I’ve been spending another non-productive day on Twitter, but I finally have a decent story to bring you. Well, to be fair, I’ve had several, but I’ve just been caught up in the usual drama. But while I was banging the keyboard, a new update was released on the upcoming SPJ Airplay event. It wasn’t kind to the panelists, particularly Oliver Campbell. Full disclosure: I like Campbell and I support GamerGate, so I won’t even pretend to be happy about this broadside attack launched by the moderator, @koretzky. I’m assuming Oliver thought whatever convo they had would be off-the-record. This doesn’t seem like it was very ethical to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s an except from the update:

AirPlay’s purpose is reach those outside of GamerGate, especially journalists. “If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,” I replied. “That might not be fair, it might not be right, but that’s the way it is.”

Campbell kept arguing, even yelling. He repeated “house n*****” for this new audience. I said I needed to go because it was dinnertime – and my wife might kick his ass if I missed it. But he kept yelling. The others were mostly silent, which means they either agreed or were intimidated. Neither possibility impressed me.

When I said I’d consulted other journalists who adored this particular AirPlay feature – because it would quickly get everyone up to speed – Campbell calmed down but muttered, “I’m feeling disrespected right now…”

I’m not going to cancel AirPlay, but my own enthusiasm sure has taken a hit. GamerGate’s best and brightest – they were chosen from their own community – threatened to boycott, called me a literal slave-driver, and violated my trust.

And that was my first conversation with only half of the GamerGate panelists. Those three – Bokhari, Campbell, and Ceb – are sitting on the morning panel. Three more GamerGaters are sitting on the afternoon panel. I wonder what “big problems” they have. I wonder what ultimatums they’ll give me. I wonder if any of them will accuse me of making them a n*****.

(full update)

This isn’t an encouraging sight if you’re pro-GamerGate. I have had my doubts about this operation from the start, but as I said in the column the other day, I thought the fact that no anti-gamers had shown up would be enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Now, I think we’re back into wait and see mode, or worse. Oliver is live talking about this right now, so if you want to check that out, be my guest.