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Stoya The Idiot Leper




It is likely you have heard of the Stoya story. If not, in a nutshell she is a porn actress who accused a male porn actor of having raped her. However, her original accusation of rape did not involve the police; she only accused him on social media on November 28 2015.


After Stoya started her personal crusade against Deen, a total of 8 more women have made similar accusations against James Deen. All of them on social media, none is reported to have gone to the police.

As a result, several major agencies dropped Deen as a performer. See? Even the porn industry complies with the feminist religion, even if they do not want to accept it. The fact they disowned their former feminist golden boy is a tacit admission they are afraid of feminism retaliating against their industry. Porn is not the Queen, it is a mere concubine in her majesty; Queen feminism and her Queendom.

This bears resemblance not only with Bill Cosby’s case but also with Jian Gomeshi’s case. In both cases the media decided right from the beginning that both men were guilty until proven innocent. This was based on public appeals of emotion on behalf of women, not facts. Also, in the case of Gomeshi, the press RUSHED to disown their own former feminist golden boy. In that regard, Stoya’s case is not different, the trial by social media has already concluded James Deen is guilty. No real trial needed.

Now, as you may have noticed, the left was also quick to publicize these accusations almost as these women were not the same porn starts the left constantly derides or ignores. Why would they make the exception with Stoya?

Simple. Snakes like to sleep in the same feminist pit. 

Stoya is one of those odd yet marketable “feminist porn actresses”, who is well-connected with other feminists such as feminist pundit Laurie Penny or feminist singer Amanda Palmer. And yes, just as Muslims fond of bacon, “feminists porn actresses” like Stoya do exist, but their existence does not imply coherence.

Despite the glaring contradictions, Stoya toes the leftist line and, so far, she sleeps well next to her fellow feminist snakes. In essence, Stoya is “the right kind of whore” in the eyes of feminists simply because she has similar political leanings. Unlike porn stars like Cytherea, Stoya’s rape accusations were taken at face value despite the fact they were solely made on social media.

Compare that with Cytherea’s case. Her house was broken into; she was gang-raped by thieves who were convicted after she pressed charges. Did the media report on her case the way they reported on Stoya’s? No. That is when it pays off to sleep in the right snake pit, like Stoya did. See, there is something “interesting” about the way the extreme left takes rape accusations on social media:

They are acts of faith not legal facts.

We have seen the same behavior with “acceptable” feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, who makes extraordinary claims of rape threats on social media but rarely goes to the police. Yet everybody “believes” her without credible evidence.
This has the interesting implication that if the woman is telling the truth unless proven otherwise, then the accused male is guilty until proven innocent. Either the woman is telling the truth all time and the male is guilty all the time OR the male is innocent until proven guilty and she is not telling the truth until proven otherwise. It is either one or the other. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Let’s however, play devil’s advocate today and imitate what the left does, we will assume James Deen is telling the truth and as a result Stoya HAS TO be lying.

But since we are playing by the rules of the left first we have to assassinate the character of those we dislike. However we are gonna do something different, instead of only smearing Stoya’s character we need to smear James Deen’s character as well. Why? Because he is innocent until proven guilty but quite frankly, he is an asshole.





James Deen is a narcissistic, impolite and ungrateful jerk who prides himself of being a “star” despite the fact he is shorter than Tom Cruise’s 5′ 7″, but even worse (for his line of business) his penis is quite short at only 6 inches.

Compared to many black actors in porn, James Deen is a short-dicked-diva with an ego too big for his short penis. But this contradiction begs the question: if James Deen is so short and meaningless by porn standards, why is he so popular?

Exactly. James Deen also slept with the snakes in the feminist pit. He even called himself a “male feminist”.

The reality is far from elegant: James Deen is mere training wheels for the average upper-class white Twilight-generation grown up feminist. The one who is still goopy in between her legs after reading Fifty Shades of Grey while listening to Bieber songs.

Those young feminists are biologically adult women with the mind of a child and the libido of a bipolar Chihuahua in heat. With that kind of demographic, it makes sense James Deen became the training wheels attached to the average feminist’s first tiny BDSM-wannabe pink porn bike.

Yes, despite the fact James Deen is only slightly more masculine than Justin Bieber, he managed to attract the kind of feminist audience that is growing bored of lesbian porn and looks for something much less challenging than an actual man. Because to those feminists, anything manly HAS TO look like “toxic masculinity”, hence why they opt for mediocre things like Deen.

This combination of low-challenge looks and a functional penis is the closest feminists got to finding their own proverbial feminist porn unicorn:

A female lesbian feminist born with a penis.

But let’s not forget, despite all these negative features Deen is innocent until proven otherwise. We still have to do what feminists do: “believe the victim” and since Deen is the legal victim here, let’s assume Stoya lied. But why would she? Well, first let’s apply the same question to her for “equality”:




borderline (black and white)

Professionally speaking, word in the porn industry is that Stoya is not mentally sound of mind enough to do reliable business with. That carries a lot of weight when it comes to being hired or ignored in the porn industry. Hence why Stoya is an “independent”.

Or more specifically, Stoya is an “independent feminist porn actress & producer” which in plain English it means she is fickle, moody, bossy, unreliable, unprofessional, does not follow rules other performers do and overall, she is a nightmare to work with. Why? Because she refuses to work for “The Patriarchy”. Perplexingly, independent female producers are not that hard to find in an industry that is allegedly dominated by said “Patriarchy”.

But what truly prevents Stoya from getting work with major players is her erratic behavior in her own personal life. Why? Because she cannot separate her personal matters from the professional ones. How erratic you might ask? Stoya has been known to have threatened her semi-serious partners with either killing herself or saying they raped her if she does not get what she wants.

