In case you missed it, the other day, astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor gave an interview about the success of the Rosetta mission. If you’re like me, you didn’t know about any Rosetta mission in the first place. Simply put, they launched a probe from Earth and landed it onto a moving comet. Needless to say, this was no small task.

No one on the SJW side wants to talk about that massive achievement, though. Instead, they wanna talk about the garish shirt Mr. Taylor had on. Oh my God! It had women on it! In bikinis! And they were holding…guns! The firestorm in radical feminist circles was pretty predictable, but normal people like us didn’t see it coming. I know Matt Taylor didn’t see it coming. After being beaten down by the feminist media apparatus, he offered a tearful apology. I understand why he did what he did. But it was still a mistake, nonetheless.

The time has come for reasonable people to stand up, and refuse to give in to these bullying tactics. Some feminist ideologue doesn’t like the shirt a renowned physicist has on? Well, too fucking bad. Maybe when you get to be a famous scientist, you can wear whatever shirt you please. Of course, if this was a women who was being criticized, we would all be picking on the poor, misunderstood, marginalized by the patriarchy, delicate little flower. But, since it’s a man, let’s burn his career to the ground, and embarrass him publicly.

This mentality has shown itself during GamerGate. The other side trashed us to the point of it inciting real violence against our supporters, but we’re the ones who are supposed to apologize? They insult and demean us daily, but we’re the ones who use nasty tactics? Collusion, corruption, and censorship are their watchwords, but GamerGate is the one with the problem?

Fuck that.

I’m tired of bending over backwards for these special snowflakes. If they can’t handle reality, then maybe it’s time they picked up a bottle of booze, like the rest of us. There will be no more apologies to idiots coming from me, and I encourage the rest of you to do the same. If the SJWs don’t like what I say or do, that’s great. It means I’m on the right path. This doesn’t mean we start harassing, or sending threats (which we’ve never done). It’s just time to dispense with the niceties. These people want to destroy our gamer culture, along with several other traditions. Fight them with everything you have, and ignore their disingenuous pleas.

The next time one of these mentally deficient ideologues criticizes you on Twitter, or tells you to apologize for spreading reality-based information, tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. The time for caring about the feelings of these assholes is over. There never was a time for it, really. They don’t care about their rhetoric. They go all out for total victory. Let’s give them the same consideration.

  1. Amen, never apologize to or try to otherwise appease SJWs – even on the rare occasions where their demands might seem halfway reasonable the Crazy is never far from the surface.

    1. Double Amen. Look at all the good his apology did. They are still whining, and now they are whining about the funding campaign for him. Whine, whine WHINE PATRIARCHY MISOGYNY!

  2. If you give them a cookie, they want a glass of milk. If you give them a glass of milk they throw it in your face and take the rest of the cookies you were ‘hoarding’ had because you were privledged.

  3. Jimmy Kimmel is a great example of why you should never apologize to a special interest group. He was dealing with a Chinese activist group after some kids on his show said they would kill the Chinese to deal with the money we owe them. Obviously it was kids say the darndest things nonsense.

    So he apologizes on his show. He apologizes to the people protesting in front of his studio. He brings representatives in to talk with them. Weeks later they are still hounding him over a dumb bit.

    Don’t apologize to groups. It doesn’t do anything when you’re dealing with people with an agenda.

  4. This article says pretty much everything I feel. These people are basically guilty of the same capricious bullying as you get from creationists trying to silence anything they don’t like. It’s time for society to stop pretending that manufactured offence obliges deference to stupid viewpoints.

    1. Today’s episode: The Gish Gallop, brought to you by SocJus Inc.

      The creationist nutcases gave their names to the tactics these radfem loons use. The parallel is lost on precisely no one with any sense.

  5. Amen. Since when did we have the right never to be offended? Knowing human nature, isn’t one of the consequences of accepting freedom of expression that sometimes we will be offended? This seems lost on these slacktivists.

    They basically want to nerf society so they, the people with the thinnest skins, feel safe–so that everyone else is overanalyzing what they are thinking about saying, lest they offend one of these people. It’s not everyone else’s job to modify even completely innocuous beliefs and personalities for your benefit. No one is that important. So if you’re sensitive, you need to toughen up. I like Bruce Lee’s attitude:

    1. The irony is, you can tell these people precisely how taking personal responsibility for your own feelings is logically superior than being expected to be responsible for the ultimately unpredictable feelings of other people, but they just don’t get it, or it just makes them feel “offended.”

