I’m going to put up a few posts, but for the most part, I’m chilling and watching the Super Bowl today. I also bought Madden 16 last night, since it was on sale for $20 in the Playstation Store. Yes, I know, it’s EA. They do suck, but I’ve heard good things about this year’s Madden, plus I just really want a football game to play. Sue me. If any of you want to add me on the PS4, my username is ColorfulRalph. I think my Playstation Plus membership has run out, though, so I might just pick up another round of that as well. We’ll see.

Regardless, this short post was made to shill my username and also ask my American readers who they have in the big game tonight. Personally, I’m pulling for the Carolina Panthers. Why? Well, it comes down to me hating Peyton Manning, to be quite honest. OK, hate is a strong term. I guess dislike would be more appropriate. I still remember being a young Alabama Crimson Tide fan and watching him dismantle us year after year as the quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols have sucked ass for awhile now, while the Tide just keeps winning national titles, so perhaps I should get over it. But old wounds die hard. (Also, he beat the shit out of my Chiefs in the playoffs TWICE, and I haven’t forgotten those, either.)

Anyway, let me know who you got if the mood strikes you. International readers, feel free to weigh in as well, if you watch any American football. I’m going to go edit a couple guest editorials, and I’ve got one post of my own. So we should have three entries coming right up. As always, thank you for reading TheRalphRetort.com, and have a lovely Super Bowl Sunday.