I’m probably about to go see a movie, but before I do, let me tell you a little story about one of the recent SJW clowns that’s popped up on the anti-GamerGate side. He goes by the name of @stonemirror (real name:  David “Lefty” Schlesinger) on Twitter. As it turns out, this asshole has been around a long while spewing radical feminist bullshit. But not only that, he’s been accused of using this sort of thing simply to gain an advantage in the open source community, which I admittedly don’t know very much about (sorry lol). Thankfully, I’ve been able to piece together enough to tell you the tale through blogs and a message-board exchanges. Also, this guy has some others who have accused him of harassment, stalking, etc. In short, he fits in quite well with our other detractors!  

First off Richard Stallman (here’s an article from him about GNU/Linux) is the guy behind the GNU Project, and a huge proponent of free software. In fact, he founded the Free Software Foundation. If you want to read a humorous take on Stallman’s work, head to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Anyway, he made a joke about deflowering virgins in relation to some software, and people took offense. One of these people, was Schlesinger. But, some questioned his motives, as his positions within the free software community had previously put him at odds with Stallman. In other words, many seemed to think that he was milking this situation for his own advantage. One of those people was Stallman himself:

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He also got shit on by Bruce Perens, another leader in the free software movement:

I censored Lefty’s name there, just in case Twitter tried to say I was doxing him. He’s well know, and uses “stonemirror” as his Facebook page handle as well. So, he’s not hiding his identity at all:

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There’s also some more interesting stories about this guy’s alleged harassment. I can’t tell you the truth of the matter, but they are certainly starting to pile up, aren’t they (all the spelling is their’s, not mine)?

David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka ‘stonemirror the great and terrible’ (his own chosen appellation) has been behaving in a vicious and literally demented manner online and in person since at least 1996, when he began his long career of legal threats, threats of violence, defamatory websites and general stalking and abuse – began with the stalking of Kathy Sutphen, which is well documented. Lefty has also written hideously sexist articles for the notorious troll site ‘encyclopedia dramatica’, and this is documented as his work beyond any doubt…documented evidence, mainly from his own emails and blogs, of David “Lefty” Schlesinger (he is an ACCESS employee) and his long career of illegal and menacing threats, stalking, harassment and blackmail.



Here are a couple of sites that Mr. Schlesinger supposedly set up. The second one is an attack site on Stallman and others, but it seems to have turned into some kind of weird landing page with ads below. There is a section about this stuff at the top of the page, though. Also, some others have taken issue with his stance on feminism, thinking it less than sincere:

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There’s just a whole lot of shady shit surrounding this person, David “Lefty” Schlesinger, a.k.a. “stonemirror.” I’ve been careful with my words, because according to at least one source, this is a person who might be prone to frivolous lawsuits. So I want to be clear that these are all allegations and he has the right to respond down in the comments, if he wants to. As for me, I’ll leave it for the readers to decide.

Check back later for an article about Shailene Woodley’s recent comments about not identifying as a feminist.

  1. Awesome, Ralph. You’ve provided evidence here that you’re working with a long-time harasser, Jason Christopher Hughes, against whom I’ve had active criminal charges outstanding. Well done. 😀

    Too bad none of those allegations will hold much water. I definitely DID call out Richard Stallman for having the temerity to include a rape joke in his keynote speech at GUADEC, a conference I’d gotten my employer to sponsor.

    The end result was that Mr. Stallman is now banned from speaking at any further GUADEC conferences, as it happens, and I view that as a personal accomplishment.

    1. The modern day American fairytale. Move aside the boy who cried wolf, we now have the boy who sued wolf.

      And getting someone censored because you don’t like them isn’t really an achievement, it just shows you for the intolerant and narrow minded ass that you are.

      1. Yeah but if the boy wants his lawsuit to generate media coverage he can spin into a career he’ll probably need a sex change operation. Better get on that Lefty.

