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TRR STRIKES AGAIN: BioWare Montreal in Shambles After Mass Effect: Andromeda Disaster

I caught a lot of heat off the Mass Effect: Andromeda post from earlier this year. All I did was take a woman to task over her claims about having been a “Lead Facial Animator” for the game. It turns out she had somewhat inflated her...

Mass Effect: Andromeda

SJW-Infested BioWare is Getting Ripped Apart by Gamers Over the Terrible Mass Effect: Andromeda

How sweet it is…the last time Mass Effect: Andromeda was covered on TRR, it was due to BioWare and their SJW allies in the gaming media crying about an article in which Ralph exposed Andromeda’s self-proclaimed Lead Facial Animator as an incompetent misandrist. Apparently BioWare...