As you may have noticed, the site was down for a period of time today. This has happened several times over the last month, so hopefully it wasn’t too surprising. It always seems to come on the heels of exclusive stories, if you’ll notice. And even though I didn’t use the “EXCLUSIVE” banner this morning, it was new information. We knew what happened, but the police reports, and court documents, had not been released. 

So, stay tuned to the site. We should be all good, with a lot less downtime from now on. Of course, that remains to be seen haha. We were under sustained attack for most of the day (Fail2ban recorded over 3k attempted logins into the shell (brute force). Meanwhile there were DDoS attacks on the site from China). Just another day here at We wouldn’t be doing things right if we didn’t piss a lot of people off.

Also, let me fill you in on what Milo Yiannopoulos had to say about the Zoe Quinn court dox story that I released this morning:

Will the Boston PD actually do anything to this (alleged) criminal? We’ll have to wait and see. I won’t put much faith into it until I actually see the process move forward, but I know that Milo is serious about setting the record straight. Hopefully the authorities there in Boston are as well. With the way the judge bowed down to Zoe Quinn, I wouldn’t hold my breath.