Sunday Times Writer India Knight on Trump: "The assassination is taking such a long time."

Sunday Times Writer India Knight on Trump: “The assassination is taking such a long time.”

I’ve seen some crazy tweets in response to President Trump. I’ve even seen some calls for his assassination by Twitter randos and the like. But when a writer for one of the world’s biggest newspapers muses about his assassination taking too long, I think that might just take the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a lot of the media thinks like this. Stating it publicly, though? Wow.

Here’s India Knight, writer for the Sunday Times, over on Twitter. She put this out a couple days ago, but it has only started getting real traction this morning.


It’s fine to disagree with Trump on whatever issue you, well, take issue with. However, wishing for his murder is taking things a bit too far. I used to put this under the “needless to say” catagory, but people are unhinged as of late. If punching people who are designated as “Nazis” is cool, then I guess the next step is obvious. Political murder is also kosher.

Imagine being this demented about politics. We are living in some dangerous times.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Mr0303

    Maybe the FBI should pay her a visit. No, I don’t think she was seriously suggesting that she’s involved in a conspiracy to kill the President, but people who constantly undermine his authority should at least be mildly inconvenienced.

    • Dottie Martin

      Maybe we should call for her assassination?

      • missy

        Yes, I would call for her assasination ASAP?? I would love to see her get beheaded!!

    • A real problem is that many whack jobs do not need a lot to justify going off the deep end–this sort of comment could be that catalyst.

      I firmly believe in anyone’s right to free speech, however I equally defend my right to call them an a$$hole for saying what they did–and reserve my right to pop them in the snoot if they really piss me off…

      • Jessicaalorenzo

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  • Maintenance Renegade

    Another progtard fails at historical comprehension. Shooting presidents just makes them more powerful, if they survive they receive a massive influx of political capital and if they die they become martyrs ensuring that their most vocal critics and opposition get vilified if not outright criminalized.

  • Silence Dogood

    People advocating for political violence think asking them if murder is okay is a slippery slope fallacy when really it is bringing the point to it’s logical conclusion. Logic is dangerous and unwieldy in the hands of idiots. History has proven time and time again that political violence always leads to more violence as people defend themselves and it always leads to someone winding up dead (as that one Antifa nearly found out).

    • Lost Question

      funny thing is they are making trump into a self fulfilling prophecy they see trump as a dictator or someone who will crack down on them so they act violent and erratically which gives trump a mandate to have them stopped.
      i wonder how long it will be until antifa is marked as a domestic terrorist group. then get properly targeted as a terrorist group

      • Silence Dogood

        The media truly is the new opposition. And they’re playing a game they’re going to get absolutely fucking rekt at.

  • Danlantic

    I looked her up. Her best sellers are her cook books. She has written some novels, too, but they are not noteworthy.

    • missy

      She wrote . Do you want me?? bwahahahaha

  • jody iniguez

    let’s blow this bitch up. watch your back

    • missy

      I’m with you girl!

  • Marge Kiefer

    She should be hog tied because she looks like a pig.

    • Willardsdaughter

      This comment is unworthy of you . . .

      • Right to be right

        Well one has to admit she’s not acting very human!

  • Matt
  • Botiemaster

    If no one bothered to assassinate the previous President, why does she think anyone would this go round with a white dude? LOL. For such a racist, supposed minority of voters, we sure did mess THAT up in the past 8 years. It’s almost as if we weren’t racist at all, but we all know better!

  • Yuno Gasai
  • Ronald Moyer

    The assassination of India Knight is taking much too long!

    • missy

      I would love for her to get rape and beheaded!!Or burried alive. Whichever quicker!!

  • orbo

    Pretty sure calling for the president’s assassination is a form of treason.
    Though really, even if it wasn’t the fbi should probably be paying her a visit anyway.

    This is way beyond making idle threats, she’s basically saying with thousands if not millions of people watching “why hasn’t someone killed trump yet?!?”

    If the founding fathers knew free speech would be used like this they may have had second thoughts on it, India Knight here certainly doesn’t deserve it.

    • Lost Question

      i’m sure she’s somewhere on a couple of the various the letter agency’s to watch list, and if trump does end up getting assassinated there are a couple people like her who will be on a 0th class airplane trip to gitmo before the body cools.

    • Craig Welch

      How is calling for the assassination of a foreign country ‘treason’?

  • Country Above Self

    The U.S. should ban her from entering the U.S. permanently.

  • If Hillary Clinton had won, I wonder how this India bint would act if a Trump supporter said the assassination of Clinton was “taking such a long time”?


    Another idiot shill. Probably going to get some down time with the Secret Service. Chair under a lightbulb. Scare her stupid.

  • barbara lee

    Another immature poor loser with a demented sense of importance. Unhinged. The list grows. Madonna. Ashley Judd. Gaga. Cher. Cyrus. Odonnell. and STEINEM is “back” reading passionless prose full of hatred. Marxist liberals (aka Communist) all. And so it goes. Oh and then there are men wearing vaginas and skirts to understand, or “listen and learn”. George Soros is really getting a bang for his bucks with what he has stirred up again ~ this is a crazy poopstorm. Just shut these people down when they take it to this extreme.

  • Samsquanch

    Remember when the Left thought cross hairs were the ultimate evil? Yeah… they don’t pay attention to themselves.

  • Anders Wiberg

    I really hope India will be assasinated as soon as possible.