        1. I can hear the pitch already. Ralph is victimising me for being a feminist, please donate to my patreon!!

          1. Hey, when you’re running a local nonprofit running no-cost after-school programs to teach children how to code, every contribution helps. I’m not at all picky about how I get them, and if Ralph wants to lend a hand, that’s fine by me.

            So don’t expect me to do anything other than milk it for every penny it’s worth. I’m registered with the state of California, 501(c)(3) application’s in process, so it’ll all be tax-deductible by the end of the year.

            And just to spare you stupid accusations, I’m fingerprint/background-checked in all 50 states. Clean as a whistle.

          2. When the children in Lefty’s program all turn out to be Peter Coffin’s kids remember I called it.

          3. If you take pride in making money dishonestly it says a lot about you as a person, it’s not those of us in GG that ate dirty here. You cling to your hippy free software coding circle jerk as if it stops you being a complete ass but it doesn’t.

          4. Criminals frequently commit countless crimes before they’re ever caught. Being vetted only proves someone hasn’t been *cought* doing anything, yet.

            Not that I’m accusing of anything. Just because you seem wholly unlikable doesn’t mean you deserve to have something as hideous as that stuck to you. That’s the kind of underhanded garbage *SJWs* generally sink to.

          5. The only thing getting milked here chummy is the overflowing udders of a big fat fucking LolCow….. and that is YOU!

            Now Moo like a good little cow while you gets dem udds pumped good and hard.

            Next step for you is your OWN ED page.


          1. Sorry, I think the rest of the class missed your point.

            How does some guy pointing out that getting a sex change affords them a ton of coverage and attention (wanted or not) qualify as “transphobic”?

            Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change and there has been a media circus over it. Acknowledging that doesn’t make someone transphobic any more than recognizing that there are a lot of rapes in prison makes you a rapist.

          2. Ironic allegations from someone who openly defends racists in Anti-#GamerGate.

            I mean after all, this is the same guy who wanted me to help shelter a fellow minority after he was doxed and fired from his job thanks to the hate group you support.

          3. Transphobia is a positive thing and should be encouraged worldwide

      1. Uh huh. By the bye, if you’re looking to avoid charges of defamation here, you might want to rethink the following bit, at least: “documented evidence, mainly from his own emails and blogs, of David “Lefty” Schlesinger (he is an ACCESS employee) and his long career of illegal and menacing threats, stalking, harassment and blackmail.”

        Unless you happen to have this “documented evidence” in hand, I mean.

          1. I’d hardly call a racist who is advocating for Jews to leave Europe right on his facebook page to be a “Bitch”.

            Don’t know many “bitches” that are that discriminatory.

          2. One commenter above accused Lefty of having bought illicit photos of some guy he’s been stalking from his ex-wife, and posted them online (discussed in this thread: http://phoronix.com/forums/printthread.php?t=20559&pp=10&page=21).

            Would seem to be he-said, she-said at first, except that Lefty, idiot that he is, appears to prove them right by posting them again here, less than a month ago, in order to taunt his detractors: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/alternative-right-blog/alternative_right_author_2_author_cyberpunk_meets_alt_right/#comment-1845691473

          3. and he posted them only last month on a neo-nazi website he contributes to. the nazis removed all his posts, this was ‘too much’ for them. it persists in his disqus cache.

            he admits to it also, in that phoronix thread, if you bother to read it all.

          4. he was not the author but a massive commenter on it. the article is or was rather a crticism of his neo nazi girlfriend Rachel “Haywire” Mendelson by other neo nazis who don’t like her brand of nazi as it is “right wing but not WHITE wing”… where ever this neo nazi woman is criticized, stonemirror shows up to sperg 500 comments and throw the porn around, yet again.

          5. Doing a search on both their names shows a number of comments under articles she’s written referring to “leaks” showing that he’s her sugar-daddy and that they’re having an affair, but when I go to the articles themselves, it looks like she’s deleted them, so I can’t see what was being referred to. Is there any substantiation to the claim that they’re involved? He certainly does seem to be obsessed with her, which is pretty funny for someone trying to put on a “social justice” face elsewhere.

