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ISIS: British Jihadi Widow Tries To Flee But is Stopped By Her 12-Year Old Son

Before his psychotic mother took Jo-Jo to join ISIS, he was an ordinary boy. However, after being forced to participate in executions by his mother, Jo-Jo is no longer the same boy from Kent. Sally Jones, 50, and her husband took her son Jo-Jo,12, to...

Attacking Syria’s Assad Could Derail the Entire Trump Presidency

I know that Ralph has already addressed this issue, but quite frankly, the importance of it is so great that the point can’t be repeated loudly or often enough: PRESIDENT TRUMP, DON’T INTERVENE IN SYRIA! After the recent chemical attack in Syria, the timing of...

SYRIA: Don’t Let Media/Neocon Alliance Drag Us Into Another War

YouTube immediately demonetized this video. I have requested a review. Airstrikes are one thing, ground war in Syria is another. No matter how bad the barbarism may be, it’s time to focus on our own country, not the Middle East. Articles discussed: