One more news piece before I go get breakfast, and it concerns our old friend Leigh Alexander. Her former business partners are out with a column on their failure of a game, Sunset. In it, they call bullshit on all the advice they got from advisers like Leigh. They talk about an ad they ran on Rock, Paper, Shotgun being worthless. I wonder who’s bright idea it was to run ads on that SJW hellhole? Probably the Liquored Up one, if I had to guess. Let me show some of the statement to those who haven’t seen it yet. 

They didn’t pull any punches:KOBCorzCIE9bCKUEAAlzhi

But don’t feel too bad for these pieces of shit. They had a message to gamers on their way out. No wonder they’ve gone belly-up:


This almost makes me feel sorry for Leigh…almost. Until I remember that this is exact the same type of shit she believes. No wonder she was working with these people. Apparently they’ve even more militant than she is…or just free to say all this shit publicly now that their company is fucked. I wonder where Leigh will turn to now, though? We know that the word is out about her abhorrent behavior and terrible track record. From our March 31st report:

There has never been a publication who has had to deal with her quitting so much as she was gently removed and asked to step down due to PR complications. A lot of my friends would come to me and let me know that it was being noted how people would leave the second they knew she was coming just to avoid drunken backlash. Her recent request for people to buy her online works to pay off her debt has been noted by some as a means to hold parties and gatherings and literally pay for better coverage of her name within the industry. There are a lot of rumors and coincidences behind Leigh’s behavior and truly the only reason I emailed was to let you know that she is seen as poison.


The only people that will hire her now are people who literally have nothing to lose.

How long will the crop of crooked industry connects and desperate hangers-on last?

  1. And when she’s all alone, drunk in the gutter with a bad reputation and no friends, she’ll drunkenly blame #GamerGate. That’s fine, as long as she doesn’t own her mistakes, she’ll always be on this self-destruction path.

  2. I don’t know which was a worse business move for a game developer: Tweeting “FUCK GAMES! FUCK GAMERS! FUCK THE GAME INDUSTRY! DIE! DIE! DIE! And rot in hell!” or hiring Leigh Alexander to place ads/run articles on gaming sites that no one cares about.

    Who am I kidding? Both were terrible decisions. When you run a business, it is supposed to be something you are passionate about. You can’t hate what you’re doing. You can’t hate your customers. You can’t be lazy and outsource the marketing to someone who hates your product and hates your customers. I’m not saying that actually caring about your product will make you a millionaire or even a small success, but you have to put in the work. I mean, did they try marketing this game to Ghazi (you could have pitched it as “The Game that GamerGate Hates,” for, you know, heckle shekels) or, better yet, getting an engaging YouTuber to make an entertaining set of videos about it? I’m going to bet not because that would take some creativity and salesmanship.

    This is just another case that “social justice” isn’t a business plan, it is a crazed ideology.

    1. I think entertainment wasn’t part of their plan and all the forced accolade in the world couldn’t show the game play as entertaining.

      1. Pretty much, what they tried was ‘art into videogames’ not ‘videogames as art.’ Having worked in the industry, if you don’t understand the difference between the two, and your audience you’re screwed fully. They believed they could dictate to people what they should play, they believed what they were told by people who were out of touch, and they believed that it would be a success because they were told that “it’s what gamers wanted.”

    2. I don’t think they could take “The Game that GamerGate Hates” rout since most would go “What? Sunset? Never heard of it, looks pretty mediocre at best. its also pretty pricey, if you want a game about cleaning there’s Dusforce or Viscera Cleanup Detail heck you could probably get both for the price of Sunset, and you would probably enjoy them more”.

      I mean I never even heard about this game until now, but then I have never visited RPS.

      1. The whole “The Game that GamerGate Hates” would just be a cynical marketing ploy to try to get people to notice the game because of controversy and distract from its blandness (think of how people know about Revolution 60 only because of it being attached to GG because of Wu’s nonsense.)