          6. he has rented apartments for her in the past, his name was on the lease. she admits to being a part time sex worker.

          7. So we’ve got a 61-year-old wierdo, who presents a “social justice” face, married to a female Methodist pastor and spouting feminist and SJW claptrap, while having an affair with and obsessively white-knighting for a transhumanist “hard right” atheist who writes for Attack the System (http://attackthesystem.com/author/msrachelhaywire/).

            You just can’t make this stuff up. Btw, I found and archived the Facebook thread you mentioned above in which one of his friends admits to having come up with the idea of “smoking out” some guy he hates by “circulating flyers around the neighborhood”: http://archive.today/c0aks

            From what I’ve been able to gather from looking at these various threads, I take it that the guy in question is your husband, and also the same man that Lefty bought private nude photos of from an ex-wife and has been posting online, that the “flyers” were those very same pictures, and that one of his friend’s goons went so far as to stuff a bunch of those flyers in your mailbox personally.

            Also, all this stuff happened about the same time that your car was torched to cinders and fire was set to your house – something which I see other commenters say Lefty has threatened to do to people before. Hmm.

            Btw, I think it’s interesting that in that very Facebook thread, Lefty is white-knighting for this Rachel “Haywire” character.

          8. the flyers were stuffed into the mailboxes of the entire neighborhood the very night of the arson, hours or even minutes before the fire. this all in the official police report, contact Detective Jack Garner, Austin PD for confirmation. He was unable to arrest anyone due to “insufficient evidence.” The flyers had identical content to the revenge porn website that at one time was WHOIS registered to Schlesinger’s civil name and street address.

          9. also Haywire has a tumblr where she published the street address that burned, (along with threats) a few weeks before the arson. she said she got the address “from a private investigator”, and she had the friggin’ insane temerity to start a gofundme page over it, “give me money to sue my stalker” ; she managed to get around 400$ before the page was taken down.

          10. David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka ‘stonemirror’ aka ‘zanzibar mcfate’ aka ‘Dov Hazmali’ wrote a month ago :

            “Hey, while we’re on the subject of your car getting torched, you wanna know what I find most gratifying about it?

            You’ve discovered that there’s somebody out there who hates your guts so much that they’re willing to take the risk of doing something like this. You have no idea who they are or where they’re from or where they might be at this very moment.

            You can’t make them stop. The police can’t help you. You have no way to know whether they’re across the country or across the street.

            You picked yourself up your own stalker now — you created your own stalker somehow, seems like you picked the wrong victim somewhere — and now you’re in exactly the same boat as the people you’ve been victimizing for over two decades.

            I’ll just bet that’s a pretty scary feeling, hm? Open the door in the morning, and who knowswhat might be waiting right outside for you?

            And now, you’re on the receiving end, and you don’t like it, not one little bit.

            Payback really is a bitch, bitch. Suck it up.”

            this quote is still available on Schlesinger’s very own public disqus cache

          11. Rachel “Haywire” Mendelson also writes for alt-right and Arktos Media and the “Daily Shoah”/rightstuff which are extremely anti-semitic and explicitly neo-nazi. Attackthesystem is sort of ‘soft’ neonazi. AND she is Jewish. yeah… twin goddam peaks…

          12. Haywire is only 30 years old and Schlesinger began his “association” with her 15 years ago. You do the math. The person in the stolen photos got Schlesinger on his case originally for commenting on the ‘white knighting” way back on livejournal, and Schlesinger lost his LJ account for the harassment of that man. Then Schlesinger got _really_ angry….

          13. it is like twin goddam peaks ! ie he is married to a full Methodist Pastor but shacking up with a neo nazi sex worker and alleged arsonist on the side!

          14. it is really really annoying when he thinks all these neo nazis are the guy he has porn of, and so throws the porn at them AGAIN… everyone he runs across this guy, see. insane. bitch is skooterz.
            and they are all “wha? that isn’t me!”

