Get acquainted with the most relevant and catchy persuasive essay topics provided with some ideas on how to cover them in a way that makes them really interesting to the readers.

The team of professional writers of SnappyEssays is convinced that each and every person is able to master the art of writing persuasive essays. Anyone here has persuasion skills because all of us may at least one meet a situation when you have to talk around a friend or a family member. So when it comes to writing persuasive essays you may be well practiced even if you have no idea about it. Just one small thing is lacking: great topic. And here in this article you will find the most promising ideas for paper writing: select the one and start writing!

The Essence of a Great Topic

When you come up with the theme for a future essay, bring into notice that it has to be a point of discussion that your readers may support or disagree. Usually such topics give answers to How? and Why? questions and present your opinion about certain event supported by solid pieces of evidence that help to argue the audience into your point of view.

Here are the topics that definitely attract attention of the audience and they will be like the icing on the cake of your essay!

  1. What are the main reasons of divorce? You can create the rate of reasons explaining why the certain reason is more important than the other.

  2. Can celebrities be thought of good role models for kids? Do we exaggerate when say that children copy the behavior of their idols and can celebrities actually influence behavior and upbringing of children?

  3. The possible damages of the TV violence. What are the consequences of witnessing violence on the TV and how it affects people of different age?

  4. Material incentives of organ donors. Many people believe that if to propose compensation to organ donors, their number will increase. But how many people will treat it like a way of gaining money instead of wish of helping people. And can that initiative lead to the situation when organs will be transplanted to a patient who has offered more to the donor?

  5. Is it necessary to establish mandatory drug testing to welfare recipients? On the one hand, such test may determine who deserves help, on the other, those failing to pass the test will harm their children because of the lack of adequate maintenance.

  6. Embryonic stem cell usage. This issue always provokes a clash between supporters of the science and religion. These cells are believed to be really helpful in curing many diseases, however, the method of producing them is horrifying to anyone who thinks that abortion is a murder.

  7. School monitoring of the students’ social media. Cyberbullying today is one of the largest problems of the teens’ online life. Should schools supervise messaging and posts of students or students’ privacy rights should be protected?