        On a side note, I did get Dustforce during the GOG summer sale. From what I’ve played, it was good.

    3. Our game failed, what to do now?
      Wallow in self-pity and blame consumers for not appreciating us?
      THAT’S IT!

      Fuck these people.

  3. I can’t blame people for being frustrated with the industry. But hating your audience? Well, don’t make commercial games. No problem. Just don’t use taxpayer money either.

  4. To be fair, the top reviews for the game on steam are all negative. It seems the main reason it failed it’s because it’s a bad game.

  5. So this Sunset game come out this year, tanked, and now the dev is pissed off at the industry as well as consumers?

    1. The idea of making a game based on cleaning an apartment is at least an original one.

      But if you have more than one brain cell, you might ask yourself why no one have tried it before.

      1. Looking at the trailer it comes off as Papers Please if the main character from there took their work home and the cleaning lady doctored it.

        There’s also this failure of logic I’m dealing with where someone goes through a war zone at least twice a day to clean an apartment for an hour.

        I have so many questions!

        1. You know, looters would have also come to raid the house for valuables and food. And housemaid better not be in that place at that time. Or else.

        2. The worst thing from the trailer were the encrypted documents.

          How does the maid know the owner doesn’t read them if the two never meet in person? Why would you sign an encrypted document no one but you and the sender can read?

          I have questions, but believe the answers to be stupid.

  6. Am I a bad person for laughing and smiling so much over this whole thing. I guess it doesn’t pay to shit where you eat lol.

    1. that feeling is schadenfreude (pronounced scha-den-freu-de) a lovely german word it is also why people find slapstick humor funny

  7. Gamers are not morons. The instant you tell them that you gonna do chores in the game and only that, they arent going to play your game. I mean, doing chores in real life sucks, why would I want to do that in a game? “But you gonna witness a revolution going on!”

    That’s the thing, gamers plays games to be able to act on the game’s world and story. Even visual novels let you do that.

    1. “I mean, doing chores in real life sucks, why would I want to do that in a game?”

      Um…. Harvest Moon? Granted, I guess the creators of that managed to simplify chores and other life-management aspects in just the right manner that would make it fun to most. These “games don’t have to be fun” hipsters…. they don’t do that.

  8. Sucks when the free market works against you, eh? Put out a shit product, don’t be surprised when people don’t buy it.

  9. Schadenfreude isn’t nice but I’m feeling some right now, especially after seeing how this developer is blaming everyone but themselves for the failure of their “game.”

    I played one of their earlier games: The Path. It was so full of itself and pretentious; the funny thing about it was it was billed as a “horror game” but when you went to the Steam forum not even the developer knew what the game was about. Someone there actually defended the game by saying “It’s not a game. It’s a software product.” I bet this person really liked Gone Home too.

    It’s not like the concept of Sunset can’t work. This War of Mine is also about non-combatants in a war zone. Not only does it have something to say, but it also has gameplay *and* manages to be profound and meaningful.

    Then again, that game was made by people who don’t hate their intended audience.

    1. Yeah, sometimes products succeed
      despite the odds, but that doesn’t mean every asshole with something to
      say is going to get there. It’s gotta suck to work hard for years on a
      passion project and then finally release it, and try to get anyone to
      give a fuck – but they don’t. One can certainly empathize.

      Speaking generally, of course. It’s kinda hard to feel much for this particular dev, except appreciation for its value as a cautionary tale. Maybe there will be some self-reflection in the smug, self-righteous hipster communities now (as if).

    2. I continue to question why this was made into a GAME. It could have just been a video.

  10. Glad to see that tweet, I bet we all saw the usual “Oh abloobloo I didn’t know these guys but I feel sad they went bankrupt anyway”. What a class act.

  11. Who ever would have thought that a war game where you do housecleaning wouldn’t be successful? I mean I am dying to play strong independent black woman in COD long enough to prestige on vacuum cleaner.

      1. Fuck that man. They just straight up admitted that we’re the mainstream. That’s tantamount to acknowledging our actual power in this equation.