          15. here is a nazi podcast criticizing nazi “Haywire”, the section titled “she who must not be named.” Stonemirror is banned from the site or he would be sperging all over the comments, as usual.

            nazi on nazi trolling… “Haywire” is Jewish AND neo nazi, and that really annoys the neonazis she tries to cuddle up to.


            her new “book” just got published by Arktos Media, who is the publishing arm of the Swedish neo nazi party

          16. also Schlesinger admits in public that some years ago he was an enthusiastic member of the “Process Church of the Final Judgement” which used overtly satanic and nazi imagery and ideas.

        1. Typical SJW. Threaten to sue when you get shown up as a cunt. You do realise this will just get archived and retweeted to kingdom come if you try and sue, right?

          1. He thinks the threat is sufficient. The problem comes when they run up against someone who looks back and says ‘No. Fuck you.’

            Granted, U.S. tort law is a heap of shit, but it’s also very hard to make defamation charges stick. I’m surprised more SJWs haven’t resorted to lawfare tactics, but those are dangerous; if you get flagged as a vexatious litigant, you can’t file ANY civil suit without an attorney co-signing off on it.

          2. he has been threatening to sue me and/or have me jailed since the year 2001. not a peep from law or LE to this day.

        2. You are the cancer that is killing FLOSS. More concerned about PC shit and sucking Microsoft cock than actual software.

          1. A MS plant to kill free software by making the communities unbearable to anyone with talent.

        3. “…if you’re looking to avoid charges of defamation here,”

          ha ha ha ha ha

          What are you going to do….fling some more poo Chimpy McFuckstick?

          Go on….dance some more monkey!

    2. his “charges” are a complaint the police laughed at, not real charges in any manner. he even imagines a “warrant” for this BS to this day, years later. he is completely delusional. his complaint was about a letter asking his Methodist Pastor wife to get him to stop doing revenge porn websites. he actually ran to the cops with that, and his diseased mind still thinks they actually filed a charge!

    3. only a law enforcement official can file actual charges. a civilian can only complain. stonemirror learned law from Matlock. Nothing has ever come of these mythical charges, not even a contact by LE. nothing, zip.

  2. But how does he manage to shitpost on twitter all day while leading so many communities, holding all those impressive positions and being on so many impressive sounding committees?

    That was a rhetorical question because of course we all know, here’s yet another marginal parasite trying to suck a little blood out of Big Software by inventing titles and shill positions for himself. I’m starting to think that 96% of all tech “companies” and “organizations” are just individual hustlers sitting in San Francisco coffee shops threatening people with legal action and stirring shit on social media.

    1. The same way Anita has time to shitpost on twitter all day, when she’s supposedly making expensive youtube videos, helping design video games for EA, giving countless speeches on campuses, and hiding in terror from all the supposed Mark David Chapmens of gamergate.

  3. > Has been known online since 1996

    1. I’m not sure why you’d say the guy has to be in his 40s. I’ve been online since 1989 and I’m not in my 40s.

    2. I’ve been online since 1989 and I’m 35. I had access to a friends-fathers UUNET account, that I used regularly as a kid. In the 90’s I was a subscriber to WWDC that gave me usenet access through a BBS interface, I was a total BBS freak at the time.

      Though I do find it pathetically sad that someone in their 30’s or even 40’s is trolling on the internet, it just means that their life has no meaning outside of causing misery to others.

        1. I feel unbelievable pity for his grandkids, and they’d have such an angry individual as a role model.

        2. correction. He is 59. David L Schlesinger

          David N Schlesinger
          D Schlesinger4/16/1956Fresno, CA 93710-6221
          Watsonville, CA 95076-4033
          Ben Lomond, CA 95005-9626
          Valley Springs, CA 95252-9302
          Felton, CA 95018-8833

    1. Gnome has turned to shit over the past couple of years anyway, it’s an even more ugly and confused mess than the metro crap in windows 8.x, he is probably why.

    2. I got a leaked copy of these cock-knuckles strategic business plan:

      1) Make shitty software nobody wants or uses
      2) ????????????
      3) Profit!

