People could have interpreted the first debate in a few different ways. Many of us who support Donald Trump gave the slight nod since he mostly kept things together and didn’t get blown up. I can definitely see how others gave him the loss, however. He wasn’t all that poised and he got rattled way too often. Tonight was a completely different story. He was under control even though he was facing a much tougher atmosphere due to the recent release of the pussy grab tape. Even his harshest attack lines were delivered in a calm way which made them 1000% more effective. I can’t say this will win him the election, but I can tell you that he won the night…and it wasn’t even close.

In my opinion, his performance proved what his supporters already knew. Trump is at his best when his back is against the wall.

Right at the start there was some planted question about the previous debate being rated mature, with the woman whining about “muh kids.” Well, don’t have any fucking kids then if you can’t explain the world to them. That’s not Trump’s responsibility and it’s not Clinton’s, either. Of course Hillary pandered to this jabbering fool, what else would you expect?

I was shocked the tape question didn’t come up first…

But we didn’t have to wait very long…

Trump seemed to be reluctant to go after Bill Clinton’s past issues at first, but once he jumped in he went at the former president and his complicit wife with great gusto.

Trump even hit her on the rigged Democratic primary process, which we found out was even worse than we thought after reading the Podesta email leaks.

I also thought Trump was much better when it came to calling out the biased moderators. Anderson Cooper wasn’t completely shit, but the same cannot be said about Martha Raddatz. Rarely will you ever see a more corrupt debate moderator.

The line of the night might have been delivered here. Donald just completely nails Hillary after she goes into some bizarre citation of Abraham Lincoln to justify her lies…

Even Bill knew Hill was getting her ass kicked…

The man even brought up Benghazi. It was pretty much night and day compared to the first debate. He was following up the attacks as well, which is something he didn’t really do during their first engagement.

The media was busy spreading a rumor about Mike Pence dropping off the ticket. That of course turned out to be false, but they found other ways to debase themselves.

The final question of the night might have been the best one. After 90 minutes of brutal hand-to-hand combat, a guy got up and asked them both to name one thing they admired about the other person. Hillary cited Trump’s children, which caused the crowd to laugh since it wasn’t really a quality Trump himself possessed. But she slightly turned it around and said his stellar kids said something about the man himself. It was still weak as hell.

Trump actually paid Mrs. Clinton a hell of a compliment and said she was a tenacious fighter who never quits. It was one of his finer moments from the debate and served as a strong closing to an already amazing night.

I don’t see how any level-headed observer can say Trump didn’t win this contest. This was his best performance of the campaign season and it came at a time when he desperately needed it. I think it’s going to have a big impact. Will it seal his victory? Who knows. But he showed a lot to me and to the country with this effort. Congratulations on the victory, Donald. Oh, and congrats to Chris Christie, who supposedly ran the debate prep. Get this man something deep-fried. He deserves to celebrate as well.