I’ve been spending another non-productive day on Twitter, but I finally have a decent story to bring you. Well, to be fair, I’ve had several, but I’ve just been caught up in the usual drama. But while I was banging the keyboard, a new update was released on the upcoming SPJ Airplay event. It wasn’t kind to the panelists, particularly Oliver Campbell. Full disclosure: I like Campbell and I support GamerGate, so I won’t even pretend to be happy about this broadside attack launched by the moderator, @koretzky. I’m assuming Oliver thought whatever convo they had would be off-the-record. This doesn’t seem like it was very ethical to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s an except from the update:

AirPlay’s purpose is reach those outside of GamerGate, especially journalists. “If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,” I replied. “That might not be fair, it might not be right, but that’s the way it is.”

Campbell kept arguing, even yelling. He repeated “house n*****” for this new audience. I said I needed to go because it was dinnertime – and my wife might kick his ass if I missed it. But he kept yelling. The others were mostly silent, which means they either agreed or were intimidated. Neither possibility impressed me.

When I said I’d consulted other journalists who adored this particular AirPlay feature – because it would quickly get everyone up to speed – Campbell calmed down but muttered, “I’m feeling disrespected right now…”

I’m not going to cancel AirPlay, but my own enthusiasm sure has taken a hit. GamerGate’s best and brightest – they were chosen from their own community – threatened to boycott, called me a literal slave-driver, and violated my trust.

And that was my first conversation with only half of the GamerGate panelists. Those three – Bokhari, Campbell, and Ceb – are sitting on the morning panel. Three more GamerGaters are sitting on the afternoon panel. I wonder what “big problems” they have. I wonder what ultimatums they’ll give me. I wonder if any of them will accuse me of making them a n*****.

(full update)

This isn’t an encouraging sight if you’re pro-GamerGate. I have had my doubts about this operation from the start, but as I said in the column the other day, I thought the fact that no anti-gamers had shown up would be enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor. Now, I think we’re back into wait and see mode, or worse. Oliver is live talking about this right now, so if you want to check that out, be my guest.


  1. Do you have a link to koretzky’s post, Ralph?

    Maybe I overlooked it in the article.

    Is the gist of this that Koretzky’s trying to force our panelists to compress GG into 2 minute speeches? There’s a lot of twitter talk, hard to lock down on the core of it, and the live is, well, live, lol.

        1. 15 minutes seems fair, if in doubt bring the GG in a minute video then expand and provide sources for the more salient events., read the update, it seems more fatigue than hostility, he is only one person and he is managing (if not actually on a micro level) some very “energetic” people.

  2. Koretzky has he said anything that hasn’t been utterly antagonistic towards us in GG? He claims to be a neutral moderator but he is anything but, he always comes across as a complete agg cunt.

    1. The guy is starting to look like a snake. I really hope that the guys going to SPJ Airplay are prepared for anything, and that they have their ducks in a row. I’m worried.

    2. Given the shitstorm he was getting hit with the other week on Twitter, it’s always telling that he blows proGG stuff out of proportion compared to the sustained harassment he’s getting on Twitter from aGG.

    3. He probably just wants as much drama as possible to make him and his event look spectacular. The fact he can’t get any games journo’s to go (they’d have to incriminate themselves) and the SJW/RadFem Ideologues won’t go because they won’t leave their protective echo chambers (see the debate between Mercedes and that cunt Klueless) must have him pretty fucking salty. So his only recourse left is to fuck with the GamerGate supporters who were eager to go. Koretzky is just salty this isn’t going to be as big a boost for his career as he thought it would be. How… ethical.

      1. If this is the case, he’s missing a far huger opportunity — a real story, not just drama, which makes the UVA Rape Hoax look like small potatoes.

        Not even kidding. Here we have multiple people making far more numerous allegations of serious import, being taken at face value by loads of news outlets instead of just one.

        This is UVA writ, authentically, several orders of magnitude larger.

  3. If AirPlay happens, I think the only thing that the SPJ will do is write a report that highlights ethical failings of game “journalists.” Or they’ll dismiss all of our claims. Or they’ll do nothing.

    That’s it. Don’t put all of your hopes into the SPJ. We have very good people going, and I’m very confident in them and I know they will do well. Just don’t expect anything from the SPJ because we’ve come this far without them.

