How Public Opinion Gets Manipulated After Every Islamic Terrorist Attack

cover of article on Islamic terrorism
So yet again, France has been struck by a large-scale terrorist attack carried out by a Muslim, ISIS claiming credit. As horrible of an atrocity as this is, it’s hardly shocking at this point – the problem of Muslim terrorism has only gotten worse as world leaders refuse to address the root causes, namely a hateful, unreformed belief system coupled with a grievance culture that puts even BlackLivesMatter to shame.
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Trump’s Proposed Muslim Immigration Ban Isn’t Controversial. It’s Sensible.

Last week’s murder of at least 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, carried out by Muslim perpetrator pledging allegiance to ISIS, was yet another stark reminder of what a growing Muslim population means for Western countries. It also rekindled the debate surrounding Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily suspend Muslim immigration. While Omar Mateen, the Orlando mass murderer, was born in the US, his parents were Muslim immigrants from Afghanistan. The fact that a second generation American could be driven to commit mass murder by his adherence to Islam shows that the problems caused by Muslim immigration will inevitably be felt for generations.
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