  4. REMINDER: freebsdgirl / Randi Harper will be the featured guest for an hour on this week’s twit.tv show, FLOSS Weekly (the open source software video podcast). It will record live at 8:30AM PT / 11:30AM ET on Wednesday and you can watch it happen live at http://live.twit.tv during that time, as well as participate in their IRC chat room, accessible via web at that same URL.

    They are going to be talking about her blocker software and her anti-bullying organization and the “oppression gamergate has subjected her to”.

    Of course, this is going to be a one-sided very biased “interview”, because the twit.tv network is vocally bought into the garbage.

      1. Just don’t expect to get out more than one comment in there. The IRC server is promoted by the network and featured and used constantly 24×7 in their broadcasts, but it is “a volunteer effort” and those who moderate it are super prude (I have seen people instantly banned for saying “girl” instead of “woman”). Still, since as far as I know, we don’t see her interviewed much, it’ll be curious to actually see her live.. even if it is just to spew a bunch of unchallenged lies.

        I’m also kind of curious to see whether she’ll actually do it by web cam or have some magical technical difficulties that renders her unable to appear in any way but voice.

    1. Everyone that doesn’t agree with her will be censored. just record it and point stupidity and contradictions later

  5. Stoney appears to be rather upset, he’s pinned you blocking him as some great victory and threatening to block those who disagree, must suck when your shitty history comes back on you

  6. The very best part is every site where I have seen someone being critical of him he shows up in fairly short order with insults and threats, the guy must be googling his name constantly

  7. google “open letter to reverend anne l schlesinger”

    google stonemirror + phoronix + troll stalker

    google stonemirror + “victor t cypert”

    google stonemirror + “kathy sutphen”

    google stonemirror + “beat down a journalist”

    google stonemirror + “david lefty schlesinger” + phoronix + pornography dildo stalker

    google stonemirror + “dildo store” rabid dildo clown

  8. stonemirror and his girlfriend are under investigation for an arson in late 2013


    they had a revenge porn website up, then they and/or accomplices printed the revenge porn site out, stuffed in it every mailbox around their victim’s house, then set the house and car on fire contact Arson Detective Jack Garner, Austin PD, if you have information

    that revenge porn site was WHOIS to David Schlesinger, in his own civil name

    google “open letter to reverend anne l schlesinger” and look in the comments of the techrights page comment section

  9. Open Letter to Reverend Anne L. Schlesinger of LeGrand Methodist Church

    Dear Reverend Anne Schlesinger:

    This is a difficult matter to bring to your attention. But I do
    not believe that your husband David N. “Lefty” Schlesinger has made
    you aware of certain illegal and immoral activities that he is
    engaging in regards to his pornographic and harassment/stalking
    websites. I do not know if you are even aware of Lefty’s 16 year
    career of stalking and harassment, which seems to have begun with
    his menacing threats and extortion demands on the Waldorf school
    teacher Kathy Sutphen. I doubt someone of your position in the
    Church *could* be aware of such horrendous activities and not stop
    them immediately and by any means. Currently, Lefty under the name
    ‘stonemirror’ and in his own civil name is harassing several
    parties unrelated to me. This in addition to Lefty even of this
    morning contacting some friends of mine I haven’t even talked to in
    months and harassing them. Worst of all, Lefty has decided to
    increase his harassment of my person by purchasing from my ex-
    partner several home made pornographic photographs over ten years
    old which he has now illegally published on one of his many
    harassment websites, http://www.extinct-marsupial.org . Here is a
    link to the photo in question, one of many:

    [as of 2/20 the pornographic material has been temporarily forced offline with the intervention of law enforcement]

    This material was never public in any way until your husband David
    “Lefty” Schlesinger made it public in order to harm and stalk my
    This not only illegal harassment and cyberstalking on Lefty’s part, it is civil
    court actionable on several counts including willful invasion of
    privacy and infliction of emotional distress. If you can stop your
    husband Lefty, perhaps we can avoid involving the police and/or
    civil attorneys in this matter. David needs your help, his actions
    are not those of a sane and sober man.

