I sent out a tweet earlier about going to sleep for a couple hours. I was slightly mistaken with that calculation, as it ended up being a seven hour slumber. Thankfully, I didn’t have any nightmares about the Wu family, but I did get a very disturbing message when I woke up. It was about Laurelai Bailey (the recent subject of fake suicide allegations), and some serious charges leveled against her on Reddit. I wasn’t all that familiar with her myself, but I did remember this factoid: 


She allegedly tried to pin some kiddie porn on GamerGate. If you take a look at her record (linked again), you can see that she is one of the most disturbing figures that we’ve ever covered her on the site. FBI snitching, rape, fake rape, fake suicide, SJW nonsense…the list of claims against this person is as long as my arm.

Today, the claims got put into the spotlight once again. In a post that has since been deleted from Reddit, she’s accused of a heinous rape. She then allegedly ostracized the alleged victim, inflicting further psychological abuse. I warn you, the account is quite graphic in nature:


I can’t tell you whether these allegations are true or not, but I thought that they deserved a platform, especially after the thread was deleted. Fuck censorship. Again, I’m simply reprinting these, and letting you readers be the judge. I will say that the ShitRedditSays subreddit is one of the most hostile and poisonous places that I have ever witnessed in my twenty years using the Internet. I wouldn’t be too surprised what was revealed about that cesspool.