    1. doesn’t airplay basically HAVE to happen.

      people donated money to the panelists to go, i’m assuming it’d be extremely difficult or impossible to give all those people their money back.

      1. You are correct that AirPlay has to happen. I should have wrote, “When AirPlay happens…”

  4. deciding what gg is, with no one spouting some “but muh sexism” in opposition shouldn’t even take 15 minutes…let alone an hour.

    1. That’s the thing. If it’s just “here, let us summarize GG for you”, that’s easily done in a few minutes. But apparently Koretzky wants any such presentation open to questioning during that same 15 minutes.

      That makes it a free-range debate. Anyone who thinks THAT can be resolved in 15 minutes hasn’t been paying attention these last 11 months.

    1. I think but am not sure so dont quote me that Oliver was planning to just show up as a audience member on his own dime (maybe due to his chronic pain thing), but this got interpreted the wrong way by koretsky and now he’s a panelist. So now oliver feels a sort of obligation to show up and do the panel (and maybe some of the agg’s are having a go at him as well) from his own words oliver was planning to start pulling back after the SPJ event, but now he’s in the limelight.

  5. Why is Koretsky acting like such a little bitch. He’s supposed to be a professional and he does this – unethically releasing a disagreement that’s supposed to be private? I agree with Oliver. This is turning out to be a hatchet job, and I’m worried that Koretsky is going to screw us over!.

  6. To be fair, Oliver Campbell is prone to outbursts, but the overall public handling of airplay has been an uphill stance against someone deliberately poking (for honest reactions rather than venom) at people using the hashtag (or informed “observers” like myself).

  7. So, no one here is going to say a word about how Oliver just threw a giant wrench in our whole effort to get ourselves legitimate press by losing his goddamn mind because he was given a heads up on how the folks listening in on our conference are going to judge the clarity of our message? We’re instead going to smack the guy who had to deal with verbal abuse and belligerence of one of our chosen representatives?

    Pathetic. Absolutely fucking pathetic. There goes my faith in this whole bloody mob again.

      1. A: I don’t need backup anymore than any of us has needed it. Trying to leverage that is weak.

        B: Enlighten me. What exactly did I miss aside from not shooting down this SPJ host for being a douche and ignoring the rest of the surrounding events?

  8. Oh for christs sake can they please all stop with the dramas? Its making this into a clusterfuck before its even started, and feeding the aGGros with instant tweet food.

    That said, Id love Mr K to explain just what part of “Professional” he considers writing bitchy whiny Tumberina blogs like that, airing dirty laundry that had I been involved would have considered very fucking strictly off the record.

  9. I have just one question to all you guys:
    Has anybody of you ever heard of “SPJ” before this thing?

    I haven’t.
    And to be honest, this whole thing was rather stupid from the beginning.

    1. Campbell acted like this would be an “end it all” solution, and like it would matter like nothing else. In reality, who really gives a fuck?
    Do you really think, looking good on this Airplay would change anything at all about how the media writes about #GamerGate?

    2. The whole concept is bullshit anyways.
    A few individuals do not represent GamerGate or its supporters. I don’t want to be represented by anyone.
    Also the votings were easily missable. And some of the people, who are (or were) going to attend, I haven’t even heard of.

    3. Acting like we had anything to explain, is stupid.
    I am tired of arguing with people about “he said, she said” bullshit.
    I don’t have to defend anyone.
    If someone wants to smear me, because I support GamerGate, I ask him to show me, what >I< did wrong, or shut the fuck up.
    If someone tells me about the "oh so poor" Anita Sarkeesian and her "harassment", I say: "Harassment is bad. Criticism is not harassment, though."
    If someone starts about Zoe Quinn, I tell them, it's not about Zoe, but the people, who fucked and wrote about her game without disclosing it.

    Seriously … this whole desire to make GamerGate look good, is a huge waste of time. And yes, I am guilty of participating as well. But it really leads nowhere.
    Instead rather focus on our actual topics.

    1. Our fight is against a corrupt media. Our public image is the single most important part of our credibility. The fact that Glenn Beck and Fox News and that piece of shit Alex Jones have not spoken word one about us has been our saving grace. Despite most of us being liberal minded, they still try to paint GG as a right-wing movement.

      No, you’re not harassing women or anything like that. But you are endorse a movement whose media image is that of a misogynist terror campaign. For the neutrals, it helps that we look like the people we really are so that they don’t just buy a media narrative. Our fight is against the people other people go to when they want to know what’s good and what’s bad.

