VIDEO: Creepy Washington Post Loon Says No More Dating After Trump Win

This is one of the dumbest and most emotionally disturbed posts of…

I’m Back & Ready to Get to Work

Hello, readers of As you know, I’ve had some personal difficulties…

TRR Rundown LIVE With Bearing

Enjoy this special Rundown LIVE with Bearing. I threw it together at the last minute, so I hope you guys enjoy it. We talked about the AIU/Naked Ape/Amazing Atheist squabble, doxing in general, Trump’s campaign, Islam, terrorism, YouTube, and more. I thank Bearing for coming on and I hope you guys like it.

Clint Eastwood Blasts “Pussy” Generation, Backs Trump Over HIllary

On Today’s Rundown, we’re joined by Ian Erickson of We talk…

Mother Says #BlackLivesMatter Inspired Her Son to Shoot at Cops

Today I’m joined by Liberal Lunacy and we discuss #BlackLivesMatter and the possibility that the movement is inspiring violence. We also covered Muslim immigrants who can’t treat women correctly (i.e. they rape and assault them), plus Instagram’s censorship of an anti-Hillary Clinton artist.