EDIT: I forgot to post this last week, so it fucked up the order a bit. Read this, then go read the last two I put up. Everything should make more sense now. (This is #14. #15 & #16 are here.)

I’m about to have to actually leave my house and go to the fucking grocery store. I’m not too excited about it, yet I need food for sustenance. I might go ahead an write the next column up before I go, but we’ll see. I know one thing: this cartoon is going up. We only have the one strip this time. Maybe we’ll do a double shot on the next one. Anyway, here you go:#14

Also, if you have anything you want me to write about, or a reader column you want to pitch to me, talk about it in the comments. Hell, just say what you want. It’s an open thread. I think I am going to go ahead and write this next one up before I go to the store, so be on the lookout for that within the next hour.

    1. I’m having a blast playing (the free-to-play) Dirty Bomb beta with my son.

      I also have a backlog of Steam games that I purchased extremely cheap (like $7.50 or lower) during one of their many sales:

      Homeworld 1/2 Remastered
      (Paid $30 which is a steal for those awesome games)

      Deux Ex Human Revolution

      Dead Island series

      Alien Isolation

      Aliens: Colonial Marines
      (I know it’s supposed to suck HARD but I picked up for $5 including all DLC content & add-ons)

    2. Splatoon, mainly, and some Pokemon Shuffle whenever the hearts restore. As soon as I get a moment, I’d really like to get back into either Smash Bros. WiiU, Hyrule Warriors, or Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (actually, there’s a shit ton of games I’ve got an itch to play, but I guess those three are at the forefront of my mind right now… gaming backlogs are suffering).

    3. Splatoon and Smash Bros 4 mostly. If I’m bored I’ll either play the rare collection after or paint one of my amiibos.

  1. So in all honesty, who here is actually guilty of falling for the SJW’s garbage at one point?

    Me… I used to hang onto MovieBob’s every word. I sympathized with the guy, because he shared my love for Japanese games and my disdain at the fact that they’re no longer the dominant force in the industry that they once were, with “gritty” grey and brown American-made shooters flooding the market. However, as I learned from participating in his blog comments (where he made a LOT of enemies), I’ve come to the realization that, as much as I’m not personally fond of those type of games, they nevertheless have their share of fans who just wanna play what they like without all the slander (and frankly, even I started to really lose Bob when he suddenly brought up this “9/11 revenge fantasy” bullshit completely out of nowhere…. and worse, trying to insert it into nearly every episode despite having absolutely no place in them). I mean, I wish those genres weren’t so damn dominating, with their ads and shit plastered everywhere one could possibly look, but I’m not wishing they don’t exist entirely…. live and let live, you know.

    I can also say that I used to think a discussion about women in games might’ve actually been worth having, because male protagonists do seemingly account for the majority (though not near as bad of a disproportionate balance as SJWs would have you believe) and quite a few games do seem to be guilty of tokenism, but then I watched Anita’s first few videos and…. nope. Of course, the media’s slander of games like Senran Kagura, and especially what Jason Schreier said about George Kamitani, did nothing to make me see these assholes in a favorable light. I stuck around MovieBob’s blog for a while, slowly watching the comments section turn into an outright war against him demanding that he fucking address valid criticism (which, of course, he continually failed to do)…. and then GamerGate happened, and I officially quit his shit after he showed he’s never going to change his tune, no matter how much the SJWs’ narrative completely blows up in their face (and, as I learned later, even when the dumbass himself gets fired).

    1. I had two, that I remember vividly.

      One was 8-4 Play, a localization studio in Japan that ran an every other week podcast. They worked on one of my top PS360 games, Nier. They often talk about JP games and culture and all the DS and Vita games that come out over there. They play them on JP release, since they obviously know JP and the games never come out here. They play odd games like the Nintendo DS Anime Girlfriend game, not sure the name, but you literally just take her out on dates and chat. Anyway, the blatant non-apologetic white knight defense of Dina and all the crap she did at Mighty Number 9 was disgusting. 8-4 Play worked with the company on their Kickstarter, and so they had a business relationship, it was very sketchy. They did not address any concerns (before or after Gamergate) and attacked Gamers.

      The second was at a niche forum I visited fairly regularly, almost every day at lunch type of place, but not anymore. The owner of the site had a RL friend on the forum before he moved, so that RL friend had “high status” in the community. He proceed to call Gamers terrorists for emailing Intel. My first thoughts were, “wtf are you sick?” and my second thoughts were “Did you not see you know who hack, DDoS, and dox The Fine Young Capitalists? A feminist group trying to get woman into creating games.” The owner of the site did shut him up and told him to stop, but ever since then GG was a taboo subject to never talk about. No discussion, no growth, I left.

  2. Ralph, did you watch any of the Huffpost Live Gamergate interviews?

    I watched the one with Oliver, Koretzky, and Jennie and it was amazing how many times the word “harassment” was used.

    It’s sad that every time I heard the word, I need the person to explain it, because disagreement is NOT harassment.

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