The New Puritanism: London Edition

Fresh off the press this week is further proof that, as Vox Day so rightly claims, not only do SJWs always lie, SJW politicians lie and lie again with total immunity, often by playing the Melanin Defence. Backstory: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sidled into office under the shield of being a secularised so-called-moderate-Muslim Labour Party candidate. Of course, it would probably have helped if his Conservative opponent Zac Goldsmith hadn’t been such a supremely unelectable toffee nosed twit who channelled Joe McCarthy and blew his dog whistles louder than a foghorn. The public, and a compliant media, focussed on that rather than early doors evidence that Citizen Khan was already showing signs of being a full-time race hustling SocJus freak more at home in Canadian or Swedish uber-left wing politics.