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Wolf Whistling and Other ‘Sexist’ Remarks Could Become Hate Crimes in London

Last year, Nottinghamshire police trailed a scheme that classed any offence where a woman was intimidated or targeted by a man as a hate crime. Nottinghamshire expanded its categories in hate crime to include misogynistic incidents such as wolf-whistling and sexist remarks. Police chiefs are now...

HONOUR KILLING: 19-Year Old Celine Dookran Killed For Dating Boy Of A Different Race

  A few days ago I wrote about a girl (Celine Dookhran) being found dead in a fridge in South London. I attempted to make a video going deeper into the story, and make some comments about the Asian community.

HONOUR KILLING: 19-Year Old Girl Found Dead In Fridge In South London

A 19-year old and, her cousin, a 21-year old were allegedly kidnapped and taken to a house in Kingston, London. The police were made aware of the missing girls after a concerning phone call around 5 pm, and had been searching for them in a...


On Thursday, five acid attacks occurred in London over the course of 90 minutes. Two boys were arrested; a 15 year old boy and a 16 year old boy. Allegedly, these boys threw acid in the face of the victims and then proceeded to rob...