A few days ago, I showed you that Steven Bonnell, aka Destiny, filed a DMCA takedown claim against me for the video clip from his stream where he notifies the audience that the FBI visited him in relation to alleged possession of child pornography. Earlier this morning, I noticed that the video had been removed from YouTube. In response, I have filed a counterclaim against his assertions.


I have been a bit simplistic with my tweet here. Instead of filing a full-blown federal copyright lawsuit, Mr. Bonnell could also try to obtain a court order requiring YouTube to remove the video or dispute my counterclaim in a way that proves it’s invalid. However, I believe I am on pretty firm ground with my claim, despite there being no original commentary in my video.

  1. The video was not monetized.
  2. It only used around 52 seconds of his content.
  3. It was a newsworthy clip.
  4. I linked to the original stream it was taken from in the video’s description.

We’ll see what happens from here. I have had this happen one time in the past, during the Steve Tom Sawyer days. The video ended up being restored to YouTube after he failed to initiate a legal action. I expect the same will happen in this case, but perhaps I will be proven wrong. I almost hope he does sue me, as the discovery phase of any case against Destiny will be a lot of fun.


Obviously, I will keep you all posted as events continue to develop.


UPDATE: By the way, the video is now available on DailyMotion. I put it in the original article as well.