This happened to high-profile ex-partners like musician Marilyn Manson, who opted to just  let her go and to this date, refuses to comment on it.

James Deen also had to go through the same blackmail sessions where Stoya would hang herself from a balcony and threaten to commit suicide on the spot if James broke up with her.

But even worse, when a concerned James Deen told her he would call 911, the hanging Stoya would refuse and threaten to instead charge him with rape if he called first responders. (See? Stoya seems to consistently avoid the authorities and the resulting scrutiny)

Deen finally put an end to the relationship and Stoya kept playing the same game of cry-wolf & threats but instead of using a balcony, she used text messages (and allegedly, Deen still has those texts on his phone).

After they broke up, Stoya begged Deen to come back to her and even hired him for a scene not one, not two but five weeks after the alleged rape took place.

What apparently made Stoya snap and make the false rape claims on Twitter is that she found out Deen was planning to buy a house with his current girlfriend. According to the leaks,


Stoya was never raped by Deen. Stoya falsely accused Deen as retaliation for breaking up with her.


All of these claims were leaked by a veteran industry insider, here is the excerpt, judge by yourself,

“I know that Stoya posted a scene with James and Dana Vespoli on her website, Trenchcoat X, the morning before her tweets that began this mess. Then, later that day, she learned from Conor Habib that James and his current girlfriend are buying a house together, and that’s when all hell broke loose.
I know that the reason James broke it off with Stoya is he got tired of her threatening to kill herself, and alternately, him. The night it came to a head she was hanging from his balcony over a fatal drop threatening to let go. When he decided to call 911, she told him she would claim assault and rape if the cops came.
When he didn’t want to foot the bill to ship her things back to New York, she again threatened rape. She used the phrase “all I have to do is say it. Who’s going to believe you?” I’ve seen the texts.
This isn’t new. She did the same thing to Marilyn Manson. Just ask Tony Ciulla, his manager. Unfortunately, neither of them can or will go on the record because, again, men. Not allowed.
I know that for months after they split, Stoya was texting James begging him to stay in her life and take her back. “You’re my heroin,” she would say. He still has those texts as well, and is resisting the urge to release them because he’s such an asshole.
I know that five weeks after they split, Stoya HIRED James to shoot this scene with HER, that she directed. Because she was that upset about the “rape.” Please watch this scene unfold and draw your own conclusion as to their dynamic”



Again, there are too many inconsistencies with Stoya’s version of the events, the dates don’t add up and she never went to the police. If we put two and two together, Stoya is an unmedicated borderline personality disorder liar who avoided the police for fears of being caught red-handed. Thus, Stoya was lying from the beginning to force Deen to take her back and she only made the rape claims as retaliation for him settling down with someone else much better than her.

Stoya is a dangerous, mentally ill liar.

But this begs the question, Why is Stoya trying to gain sympathy from those who feel utter contempt for her? Doesn’t she realize the leftist media only feigns sympathy because she means clicks? They will eat her alive as soon as it becomes profitable or as soon as she doesn’t toe the party line.

If Stoya expects to be thrown a leftist bone, she is the deluded one here because to date, not a single ex-porn star has successfully transitioned to Hollywood or TV. Why? Because the leftist industry won’t hire ex-porn stars for fears of feminists themselves boycotting the production.

Because what the left does not tell Stoya and all the other “feminist porn actresses” is that they are branded for life. They are and will always be “filthy porn lepers”.

Stoya is a mere porn leper with hipster dreams of grandeur licking the leg of the left for supplicant approval. Even if it means to be urinated on by it.






The pattern of vindictive feminists using social media for retribution instead of going to the police seems to match Stoya’s case. The same applies to each and every one of the other 8-10 women who accused Deen; they did not press charges when the events took place and instead, waited until now to mob him on social media. Here’s the worst part, despite cameras recording detailed evidence and people on set becoming automatic witnesses, these women still got away with crying wolf. Are witnesseses or video evidence part of the average sexual encounter?


Therefore, the average man can be falsely charged with rape too easily by any woman who seeks retribution.  This trend of “trial by social media” is more of a “witch hunt by social media” where the purpose is personal, egotistical retribution not authentic justice.

Stoya’s actions have also had a divisive effect on an already fragmented industry. Currently, those men and women who publicly oppose Stoya’s claims and demand due process for Deen are being called “traitors” and being boycotted.

As blatant as it sounds, the ones supporting Stoya have gone as far as calling due process “useless” while Stoya’s business partner has publicly claimed that damaging Deen’s income with rape claims belongs to “the court of public opinion” and things like “burden of proof  and innocent until proven guilty etc.” really don’t count. Yes, it is not satire, they actually oppose due process. By their warped logic, this article is also part of the “court of public opinion”. But as always, feminists object when their rules are applied to them and demand a benevolent double standard they can benefit from.

Because of all this, I, for one #IDoNotStandWithStoya just the way I did not #StandwithJackie.

Because what Stoya is doing is not too different from the lies propagated by the media with cases like the Rolling Stone’s Jackie Rape Hoax. Jackie’s false story was blatantly inconsistent from the beginning and just like religion fairy tales, it was taken at face value. The fact checking? That came later from outside sources.

Because of hoaxers like Jackie or Stoya, authentic victims of rape do not receive the help they need and men’s lives are destroyed.

This behavior suggests neither the media nor feminists truly care about authentic victims of rape. Quite the opposite, their irresponsible behavior only damages the credibility of authentic rape victims who will be met with far more scrutiny and skepticism than the necessary.

No. Feminists like Stoya don’t care about authentic victims of rape.

See? “Equality”.

Thank you for reading.

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