Sorry for the late start today, but here we go. The big thing going on this afternoon is the March for Our Lives. No, it’s not about abortion. That would be ignored by the media, of course. No, it’s the Stoneman Douglas activists promoting their anti-gun agenda and it’s getting wall-to-wall coverage by our Fifth Column media (not to mention a special hashtag emoji from Twitter).

Emma Gonzalez is right up front, as you would imagine. Here she is sporting a Cuban flag on her jacket. Missing? Any sign of an American one. I guess that is a symbol of oppression to her, in contrast to the flag of a communist dictatorship.

Makes sense.

But that’s not why I’m here. The reason I’m writing this is because another Stoneman Douglas student, Patrick Petty, is calling out Gun Grabber Gonzalez for shamelessly using his sister as a political prop.

He’s a survivor as well, but since young Mr. Petty isn’t buying into the left-wing agenda, I doubt you’ll hear about this one on CNN. Thank god for alternative media.