Man, just when you thought Hillary Clinton and her campaign can’t get more insufferable, they prove you wrong

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is shrugging off the refusal by Bernie Sanders to concede the Democratic primary.

Clinton aides and allies say they’ve moved on to focus solely on Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

They expect Sanders will eventually offer an endorsement, and say they are content to give him the space he needs to get there.
“At this point, Bernie Sanders is an after thought,” one former Clinton aide said, adding that “the world has moved on.”

“Now it is about Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. We are now in full general election mode,” the former aide added.

in light of some of the recent stories that have come out about Hillary, I see a large chunk of Bernie Sanders voters staying on the sidelines or voting for someone else). Now, will that chunk be 5% or 35%? I don’t have the answer. But moves like this in the press strike me as boneheaded. Hardcore Sanders supporters would be the most likely to see something like this, so it’s just a bad move. Then again, no one has ever accused Hillary Clinton of doing things the easy (i.e. smart) way when it comes to politics.