    The following WHOIS link has your and David’s home address on it,
    499 Balch Way, Ben Lomond, CA. This proves that the site extinct-
    marsupial.org is the creation of Lefty and Lefty only. Though in
    fact, Lefty makes it a public boast that he owns this
    stalking/harassment site with its stolen, unauthorized pornographic
    Lefty also runs other websites devoted to harassing my family
    such as

    Here are other links which document Lefty’s harassment of myself,
    my extended family, and several other unrelated individuals:


    Anne: your husband Lefty has been called out as mentally
    unbalanced by his own work colleague the internationally regarded
    Bruce Perens.
    I believe only you can get him the help he needs, and make him stop
    this vile and disgusting and illegal activity he is engaged in,
    driven by his obvious mental illness.
    Reverend Anne, will you do something
    to help your husband and also help his stalking victims escape his
    insane actions?
    The Victims of David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka ‘stonemirror’

  10. stonemirror hasn’t had the balls or cash to sue anyone out of the literally hundreds of people he has threatened to sue over the years. but he WILL : call your elderly relatives at 2AM and say he is a cop, and tell them you are dead. he WILL : call the employers of you and every friend you ever had, and try to get them fired. he WILL : pay your mentally ill ex wife for nude photos of you which he WILL put on a website registered to his own civil name. He is a stalker, and he is alleged to be an front door arson stalker as well.

  11. http://phoronix.com/forums/printthread.php?t=20559&pp=10&page=51

    “My name is Victor T. Cypert. In 2003 – 2004 I worked as the resident computer
    programmer for the American Federation of Musicians in Hollywood, CA (Local
    47.) David “Lefty” Schlessinger stalked, harassed, and otherwise abused me —
    going so far as to call my employer in an effort to have me fired and posting my
    employer’s IP address on his then-active LiveJournal.

    If you need an affidavit, a sworn statement, or some other document attesting to
    what transpired between myself and Mr. Schlessinger, I will be more than happy
    to provide one.”

    and here is testimony from Kathy Sutphen who suffered such intense harassment from “Stonemirror” that she suffered medical problems.



    Specifically, Kathy Sutphen writes
    )Yesterday I received six emails from this Schelsinger aka Lefty. All of

    have since publicly accussed David Schlesinger of “extortion” (a felony), “mail fraud” (a Federal crime), and threatening to get in touch with the police, his service provider, his employer…

    since 1996, Schlesinger has been making the same rants, threats, insults and complaints
    against many different people, like a broken record!

    “I intend to avail myself of every legal means necessary to collect the fees which I contend that these people owe me. I am also considering taking action against them for tortious interference in attempting to infringe my ability to earn a living, and for libel and defamation of character for the unfounded charges they have made in this public forum of Mr. Dugan’s.”- David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka “stonemirror”

    repeating himself with the same vain threats since 1996 !!!

    Stonemirror is under investigation for driving two WOMEN from their home in Texas with ARSON!


      1. there were flyers all over the neighborhood the night of the arson, and one of stonemirror’s friends ADMITTED involvement with these flyers!

        a friend of Schlesinger admitted being involved with this arson RIGHT ON STONEMIRROR’S


        Zanzibar McFate (He’s such a dunce that between the time I pointed out that he was the only “reviewer” who didn’t show a “verified purchase” of the book and now that he apparently went out and _bought_ a copy to lend “legitimacy” to his critiques. LOL.)
        2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 4

        Content Love Knowles Oh mai.
        2 hours ago · Like · 1

        Zanzibar McFate Evidently, Christmas is coming a little early this year. Bad car-ma.
        2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

        W. Owen Powell Now may just be a bad time to mention that the general notion of circulating flyers around his neighborhood in hopes of smoking him out of his hole actually originated with yours truly (though it bears pointing out that someone else took the idea and ran with it far less subtly than what I had in mind…certainly l marching straight up to the front door and stuffing a bunch of them into the mailbox was a quite a ways off from my initial suggestion).
        11 minutes ago via mobile · Like