      Poor public image has, for decades, been responsible for legislation that’s been used to oppress people. FFS, Juggalos are considered gang members by the FBI because of poor public image and those people are only guilty of listening to the lousiest of garbage rap as a hobby.

      No. As an individual you don’t need to tell anyone anything or explain yourself to anyone. As a group, we sure as shit need a PR team. I’d throw my name in the hat, but I’m a relative nobody to GG.

      1. Our PR strategy is simple:

        1. Every time they attack us, hit back with a debunking.
        2. Every time they attack others, offer support.
        3. Use everything we’ve got to hit them, like reporting Anita to the IRS, or lobbying the FTC for better regulations, or offering protection to devs/companies/people looking for somewhere where SJWs can’t harm them.

        Now is a PR strategy, the middle ground between “let them smear us and hope no one believes it” and “do what they tell us in hopes of them stopping the smearing”.

    2. I regret I can only like this once. I’ve noticed over the past few
      months that #GG has seemed to take its eyes off the ball and are getting lost
      in silly arguments and infighting over what #GG is about. We know what it is about;
      it’s about stopping people from destroying the hobby and industry we all love
      by pushing an ugly and divisive culture into the industry. (I apologise now,
      for I’ve a feeling this will turn into an epic rant, so sorry if it’s long.)

      I say to that STOP IT!!! you are giving the SJW’s and their complicit friends
      in the media time to regroup and recover from what had been constant and
      sustained pressure to clean up their act, respect their customers &
      remember they have a responsibility as (and I use the word grudgingly)
      journalists to respect the accepted ethical standards of their profession.

      That means no sleeping with, pushing the political agendas of, giving money to,
      taking gifts/money/holidays/prostitutes from the people they are meant to be
      reporting on and declaring any friendships they may have with people they write
      about. But to be honest they shouldn’t be writing about them in the first
      place, their editor should be aware of the conflict of interest and ask someone
      without that conflict to do the story instead.

      Now looking at the argument that #GG should be just about ethics in the gaming
      media. People are missing something in all the chaff. If it wasn’t for the fact
      that all the journalists and gaming media organisations we are fighting did
      this because they are SJW/RadFem’s or support the SJW/RadFem agenda! So even if they all cleaned up their acts tomorrow and started reporting in the manner
      journalists should, they would still be trying to push the SJW/RadFem agenda, as
      it is their agenda to!

      So to those that says we should ignore the SJW’s and focus on ethics, I
      say; “You can’t fight one without fighting the other. They are both part of the
      same Hydra; they are each one of its many heads”.

  10. So if a black man says that a white man makes them feel like a “house nigger”, the black man is acting badly and should stop saying such things.

    So if the press has messed up the narrative so badly that it will take more than 15 minutes to sort it out, too bad.

    We can “sum up GamerGate in two minutes, sure” — yet because folks LIKE Koretzky refuse to allow it to stand at that point without saying “but”, more time will be needed to address all the “buts” being raised BY THE PRESS.

    If the press doesn’t want to spend more than two minutes on the debate, then they’re being unethical by insisting THEY get to dismiss the debate without giving time for response.

    1. Oliver rambles on forever and is a poor public speaker. He cant even introduce himself on Honey Badgers in less than 5 minutes.

    2. Well that would just be an introduction, and the rest would be fleshed out. I agree Campbell’s too rambly and thin-skinned for the job. You need people used to speaking in public, won’t lose their cool and who can focus. That’s Sommers, Milo, Sargon, Carrera territory.

      1. Fair enough, and he’s stepped down already, so that’s that.

        It remains a fact that Koretzky’s handling of this, and blowing it out of proportion in order to claim this amounted to a characterization of GamerGate as a whole, is not only unprofessional but ridiculous.

        I’ve run a small convention myself. I’ve had conf-calls with testy panelists, including some who’ve blown up over the phone over smaller matters. I didn’t go blog online about how this showed Whovians were all whiny and petulant, nor would I have extended that effort to contacting the bloody press about it if I had.

        Why? Because that would have solved absolutely nothing, and achieved nothing but unnecessary drama. Which is exactly what’s been achieved here with Koretzky’s denouncements.

  11. Im honestly starting to wonder if these “prominent” GGs can even make it through a fucking job interview. What an embarassment. What a disgrace.

    The best and brightest are Milo and Sommers.

