The hypocrisy from the other side never ceases to amaze me. Just a few weeks after the Alison Rapp fiasco, I spotted Tauriq Moosa openly celebrating the firing of Curt Schilling. Ordinarily, there would be nothing wrong with this. After all, I was one of the people who said there was nothing wrong with cheering when Rapp got fired. Hell, I made an entire video about it. At least try to be consistent, though. That’s the only thing I ask. And if you aren’t going to be consistent, at least wait longer than 3 weeks before being inconsistent.

Enter Mr. Moosa. Look at what he posted yesterday about Curt Schilling getting fired from ESPN…


Now compare it to the pity-party he threw for Ms. Rapp…




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Sifting through social media in order to get upset? You mean like exactly what happened to Curt Schilling, Tauriq? This is why I say we have to play by these bastard’s rules sometimes. They have no problem with getting people fired, why should we? You can’t fight scum like this with one arm tied behind your back. “Oh, but we don’t want to become them, Ralph!” Grow the fuck up and un-tuck your ball sack. It’s time to strike back in every legal and non-violent way that we can. If you’re not about that fight then let those of us who are take the reigns.