Man, just when you thought Hillary Clinton and her campaign can’t get more insufferable, they prove you wrong

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is shrugging off the refusal by Bernie Sanders to concede the Democratic primary.

Clinton aides and allies say they’ve moved on to focus solely on Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

They expect Sanders will eventually offer an endorsement, and say they are content to give him the space he needs to get there.
“At this point, Bernie Sanders is an after thought,” one former Clinton aide said, adding that “the world has moved on.”

“Now it is about Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. We are now in full general election mode,” the former aide added.

in light of some of the recent stories that have come out about Hillary, I see a large chunk of Bernie Sanders voters staying on the sidelines or voting for someone else). Now, will that chunk be 5% or 35%? I don’t have the answer. But moves like this in the press strike me as boneheaded. Hardcore Sanders supporters would be the most likely to see something like this, so it’s just a bad move. Then again, no one has ever accused Hillary Clinton of doing things the easy (i.e. smart) way when it comes to politics.

  1. I’m starting to think S4T was right about what was going on back stage but that Bernie has thrown a wrench into it by refusing to be Obama’s stooge and Biden’s VP and has opted instead to play chicken with them knowing the Democratic Party can’t afford to nominate this harpy.

    1. The DNC really is in a bad spot. If they nominate Hillary, she brings more baggage than Joan Collins on safari. She lacks her husband’s charisma, and even Obama’s ability to bring in the black vote. Essentially her campaign really is ‘vote for the one with the vagina!’.

      However, I have no doubt that if the DNC sidelines her again, there will be repercussions. The Clintons probably have dirt on EVERYONE, and will happily start using it — particularly as Hillary has a reputation for being a vindictive shrew.

      It’s gonna be a fun election year.

      1. I don’t know how she could win the black vote. She was all for hubby’s three strikes you’re out, mandatory sentencing, now the for-profit prison corporations are also backing her. This has amounted to modern slavery. Most of the incarcerated people in America are young, black, males.

        1. Bernie Sanders voted for the bill which allowed three strikes you’re out, mandatory sentencing, now the for-profit prison corporations Hillary was first lady didn’t have a vote or the power like Sanders did Hillary Clinton 2016

  2. In 2008 Peggy Noonan was a TV commentator. Just before Hillary was to go on at the convention, Noonan, being a professional speechwriter, sketched out in an offhand tone what she expected her to say. She expected “In my months of hard campaigning against Barack Obama I’ve come to know his fill in sterllng quality and take it from there.” Instead Hillary addressed her followers yelling “Was it all about me?”

    In answer to her question, Yes, her speech was all about herself. She didn’t say a word about Obama Holding the thought of him at arm’s length she merely asked her followers to vote Democrat.

    It was graceless.

  3. This woman and her entire champion does not seem to understand they NEED Bernies voters. This shit they keep spewing ain’t ganna get us. Most of us are ungetable for her but she needs to make an effort to get the weak. She thinks it’s her turn. That’s not how this works and we want to show her that. We owe her NOTHING and will give her NOTHING. We DO NOT have to sit out to protest her either. In all but 7 states you can write Bernie in. In the other 7 states you can vote third party. If Hillary loses that’s on her, her supporters, and the DNC. They have a better candidate who’s chances of beating the contender is at least twice as good as Hillary’s but they DEMAND the establishment candidate be their nominee. Ok but don’t blame me for refusing to vote for her.

    1. That’s how us Ron Paul and TEA partiers felt 10 years ago. Feels good don’t it? Just wait until the media colludes to make your entire group out to be racist anarchists, cause that’s the next step.

      1. The media can do whatever they want. We have already been dealing with the media. Most of us no longer watch CNN, MSNBC, etc because it is so biased. It still does not change her policy stances nor what she has done in the past. So it is really quite simple for many of us, “never Hillary”.

        “I would rather vote for something that I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want and get it.” — Eugene V Debs

        #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #BernieOrBust #NotMeUs

        1. Let me reiterate: Welcome to 2003, the difference is I don’t take joy in people I disagree with getting this treatment like the left did when it was us.

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