stroke Hillary

Guest Editorial by Balls

Allow me to preface this with saying all of this is pure speculation. Furthermore, though I do not like her, I do hope Secretary Clinton is doing well. I do not wish any ill will upon her, but hope that she’s more transparent about her health in the future.

Roughly a month ago, I appeared on Killstream 40 to discuss Hillary’s health with Ralph and Janet. As a medical professional with several years of high level experience, I speculated that Secretary Clinton’s 2012 fainting spell was in fact a stroke caused by a blood clot brought on by atrial fibrillation.


The coughing fits, fainting spells, and diagnosis of pneumonia only further lament my statement. But for those of you that didn’t get to hear the stream, allow me to explain.

Atrial fibrillation is a fairly common cardiac arrhythmia. A-fib causes poor conduction of the upper chamber of the heart (atrium). As a result, blood begins to pool in the atrium and form clots. These clots can easily make their way into the brain causing a stroke.

This is easily treated with the drug Coumadin (warfarin). Coumadin thins the blood, thus decreasing the chances of a clot forming. I mention this because Secretary Clinton’s doctor Lisa Bardack lists it as one of the drugs she’s prescribed. Dr. Bardack claims that Secretary Clinton takes Coumadin due to a history of blood clots. They claimed one formed in her brain after she fell and struck her head in 2012. Others forming in her legs in both 1998 and 2009.

I find this odd. Coumadin can cause some pretty nasty complications (cerebral hemorrhaging, gastrointestinal bleeding) and requires routine lab work. It’s something that should be monitored closely. I for one have never seen Coumadin used to treat anything other than a-fib related clots. Taking daily Coumadin for simple clots is like swatting a fly with a sledge hammer. Generally, clots are treated with drugs like Lovenox, Heparin, or Xarelto until the clot dissolves. Then typically the patient takes aspirin daily as a preventative measure.

All of this points to her having a stroke, but as the events of this weekend unraveled, I became even more confident in my assumptions.

Have you ever had something “go down the wrong pipe?” You choke and cough uncontrollably, you clear your throat again and again…much like Secretary Clinton has done one numerous occasions. For most of us, this is a rare occurrence. Maybe someone made you laugh while you were taking a drink, or what have you. For this to happen to a supposedly healthy person on numerous occasions is quite odd. Would it be so odd if that person has suffered a stroke in the past?

Dysphagia is quite common in stroke victims. Their ability to completely swallow along with their gag reflex are weakened. This leads to saliva, liquids, and even bits of food making their way down into the lungs. By the time they start coughing it may be too late. The majority of what’s passed through their pharynx will likely stay down in the lungs. It’s very sad and all too common. Unfortunately a lot of elderly people die from asphyxia due to choking. However, for those that manage to survive aspirating, the risk of death is not over.

Aspiration pneumonia occurs when liquid, saliva, and/or food makes it’s way into the lungs. Our lungs share one entrance and exit. Once something gets down in there it’s very difficult to get it all out. The inflammation process takes place and thus pneumonia. It can easily bring about bacterial infections and eventually sepsis (bacteria in the blood stream). I myself have seen numerous people die as a result of aspiration pneumonia.

Still with me? Let me piece this all together for you then. I speculate that Secretary Clinton has atrial fibrillation. As a result, a blood clot formed in her atrium and traveled to her brain causing a stroke. This stroke resulted in dysphagia. Dysphagia has caused her to aspirate, leading to pneumonia.

Now, obviously this isn’t going to kill her. She’ll be fine. She can afford the best medical care money can buy. They could build an entire hospital room with 24/7 staff in her house (EDITOR’S NOTE: and they possibly have). I wouldn’t expect to see her in the hospital unless this takes a dramatic turn for the worst. What concerns me is the deceitfulness. It’s clear to me that we’re being lied to, something that this candidate for president doesn’t seem to mind doing. We can only hope that Secretary Clinton will be transparent with this very serious issue and tell us the truth for once.