  12. oh and btw? Stonemirror’s mistress one Rachel Ellen “Haywire” Mendelson aka “Rachel Haywire” google her… she is an actual, Out Proud…. neo nazi/white nationalist!

    she is crazier than he is, and that is sort of hard to imagine…


    His wife is Methodist Pastor Reverend Anne L. Schlesinger of St. Pauls UMC Fresno, so please forward your complaints about David “Lefty” Schlesinger’s behavior to her boss the Bishop of Central California UMC, Bishop Warner H. Brown Jr :


    1. Since when do we condone that sort of shit? Just because the SJWs do it doesn’t mean we need to sink to that level.

      1. stonemirror does revenge porn, so he deserves anything he gets and worse. he has declared harassing other people’s family members as “my little hobby” ; he harasses entire extended families, he calls ALL of their employers and he has gotten three people fired that I know alone.

    1. he claims to have 5,000 horror movie/slasher movie DVDs which he keeps running on shuffle 16 hours a day while he downs “15 to 25 cups of fine coffee”…he is also… a … “Buddhist”…..

  13. there is revenge porn right now in stonemirror’s disqus feed. the neo nazi webpage he had it on last month deleted it from their website, but it persists in his public disqus feed ie full frontal nudity, from stolen photos never made public and over 15 years old now.

  14. David “Lefty” Schlesinger aka ‘stonemirror’ aka ‘zanzibar mcfate’ aka ‘Dov Hazmali’ wrote a month ago :

    “Hey, while we’re on the subject of your car getting torched, you wanna know what I find most gratifying about it?

    You’ve discovered that there’s somebody out there who hates your guts so much that they’re willing to take the risk of doing something like this. You have no idea who they are or where they’re from or where they might be at this very moment.

    You can’t make them stop. The police can’t help you. You have no way to know whether they’re across the country or across the street.

    You picked yourself up your own stalker now — you created your own stalker somehow, seems like you picked the wrong victim somewhere — and now you’re in exactly the same boat as the people you’ve been victimizing for over two decades.

    I’ll just bet that’s a pretty scary feeling, hm? Open the door in the morning, and who knowswhat might be waiting right outside for you?

    And now, you’re on the receiving end, and you don’t like it, not one little bit.

    Payback really is a bitch, bitch. Suck it up.”

    this quote is still available on Schlesinger’s very own public disqus cache

    1. the 2 women who got their house and car set on fire? They had to repair the house, sell it and move very, very far away.

  15. David “Lefty” Schlesinger and Pastor Anne Schlesinger of UMC St. Pauls Fresno also used to own and run a dildo shop on the d-low. A brick and mortar dildo shop called “Intima Girl” which Schlesinger wrote phony positive yelp reviews for, pretending to be a mere customer of the delectable selection of high end sex toys and not its actual co-owner and “angel investor.” When the Methodist Bishops Council found out, the Schlesingers sold out quickly and were banished to a tiny church out in the desert, near the Nevada border. Methodist ministers running a Mom and Pop Dong Emporium, that is so very California for ya….

  16. ralph, you just gave this attentionwhore what he wanted, more attention. have we left him alone he wouldve done and said stupid stuff like butts and maybe leave afterwards, but now he has his own article, this should compensate all those motherly hughs he never got and give him fuel to keep on trolling a couple more months… please keep in mind that attention is the only reward for these fags and you giving them this kind of focus, even if its a bad one, turns them on and makes them feel important and relevant, which is the very last thing they are, they have been and they will be.

  17. Another SJW that turns out to be a hypocritical, self-aggrandizing scumbag? Shocker.

  18. I somehow got his attention twice on Twitter. I didn’t respond because he’s a block bot coward and replying only would have wasted time.

    1. you don’t want his attention, as his attention tends to turn into a decade+ of unrelenting IRL stalking which he calls “my little hobby”

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