I wasted the last day or so messing with my new laptop. I know, super exciting stuff. I told you all that, thanks to the Amazon financing program, I got a new laptop (i7 version, but the i5 one is a crazy good deal) the other day, didn’t I ? That’s led to fun pastimes like wondering why Paradox Interactive games wouldn’t work on the new setup. As it turns out, there were some obscure “dll” files missing. Once I installed them, everything became copacetic. So, I will be able to build my badass dynasty in Crusader Kings II during my travels now.

Still, I doubt many of you care about my adventures in computing. Instead, you’d rather I got off my as and wrote something of worth. I’ll get to that in just a moment, but to be fair, I have gotten the near-daily Rundown podcast going pretty well (and did you know we’re on iTunes? /gratuitous mention). I’m going to continue to aim for Monday-Friday, with Saturday’s #Killstream filling the weekend audio slots. I’m also going to bring back the Wednesday show next week, so that may take up one of the weekday Rundown slots in the future. We’ll play it by ear on that one, though.

OK, OK, enough bullshit. I said I was going to write something, didn’t I? For that, we turn to our Swedish brothers and sisters. When you talked about western countries that are cucked, Sweden always comes to mind. Their society has been altered by extreme multiculturalism in a way many would consider negative. After all, they don’t call Sweden The Rape Capital of The West for nothing.

Some would have a hard time believing Sweden’s sad case could get any more absurd, however those individuals would be mistaken


A debate about sexual molestation flared in Sweden earlier this year after it emerged that groups of boys had groped girls at the We Are Sthlm youth festival for two years running.

“We’re hoping mainly that this will get boys to think twice. A lot of them don’t seem to realize that this is a crime,” national police chief Dan Eliasson told news agency TT. 

Swedish police were heavily criticized for not releasing details on the total 36 reports of sexual assault and two rape allegations filed after the festivals in 2014 and 2015.

Many of the alleged perpetrators were young Afghan refugees, newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported when it broke the story in January, as police fielded accusations of burying the reports to avoid stoking anti-immigrant sentiment…

With the festival season about to kick off, police have started the new #tafsainte (Don’t grope) campaign as part of a wider plan to counteract sexual harassment among young people…

Police officers will hand out armbands at major youth events this summer. The text on the bracelets reads: “POLICEAVSPÄRRAT #tafsainte (Police cordon, don’t grope.)

Armbands meant to “remind” immigrant males that they are supposed to grope women? Even in their native societies, where women are often treated abhorrently, they know you aren’t supposed to grope and rape them. They know it’s “wrong.” Anyone who isn’t a fucking psychopath knows that is immoral behavior. People still do it, though, because they just don’t care. Their personal pleasure is paramount to them.

I’m a pretty big believer in campaigns like this being a big waste of money. Wristbands to stop rape? You have to be fucking with me. I’m not saying every single education campaign is a complete waste, but most of the ones I see nowadays are just crafted to get more bureaucrats paid while greasing corporate palms. In this case, I just think the Swedish really are fucking goofy enough to think a harebrained scheme like this will actually work. That’s why they’re Sweden.


PS: This program is off to an inauspicious start…