      It should be no small wonder that these people are unreasonable, because to them being reasonable is “offensive” (or sexist,misogynist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, or whatever other negative word they ascribe to people and their statements for no reason).

  6. Can’t blame the poor guy for caving. Normal folk are simply unequipped to deal with the psychological barrage that SJWs bring to bear on their opponents. Most victims of these attacks just want it to stop and are willing to debase themselves to make it happen. It’s bullying in it’s purest form.

    However, those of us who have been tangling with these pieces of organic human waste for a while, also realize that at as bullies, the only way to deal with them is stand your ground. When they come after you, tell ’em to fuck themselves, because all they need is for you to engage them on their terms, which gives them an opening they can exploit. When you’re willing to “discuss” something with them, it lends credence to their accusations and the next thing you know, you’re owning that shit.

    Examples of poor responses to SJW harassment:
    “That’s not what I meant.”
    “Let me explain.”
    “You’re twisting my words.”
    “I apologize.”

    Examples of good responses to SJW harassment:
    “Fuck you.”
    “Go fuck yourself.”
    “Get fucked, you syphilitic little prick.”
    “To anyone offended by my words or actions, I’m deeply … naw, fuck it … you can all kiss my ass. Thank you.”

    Never meet them on their terms. Ever.

    1. Best responses to SJWs:

      “No.” or “I don’t care, you’re not the boss of me!”

      Generally speaking No, is more just a refusal to accept their viewpoint in any way at all.

      1. “I don’t care” is a winner, because it takes away the SJW’s prime currency, attention. These people are narcissists. Whether you apologize or tell them to fuck off, you’re still giving them attention. Say “I don’t care” and move on? You won.

        Indifference is kryptonite to them.

          1. The first-world-problems argument holds no logical water. Besides, what matters is the fact that these people’s “problems” aren’t actually problems at all. By stating that there are bigger problems, you imply that the SJW loons have a valid point, which they don’t.

          2. Fair point. “There are people starving, being beaten, and having their natural human rights denied, and you are worried about strippers in a video game.” (wouldn’t actually use this, but for the lulz….)

  7. Rule #1 for dealing with SocJus cultists: NEVER APOLOGIZE.

    They don’t want an apology. They don’t want you to make amends. They want power. Apologizing, bowing your head in shame, while perfectly normal to everyone else, is a momentary weakness that they exploit by pressing harder.

    They’ve got an apology. You’ve admitted they were right. That means they’re right about everything else they say about you. And they drive the nail home.

    They want full and unquestioning subservience to their ideals, because they’re fascists. I wish I was joking considering how clean their public image is. They’re not like the Klan, or the Westboros. They didn’t start out for the sole purpose of harassing people.

    They started out as Feminists.

    Feminism was a noble ideal that fought, and won, a number of battles for equality. And with those victories, well meaning people, satisfied with their accomplishments, splinter off. Leaving only the people who want to go further. Much further.

    So they ride in on the un-stainable coattails of feminism. Something that everyone believes is a good cause. But the Feminists are gone. All that’s left is the crust and the crumbs.

    1. “They started out as Feminists.”

      More like they took over feminism, like the republicans did the tea party, and the democrats occupy. After said takeovers, no reasonable people wanted to be in feminism, the tea party, or occupy – what was left is a bunch of disappointed people leaving the movements, and the crazies who want to force their views on others using these movements.

    2. Those great and noble feminists who hounded Erin Pizzey out of her country for daring to treat familal violence issues rather than make a multi-billion dollar empire out of Violence Against Wimmin, who gave their best effort to keeping male homosexuality criminalised, and who wanted wealthy white women to vote – fuck everyone else.

      Feminism IS SoJus. SoJus IS Feminism.

  8. SJWs scream and bully a guy for wearing a shirt that a female friend made for his birthday, and he wore on the most important day of his career out of love and pride. They scream about how his shirt oppressed women.
    The same SJWs who sell shirts, and bully/extort/con dimwit celebs into wearing them on camera so they can sell more, made by actual oppressed women working as slave labor in third world sweat shops. Sweat shop slaves oppressed so the SJWs can made a fatter profit on every shirt sold.
    Oh the fucking irony….how it burns.

