Well, that was certainly an interesting evening. My stream ended up getting raided after I fell asleep. I now have a strike on YouTube and am banned from live streams pending appeal. I do have a backup account, though, so we’ll see what happens. But, I need to focus on writing more anyway. Here’s the first effort of that re-focusing.

Late yesterday, while I was on air, I received word that Dean Cain officially came out in support of GamerGate. As Mike Cernovich said, you would be surprised at the amount of high-profile supporters we have. Most celebs that support us keep quiet for fear of retribution from the SJW-infested mainstream media. You can understand why. It’s business. 

But every so often, you have brave souls like Mr. Cain, who simply don’t give a fuck. Here’s more from Milo’s Breitbart column:

“I’ve been playing games, all these types of games, my entire life. I’ve also shot the real guns and done the real thing, and I promise you, as my son has, there is no correlation,” Cain said of accusations by social justice warriors that games breed toxic behavior. “I don’t buy it for a second. If someone’s pre-disposed to do something, the game is not going to kick them over the edge.”

Cain went beyond a simple critique of social justice, however. He decided to engage what my internet friends call “maximum over-rustle” by defending the GamerGate movement, even though he knows its supporters have been unfairly smeared with allegations of misogyny.

Also, you can check out the show they did together here:

I’m just happy to see more people come out of the woodwork. As Milo notes, were starting to see that the old media has lost a bit of its power. Sure, if they all focus on you at once like they did with the lion-killing dentist, then you’re fucked. But stepping out and voicing opposition to these SJWs isn’t as risky as it used to be. Dean Cain is proving that right now. Hopefully more will follow his lead.

I’ll be back with more in a bit. I just thought this should be trumpeted as much as possible.