Former “Ready for Hillary” Director Says Bernie Sanders May be a White Supremacist

Democrats keep handling the election of Donald Trump in the worst ways…

UNREALITY: Clintonite Blames Hillary’s Loss on Alleged Sexism From “Bernie Bros”

The Clinton Crew is still blaming anything and everything…except their shitty candidate.…

BERNIE SELLS OUT…AGAIN: Pro-Clinton Tweet Part of Paid Hillary Promo

This is sad to see. Like many others, I had a grudging…

Bernie Sanders Supporters Go Into Meltdown After He Endorses Hillary Clinton

Sorry for the delay on posting today, but I was up late…

Gloria Steinem Forced to Apologize for Saying Young Women Support Sanders Because “Boys Are With Bernie”

Gloria Steinem comes out with a completely disingenuous apology for her comments on Bill Maher’s show last night.

Hypocritical Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops on Draft Registration for Women

Is there ANY position Hillary Clinton won’t abandon for political expediency?

Bernie Sanders Gets Attacked by Radical Activists Over Right to Trial For Accused Rapists

Bernie Sanders, still getting attacked by rad fems and the like.