    If you want to stick two fingers up to these hypocritical hateful SJW shitsticks here is a link that Sargon had below one of his videos for a thank you fund for Dr Matt.

  9. I found this whole case very strange
    I always thought that the “hipster look” was to offend “normal” people just like the “punk look” and to show the world that it does not matter what closes you ware
    But as always most of the time i am wrong

    1. “I always thought that the ‘hipster look’ was to offend ‘normal’ people just like the ‘punk look’ ”

      Nah, the hipster look is to say “look at me, I’m a special snowflake” – unless of course, you offend hipsters. Then it is designed so they can shame you out of their midst. (Hence why they have a mixture of ‘retro’ and designer clothing – It’s auto-defense – You deviate from the hipster norm, and you are a sellout to corporatism, are sexist, or whatever – but your wardrobe is where they start).

      Note: The above is for the lulz, but half-serious. Below, is for serious.

      Kinda like how all the hipster kids I know are all talking about hentai, but then get real “offended” by “street harassment” or “misogynistic video games” – Similar to that one game journalist railing about sexism, while having a subscription to suicide girls.

      1. It is handy to spot them so you can prepare yourself

        Living whit this much hate in your hart isnt a live worth living

    2. The irony is that SJWs embrace the tattooed, far out, wacky look that the good scientist does. SJWs are always dressed in pink and blue hair, pierced and tattooed for their public events. The hypocrisy is staggering.

  10. Some guy said on Twitter he should’ve given the most sincere apology he could muster in the same shirt. Fucking genius. :’)

    Also they’re now to trying to siphon off his gift donations for “women’s shelters” because somehow his attire is battering women and making them homeless. I donated to get a gift for Dr Taylor, the Indiegogo money can not be put towards anything else, otherwise that would be obtaining by deception. Kinda like Chloe Sagal! (But that had nothing to do with fraud of course. It’s because Mr Pinsof has a chip on his shoulder about transgender people, right?) Transparent idiots…

  11. In the case of Taylor, I think his apology was an acceptable move. There are many people who are offended by the unnecessary apology, and it is clear to everyone that it was the product of force and bullying. Now everyone in the world can see what crazies these SJWs really are.

    Now on debate terms, it doesn’t really matter what you say to them – just be a *tiny* bit caustic – throws them off their game, as they are used to being the ones with sarcasm and insults – if you are just a little bit sarcastic, or ridicule their logic just a *tiny* bit, you haven’t said anything they can say “AHA! hate speech!” and at the same time, you are doing what they want to do.

  12. I’m sorry, when did any rational, sane person ever get a shit about the feelings of crazy or stupid people?

  13. I see a lot of this happening on the KIA sub. Well, not apologizing, but worrying overmuch about what a group of people who have already falsely accused us of being a misogynistic hate group might think about what they say, or do.

    It’s like…our opponents are people who can find something to bitch about in the most innocuous of things, and so if they really want to rake us over the coals they won’t wait for us to say something silly, they’ll just do it. Self-censoring for the sake of staying off of their radar is futile, and embarrassing to boot seeing as they’re all a bunch of self-involved shit-stains who ought to be prostrating themselves in front of us, if anyone ought to be.

    I for one won’t apologize. I have nothing to apologize for. And I sure as fuck won’t dance for these assholes either. If they don’t like what I’m dong they can take the first rocket ship to planet I don’t give a fuck.

  14. They need to apologize for Geordie Tait. Possibly it should be one apology for each person murdered by the Nazis. That’s gonna take a long time, though.

  15. My thoughts exactly.

    I don’t give a shit what one’s positions one might hold in life. All I suggest is that you stand by them and don’t give an inch. People need to show some backbone and not back down.

    When it comes to SJWs, apologies will never be good enough. It’s like paying off a blackmailer who you know will demand additional money in the future.

    Simply, don’t give a fuck. Every time they attack your position, simply restate it without giving an inch.

  16. Whatever you do or say there will always be someone who will take offense.
    Their offense is nothing more than a baseless moan with no substance other than their personal dislikes.
    To that I say ‘so fucking what?’

  17. Apologizing means one of three things:
    1) You were wrong
    2) You are sorry you hurt someone’s feelings
    3) Or both

    As a person who isn’t wrong when arguing with an SJW and someone who doesn’t care how special snowflakes feel I would never apologize to a SJW because: I don’t meet any of the criteria for an apology.

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