DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

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Yes, Hillary Clinton collapsed once again during the 9-11 memorial, yet “nothing” really happened.

Her health is perfectly fine. The problem was the weather and if you think otherwise it is because you hate women.

See? None of the above lies would have worked if Trump had been the one fainting.

In other words, it is becoming harder and harder for Democrats to uphold that curtain of lies they have been weaving for the last 3-4 years about Hillary Clinton’s “perfect” health.

How many times can they blame it on the weather, pneumonia or any other given excuse?

How much longer can Democrats be lied to before they admit their collective imaginary intelligence is beyond offense and laughter?

The answer is simple: Even if Hillary collapsed and started having a seizure in the middle of one of the upcoming debates, most Democrats would still believe nothing was ever her fault.

Make no mistake, a more complete admission of Hillary’s authentic neurological health problems is unavoidable and it will take place either by leaks or by their own partial admission. Sooner or later it will become a lie too difficult to uphold because it already is.

However, when that admission takes place nearly none of the bleeding heart Democrats will have the balls to ask the most important question:

Why did you keep liying to us#SickHillary?

All of the lies about her having zero health problems, about “only” having to take “short” bathroom breaks during debates, about “only” being affected by the weather or “just” having pneumonia and all of her consecutive lies will, for some unknown reason, conveniently dissipate into a misplaced sense of feminist pity prefaced by the following DARVO accusation:

Why do you attack Hillary, don’t you see she is sick?

Just think about it, a person that has lied over and over about her health, handling of confidential information and overall duplicitous behavior will get her get-out-of-jail-free-card no matter how much she lies.

Why? Because she is a woman thus a “victim”.

Democrats will try to spin and add more lies to the pile of lies they have already accumulated which will only have the opposite effect:

Prove they were lying all along.

They will fail to cover for their inconsistencies, contradictions and nearly absurd excuses to have lied and said she only had “pneumonia” when she collapsed during the 9-11 2016 memorial.

Hillary will also fail to explain why herself, an ailing, elderly woman chose to worsen her already deteriorating health for the sake of a political campaign. Why would an extremely wealthy woman forego the pleasures of a retiree’s life only to die much faster?

Simple, as a rule, narcissists have a hard time admitting to their own narcissism. Hillary is not different, she is so small inside that she will never admit to her suicidal need for overcompensation.

Mark my words, at this pace, Hillary and her acolytes will keep lying up until the last minute. Until nothing can excuse their lies. Until they make themselves the shame of the Democratic party or its laughing stock. Whichever happens first.

But this only will beg the question:

Why would Democrats keep lying to themselves so blatantly and publicly?

See, that is the problem with faith, it often drives people to make suicidal decisions and in Hillary’s case, she is the house on fire and Democrats are running towards it.

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