I missed out on a lot of Steven Bonnell’s (aka Destiny) antics while I was gone. Apparently, he was up to quite a lot of spergery and outright malicious behavior. I could sit here and recite it all, but whatever. I think most of you know more about it than I do, so it would only be for my own benefit. I see that he allegedly doxed YouTuber Aydin Paladin and he’s also the one ultimately responsible for the recent media attacks on Jean-François Gariépy, the co-host of Warski Live. Anyway, there’s some more news to add to his bio.

According to him, he’s under investigation by the FBI for possession of child pornography.

He said it himself on his stream last night.



I haven’t known the FBI to just drop by your house for a chat about child pornography if there’s nothing there to pique their interest in the first place. So, I wonder if they’ve been tracking his IP address, or something. Who knows. But I would advise Mr. Bonnell to lawyer up rather quickly. They’re not too fond of child molesters (aka chomos) in jail.