  12. Paolo and Angela saved the situation, imho. Hate to say it, but Oliver fucked up bad. And the chat was a clusterfuck.

    Besides, out of curiosity: who the hell is Paige Takahashi?

    1. Misread the comment there lol sry.

      Seems like a chat troll from what I’ve seen so far lol. I’ll see what google shows.

      1. From what I saw on the stream’s chat, Paige is some sorta rabid anti. Kept calling us neocons, reactionaries, MRAs, Nazis and so on.

  13. Every journalist out there is pushing agenda’s and they are all corrupt,why do people think the SPJ is going to give GG a fair hearing?

  14. “If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,”

    Tell that to Donald Trump. 🙂

  15. Listening to Paolo speak was the best thing I’ve heard all month. He did a great job of rallying the discussion back in the right direction.

  16. I am a little suspicious that Koretsky didn’t disclose what he said to Oliver to draw this reaction.

  17. If GG and the opposing side’s argument can be compressed into two minutes, then why bother allowing fifteen minutes? Why not two? Why not four?

    Does this guy want to see somebody accurately sum up the culture war from their pov in two minutes or less? If so, I demand that motherfucker cook a steak perfectly in two minutes. Otherwise he needs to back the fuck off and moderate when it’s time instead of antogonizing and insulting.

    1. Was he really neutral to begin with? Look at how he wanted people who come to the panel to figuratively grovel for all the shit flung at Butts and a man in black while conveniently ignoring the abuse that many GG members had to put with. Even FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup referees have show more sportmanship than that.

      1. He represents a supposedly neutral organization that gave us a chance for a fair debate (not a debate anymore since the antis refused to go).

        You can’t just call everyone that doesn’t agree with us “anti”. it’ll be hard to undo

        1. I dont mean he is an anti. I have my doubts about him from the double standards he used on GG. GG representatives having to apologize for the trolling, the doxxing and the abuse, but somehow the antis never have to adress the shit THEY have done. Seriously?

  18. It shouldn’t be that big a deal to come up with a timeline of important events in Gamergate with a few comments about each one which sums up how they all relate to what Gamergate is all about. You could crowdsource it and compare notes – see how much you’re on the same page.

    I’d start with May 2012 when Kotaku published John Scalzi’s white privilege piece and Sarkeesian started her Kickstarter. Both were unnecessary racial incitement and incitement to hate men. That incitement is core to Gamergate. Wu, Harper, Scalzi and Sarkeesian have built a brand on that incitement. The question is how much that incitement is tied into the ethics issue. Obviously some of the ethics issues exist outside that context, but how many?

    Just show up. If you think you can’t perform with no opposition present, what the hell would you do in an actual debate? You all know this stuff, just present it. Don’t overthink it. That youtube livechat is too full of drama, too chatty and adrift. That’s just dead weight. If you can’t figure out what happened in a conversation you just had, how can you present Gamergate? It’s mindless pedantry. This isn’t WW II – relax. Campbell says 50 words where one will do and he’s prone to drama.

  19. Fuck Koretsky. Fuck Airplay. Fuck every last on of these journos.

    Did people really believe that this assholes would give us a chance to air our grievances fairly? After nearly a year of this shit, the time to debate about this is pretty much dead. I say we keep doing what #GamerGate has been doing since the beginning, because as it is we have the fuckers backed into a corner and they know it.

    And it’s not just us, really. Look at Sad Puppies, look at Protein World. The real world has the SJWs gripped by their non-existent balls, and they have nothing left to fight with but the same old weapons they’ve had since day one.

    In short: To hell to coming with terms with these people. Raze Hell!

  20. Gamergate is just a little bit fucked here. This one asshole who was opting for an open discussion got exactly what he wanted, because he’s in no way shape or form neutral. He’s older. He’s manipulative. He sees a bunch of kids he can spin in circles or get temper tantrums out of. In this case, he got the latter.

    Gamergate is in no position to act on it’s righteous indignation because it will ALWAYS be used to prove the opposition’s point. He baited Oliver, all the way.

    Oh, and Oliver, don’t say house nigger.

  21. Oh look. He does think he’s talking to a bunch of immature morons.

    Last night was everything that a dozen or so gaming journalists and GamerGate critics told me would happen…

    GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things. It’s all or nothing all the time.

