I’ve seen some crazy tweets in response to President Trump. I’ve even seen some calls for his assassination by Twitter randos and the like. But when a writer for one of the world’s biggest newspapers muses about his assassination taking too long, I think that might just take the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a lot of the media thinks like this. Stating it publicly, though? Wow.

Here’s India Knight, writer for the Sunday Times, over on Twitter. She put this out a couple days ago, but it has only started getting real traction this morning.



It’s fine to disagree with Trump on whatever issue you, well, take issue with. However, wishing for his murder is taking things a bit too far. I used to put this under the “needless to say” catagory, but people are unhinged as of late. If punching people who are designated as “Nazis” is cool, then I guess the next step is obvious. Political murder is also kosher.

Imagine being this demented about politics. We are living in some dangerous times.