I sometimes go a little off topic in the intro, cause why not? It’s my site, right? Anyway, I had a nice evening with my co-editor over at the wrestling site, Kat. Sitting back and drinking while watching Archer (great season this year btw)…that was the agenda. Now that she’s asleep, I figured I would do a few news hits for the site. Well, at least this one. Possibly more, but we’ll see if I stay awake. I sometimes end up fucking around and falling asleep, unfortunately. 

So, a few days ago, I was provided with a list of tweets that Brianna Wu had made pre-GamerGate. I haven’t been all the way through it, cause it’s long as hell. But here’s a few selections from what i have been through: Selection_999(374) Selection_999(375) Selection_999(377) Selection_999(379)Selection_999(381)

The funniest one of these tweets, is of course Wu begging Anita Sarkeesian to retweet her dumbass plan to boycott Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Even Anita knew that was a loser with one fucking glimpse. It’s hilarious to see Brianna working through what would become her GamerGate playbook, honing her victim-voice, and misrepresenting gaming. OK, that last part is not actually funny. It’s more like infuriating. And of course we have the radfem hater Maddy Myers there dragging up the rear. I have no idea what the fuck she’s babbling on about with privilege and violent video games, but there you have it. Make of the ramblings what you will.

I’m gonna comb through this list more thoroughly tomorrow and see if there’s enough for a part two on this story. If I only see one or two, I’ll probably just tweet them out. This is a good post to show people who think this all started with gamers. It’s just not the case. These professional agitators were trying to start fights with us long before we finally reacted to their aggression. Now, they want to blame us. It’s a lie, and it’s always been a lie.

  1. Sometimes I think about the 100k or so people on the fringes of GamerGate and smile at the idea of an entire generation being immunized against the tactics of the extreme left.

    1. It’s not even just immunized against the extreme left, it’s against extreme everything. Most people learn that being extremely against something or for something doesn’t ultimately make you happy – Those that never learn become SJWs, professional victims, radfems, and criminals. (Or those that are lazy go FullMcIntosh)

  2. Yes, Brianna, you do it by chopping off your dick and making a big deal about how you’re a woman now. It’s never anything other than that. You are a type of person who idolizes a gender, and pays next to no attention to personality.

    That is true sexism.

    1. Dare I say “Internalized Misandry”? LMFAO. But seriously Wu, was a dude, and privileged, and he/she wanted to give that up out of the goodness of their heart? Don’t make me laugh. More like John realized that becoming Brianna would give him/her a giant stick to bully people with. (SocJus)

      I don’t even really think that Wu is a true transgender person at this point – It’s all about the Megaphone, and dogpiling on the accusations from Anita’s work.

      It’s almost as if any dude can dress like a woman, spout extreme feminist rhetoric / propaganda and get a pass for just about anything – Funny that this doesn’t seem to worry SJWs. Maybe we should all just “feel”, act, and dress like women – then what will they attack gamergate with?

  3. You know… given that you’re just one guy that’s having a hard time keeping on top of all this stuff Ralph it kinda makes you wonder why the so called journos keep posting different versions of the same bloody articles. It’s not like there isn’t a tonne of info out there to be discovered and written about…

    1. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” – You know who.

  4. The whole feminist encroachment on video games is an effort to “smash the patriarchy”. In their eyes anything male-centric or “laddish” is patriarchy.

  5. True story.
    I showed a few co-workers and friends these story and twits with Wu. They have only 1 thing to say… mental.

  6. One thing I want to know is why does a woman that has only been so for a handful of years, feel that she has the experience, knowledge and ultimately the authority to talk on behalf of other women and against white cis hetero men that SHE was a few short years ago and enjoyed, presumably, all the privileges of.
    But extending this out a little further. If she considers being a woman such a bad rap and so bad to be….ummm…did she not CHOOSE a VERY expensive operation or two to become a woman.

    Now something about all of the above, does not sound right. It sounds suspiciously like agenda

    1. With Wu, I think it is just convenience. If she remained as John, all she would have been was a failed video game designer – As Brianna she can be a failed video game designer who is still celebrated, still makes money, and is married to a weird lawyer.

    2. Gender is social construct, or so they say, designed by men to oppress women, or so they say.

      Under this paradigm the only way to present yourself as a woman is to present yourself as a victim. Every other mode of expressing femininity is supporting Patriarchy.

  7. i have 10 bucks that say’s Brianna is not going to release revolt 60 for PC

    (dont get me wrong i would love it when i comes to steam….some one would pirate it and i can have so much fun whit the 3D models and textures.If i run them truh Blander 3D they would be legally mine to do whit what i want,its like taking a picture of a painting thing)

  8. Nice to see the history here. It just further shows groups interesting in dismantling games and putting in their own agenda.

  9. don’t forget that before GG she also begged totalbiscuit to review her game, and he didn’t respond.

    then she later goes on to claim “he’s irrelevant” and that “she’d never heard of him until gamergate.”

    and well, you guys know how it goes…

  10. Here’s my reaction every time that colossal attention seeking hypocrite John Flynt makes the most outrageous bullshit claims about “her” insecurities, and as for every other Sociopath Injustice Narcissist:


    P.S. Shout out to Sargon of Akkad for showing me this AWESOME vid! LOL.

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