from a GamerGate supporter, though no evidence exists to prove her claim. Young also pointed out that the Times has thus far made no mention of the bomb threats against Airplay.

This was a great first step, but more events and panels are needed.

Michael Koretzky, the regional SPJ director who hosted the panels, offered some insight into what’s next for the movement.

“We are talking about offering the gaming press some education, some training directly from SPJ and the Poynter Institute … to help provide direct contact and support,” Koretzky said during Airplay.

He also suggested providing gaming outlets with a policy for correcting articles in a timely and accurate manner, and a policy for addressing conflicts of interest. He also floated the idea of beginning a new outlet or creating a position to report on gaming media — an ombudsman of sorts for gaming media. Such a site or position could help keep gaming journalists honest.

There’s more in the article, and I suggest you go read it. I like that Koretzky is keeping himself involved with the debate. Not only that, he seems to be really passionate about this. If he keeps it up, I think it’s fair to reevaluate the past assessment I made about him. Others will have to make their own calculations.

Before I head out, here’s the new video from Sargon, which gives his thoughts on the AirPlay aftermath and where we go from here. Let me know what you think about this or any of the other topics I discussed above. I have three more posts before the LIVE show tonight at 6PM EST, so buckle up.

    1. I’d liked for Sargon to have shown up at the SPJ. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Sargon say that Cuck-etzky didn’t want him at the SPJ panel?

      1. He did.
        He said that it was too late to join. He held his word up until the bomb threats forced out of the building, after which he stepped down as the host/mediator. Reforms to panelists were allowed (Think that Oliver Campbell joined in, providing the source but I haven’t watched the video myself.). In essence, Sargon could’ve went, but his contribution would’ve been stifled.

        After-the-bomb Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BNLi7EwAb8 (4:29:00)
        Sargon’s Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0yf8-65cwM (Not sure at which point he mentions it, though.)

  1. Anyone care to give me the list of developers that have come out proGG this week? I’m just curious and want to see the list.

  2. Yeah, I really don’t think people like Oliver Campbell or Milo Yiannopolous speak for me, or are the people I want representing gamers.

    Milo isn’t a gamer, and has dubious ideological reasons for doing what he does, reasons that don’t have the best interests of gamers at heart. He’s also a sloppy, lazy journalist who works for one of the sloppiest news outlets in existence, as evidenced by the way he completely fucked up that Shaun King story. (Milo didn’t prove shit, just flung accusations like feces, and the end result was an outpouring of sympathy for King and people viewing the allegations as just another attack on an activist. Good job, Milo. Ten minutes on Nexis and a few phone calls would have strengthened your story, but you are apparently incapable of doing any actual reporting.)

    And Campbell is a nobody drama queen with no expertise and no compelling reasons he should be speaking on behalf of gamers.

    Maybe you guys should think about reaching out to people in the industry who have been hurt by the SJWs, people like the Witcher devs who have been on the receiving end of absurd hate campaigns, people who aren’t shills for far-right magazines that would be birdcage liners if they had print editions. Maybe reach out to someone like Owen Good, who actually seems like a fair guy, unhindered by dumb ideology, who nonetheless found himself a target of SJWs. People like that are a lot more credible precisely because they are not ideologues.

    And if you doubt anything I wrote, go back and take another look at that video where Ben Shapiro, Brietbart’s editor, clowned himself in his exchange with Albert “Zoe” Tur, and then tell me if that’s the kind of guy you want representing gamers.

      1. I’m not a liberal, you drooltard. The Brietbart and Daily Caller articles were terrible, proved nothing, and you conveniently left out the dozens of articles from elsewhere on the web sympathetic to King and (correctly) pointing out that Brietbart and DC proved nothing.

        Let me ask you: Do you even know who the fuck Andrew Brietbart was? He was a joke. Most conservatives didn’t even like the guy.

        And Tucker fucking Carlson? Are you kidding me? What kind of mouth breather do you have to be to want that bowtie-wearing assminstrel representing you? What kind of paste eater puts any stock in the Daily Caller?

        You want to advance the anti-intellectual, full drooling retard wing of conservatism? Great. Then don’t fucking complain when the GOP drools itself into irrelevance, no one takes you seriously, and the Dems enjoy one party rule.

        PS – I was USMC Recon. Don’t ever question my patriotism. Suck my balls.

        1. A: I question the patriotism of every soldier I meet, especially the internet keyboard warriors making unverifiable assertions that they were in the service. It’s an easy deflection, both for shitty soldiers who have forgotten what it means to be an American, and for people who didn’t serve who want internet cred. Suck your own balls, and then come kiss the leather boots of a serviceman of the 75th Regiment.

          B: Interviews from family of Shuan King were given to both Brietbart and CNN, and Brietbart pulled a number of verified records all leading to the conclusion that the man was full of shit. Police reports that contrasted several of his stories were also discovered and produced. That’s a lot of very credible evidence, whether or not you want to admit it. Conclusive? No, but in the absence of a shred of verifiable information from the other side, it is the horse that an intelligent man bets on.

          Do I know who Andrew Breitbart was? Fuck no. I’m not a conservative or a journalist, and my area of historic expertise doesn’t cover the time the man was alive. Why don’t you educate me?

          So far as I can tell, you’re a shit talking idiot liberal with nothing to add to the conversation but your own highly specific brands of anti-intellectualism, up to and including instances of illogical argumentative tactics such as genetic fallacy, ad hominem, red herring, and Guilt by Association.

          You are the only anti intellectual in this conversation, and your effort to project your inadequacies and political biases as anything but the gibbering nonsense of a liberal pseudo-intellect is laughable. Go back to playing toy soldier and let the adults talk. You have nothing meaningful to contribute here, and I don’t intend on stroking your fool ego any more than I already have.

      1. Can you find ANYTHING in my post that defends Shaun King? Keep looking. Nope. That’s because I didn’t defend him. He’s a stupid cunt. However, that doesn’t mean that Brietbart and Daily Caller are not terrible, and did not fuck up this story.

        If they had proved anything, if they hadn’t fucked up the story, then fine. But you guys are over here pretending this is some victory when the end result was more support for King, and the vast majority of observers noting your beloved Milo didn’t prove shit.

        1. To be honest I think the man himself could go up on stage, admit he’s white and take take a huge steaming shit on the audience and they’d still defend him because admitting people are faking being black to gain privileges would shatter their precious narrative. Even if they did excommunicate King for being a phony they would just change the subject asap to protect the narrative anyway, so this case was pretty fucking irrelevant.

          Don’t forget that their doublethink can make them ignore real statistics on police killings, so ignoring controversies like this one is easy for them.

          Also, holy shit, what else did they have to prove here, the guy is clearly white, what’s so hard to get? Did you want a written confession or something? If anything the support he received was because he played the victim card for the shit he got after being exposed, so you could say they did too good of a job.

          Lastly, I agree that Milo should not be the one to represent GG. Milo is too much of a narcissist to represent anything other than Milo.

    1. “And if you doubt anything I wrote, go back and take another look at that video where Ben Shapiro, Brietbart’s editor, clowned himself in his exchange with Albert “Zoe” Tur, and then tell me if that’s the kind of guy you want representing gamers.”

      Not sure if i wanto Ben Shapiro “representing gamers”, but he did nothing wrong with the tranny Zoe, on the contrary.

      1. Really? Can you tell me the point Shapiro was trying to make? Nobody remembers, because all they remember is Shapiro’s lame attempt at dissing Tur, and his vagina face when Tur threatened him and he shut up with his tale between his legs. Was that a victory in your book? Do you think a dude who elects to use an ad hominem should be representing you?

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