    GamerGate is immature. Three grown men couldn’t let me off the phone even when I asked repeatedly and nicely. We had to resolve this right now.

    GamerGate is all-consuming. I’ve volunteered three months, sat on a six-hour stream answering all questions, posted nearly 500 tweets, and sent more than 100 email replies. Yet apparently, I haven’t done enough.

  22. For the love of…..

    The lulz never stop with gamergate. I’m glad I left gamergate a long time ago, the writing was on the wall for anyone to see. The endless immature drama just never stops. That is the Achilles heal of gamergate and as I stated a long time ago, the downfall as we have been seeing for months now, the movement constantly being eroded away by attention whores, concern trolls, and peeps with self importance complexes, and that’s just to begin with.

    I really don’t care about gg or it’s future, I’m just sitting back with my popcorn watching it crash and burn more and more each day.

    I am going to be blunt here as a outsider looking in and with some real truth..you circle jerk gg’s are not going to like the truth but here it is.

    Oliver needs to be restrained…he fucking sucks, he can’t even properly construct a half decent coherent sentence, he’ll need 15 minutes just to articulate a single fucking point that has any meaning at airplay….he also was one of the very first concern trolls in bed with douche faggalo the hillbilly ex marine cook indie dev…what was his name again ? the one who was so eager to jump in with his big mouth then cry later that he was forced into it without choice…yeah right…other people forced you to tweet shit – goes to show his remaining legacy I can’t remember his name-I’ll just call him corporal cornholio since he made such a ass of himself so many times…. They both have big mouths, both actively sabotage any good “pr” for the movement on a regular basis and both were trying to assert/co-opt themselves as leading voices or gg.

    Quite frankly their actions were no better then any of the sjw’s and were, as stated, detrimental to any good view of the movement. Many people left just to the actions of those 2 idiots alone, and I for one don’t blame them.

    The second is the whole concern trolling pr look bullshit STILL going on…get a fkn life…you are so eager to grasp at any kind of fucking pr spot to be in some kind of limelight that you fucking actively walk right into traps over and over again.

    Leave that shit to the shit talk capable professionals like milo. Remember the 1 sargon stream where that sjw chick destroyed him..yeah, that made your little movement look soooooooooo good. Way to go eager beavers, keep jumping right into that fire so willingly.

    I remember Ralph and others laughing at the sjw’s attacking each other and eating each other alive not that long ago and you gg peeps are doing the very….same….. thing……now.

    irony much ?

    PS stop letting the shills conquer and divide you…you are doing their work for them. Anyone who wants gg to be this or just focus on that should be called out for exactly what they are and what they are trying to do..shills trying to co opt a movement.

    Please excuse me while I go make some more popcorn.

  23. If his goal is to destroy us then he probably wants to because if the truth comes out, then it’s Doomsday for a lot of the MSM.

    You saw how bad Rolling Stone got hit?

    Now remember how many MSM outlets have run hit-pieces on us, how many times, and how much evidence we have that they colluded.

    The Guardian, the BBC, the CBC, the New York Times, the ABC, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and a hell of a lot more are all suddenly worse then Rolling Stone, in both the public eye, and financially speaking.

    Journalism won’t recover from that for long time.

    1. His goal is not to destroy GG. His goal is to make money. And you can’t make money by killing the golden goose (or in this case, the big, bad, golden dragon that is GG). Their narrative since day 1 has been “Gamers are dead/dying”, but if they truly were, the story should’ve been over in about a month. Instead, they’ve kept saying it’s dying for the past year. They’re starting to look like Baghdad Bob at this point, denying an American invasion as American tanks roll in the background.

      1. Remember that Koretsky is from the SPJ, while other unethical journalists would want this to keep going for clicks, if he was unethical he’d want this to die because he’d know exactly how bad it would be for journalism’s reputation if we win.

        1. I don’t begrudge the man wanting to make money, but the fact is, he isn’t doing this for some altruistic purpose of the noble and fabled newsman, hes doing this to make his bones on us, and the whole things stinks like day old fish.

          The only problem with that is:

          If he wants to get money/fame, why not just do this right and come out of it as one of the few good journalists?

          Because honestly, after that he’d be known as the new Murrow.

          Where everyone else decided to lie & smear & toe the politically correct line, he stood up and said “No, I’m doing this right”.

  24. Koretsky is a massive piece of shit. He can go fuck himself. Always said SPJ isn’t the big end to gamergate at all.

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