In case you missed it, the other day, astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor gave an interview about the success of the Rosetta mission. If you’re like me, you didn’t know about any Rosetta mission in the first place. Simply put, they launched a probe from Earth and landed it onto a moving comet. Needless to say, this was no small task.

No one on the SJW side wants to talk about that massive achievement, though. Instead, they wanna talk about the garish shirt Mr. Taylor had on. Oh my God! It had women on it! In bikinis! And they were holding…guns! The firestorm in radical feminist circles was pretty predictable, but normal people like us didn’t see it coming. I know Matt Taylor didn’t see it coming. After being beaten down by the feminist media apparatus, he offered a tearful apology. I understand why he did what he did. But it was still a mistake, nonetheless.

The time has come for reasonable people to stand up, and refuse to give in to these bullying tactics. Some feminist ideologue doesn’t like the shirt a renowned physicist has on? Well, too fucking bad. Maybe when you get to be a famous scientist, you can wear whatever shirt you please. Of course, if this was a women who was being criticized, we would all be picking on the poor, misunderstood, marginalized by the patriarchy, delicate little flower. But, since it’s a man, let’s burn his career to the ground, and embarrass him publicly.

This mentality has shown itself during GamerGate. The other side trashed us to the point of it inciting real violence against our supporters, but we’re the ones who are supposed to apologize? They insult and demean us daily, but we’re the ones who use nasty tactics? Collusion, corruption, and censorship are their watchwords, but GamerGate is the one with the problem?

Fuck that.

I’m tired of bending over backwards for these special snowflakes. If they can’t handle reality, then maybe it’s time they picked up a bottle of booze, like the rest of us. There will be no more apologies to idiots coming from me, and I encourage the rest of you to do the same. If the SJWs don’t like what I say or do, that’s great. It means I’m on the right path. This doesn’t mean we start harassing, or sending threats (which we’ve never done). It’s just time to dispense with the niceties. These people want to destroy our gamer culture, along with several other traditions. Fight them with everything you have, and ignore their disingenuous pleas.

The next time one of these mentally deficient ideologues criticizes you on Twitter, or tells you to apologize for spreading reality-based information, tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. The time for caring about the feelings of these assholes is over. There never was a time for it, really. They don’t care about their rhetoric. They go all out for total victory. Let’s give them the same consideration.