    1. *smirks at the tweet* The only reason Gone Home had success was because it was billed as a horror/puzzle exploration game a la Myst. And because Steam wasn’t offering refunds yet.

      1. Because it was being pimped by the developers’ friends all over sites like Polygon, and by the time buyers realized that they wasted $20 on a walking simulator that could be beaten in minutes with almost no replay value, it was too late.

        Unfortunately for the creators of Gone Home, it’s a trick they can’t repeat again, because Steam’s new refund policy means that new buyers can get their $20 back.

    1. That just proves that GG didn’t need to happen, because game sites lost their credibility long ago…

      1. I think if a user score varies from the reviewer score by more than a few points, it’s a pretty good indication of payoff.

        1. In this case however its fairer to say that many reviewers where well out of touch with the preferences of what is suppose to be their main audience, or the general gaming public. That any “bribes” involved the dev socializing with the gaming media community to a degree where they forgot needed objectivity.. They wanted the game to succeed regardless of whether or not it worked or was even honestly appealing.

          1. payoff isn’t necessarily bribes, could be friendship, parties, etc. My friends make crap, but if I say it’s great, i’m judging my friendship, not the product.

      2. GamerGate didn’t need to happen, games journos & SJWs were already headed down the road to oblivion.

        But since GamerGate happened the end is coming a lot faster & a lot harder then they can understand.

        Plus it puts us in position to be one of the chief architects of the rebuilding.

    2. I find it notable that the positive reviews are happy to talk about its ‘addressing social issues’. That’s a tip-off that you’ve got a game that wants to be a ‘message’, and it’s usually a bad sign.

    3. Edge Magazine gave it a 9 – the same score it previously gave Goldeneye 007, Resident Evil 4, and Red Dead Redemption (!!!)

      Edge used to be the best games magazine around. It’s been a SJW toilet for years now. They also used to employ the drunken racist Leigh Alexander.

    1. that beard… I cannot stop starring at the beard… did someone add it in with Photoshop? the beard definitely distracts from their disinterested dead eyed stares.

      Now if you don’t mind me I’m going to watch some Fails, and the fallout 4 F**k some s**t up bit from the Bethesda E3 presentation ( on youtube in a attempt to forget

    2. The one on the left is definitely a sock-puppet and the other looks like he’s going trick-or-treating as Abe Lincoln…… 😉

  12. Why are these anal warts surprised that their fail train went off the rails?


    Yeah, we are definitely going to line up around the block at midnight to plunk down $20-60 on a game made by people who respect disease-ridden rats more than us.

    As pointed out in the article, if these people hate video games and gamers so much, why the fuck are they in this business? It’s not making them happy, it’s not making them money, and if it’s merely to push an SJW agenda into gaming, that’s clearly not fucking working. This shit is so futile and pointless, even Sisyphus is shaking his head.

    PS – “allow me to elaborate on how you hate video games”? Goddamn, that asshole has got some balls. And to pair that with a photo that oozes pretension is some kind of trolling that would make Andy Kaufman weep tears of joy.

    1. if these people hate video games and gamers so much, why the fuck are they in this business?

      For the taxpayer funded arts grants.

      “The drying up of funding for artistic videogames in Belgium (an issue beyond the scope of this article) did make satisfying this desire more urgent.”

      Tale of Tales wasn’t a games company. It was welfare for hipsters. Shamelessly grabbing cash taken from the pockets of Belgian cleaners, bus drivers and checkout girls to make shitty, pretentious games nobody wanted to buy.

      1. So they were pulling an Uwe Boll – making video game related content to take advantage of tax benefits, all while hating their audience and getting inflamed rectums when money wasn’t being thrown at them anymore.

  13. Just a few observations on the artsy fartsy failure that is Sunset,

    Most common Criticisms I observed on Metacritic: Well written but boring, technically weak, glitchy. If you want to see how one makes a competent point and click adventure game Telltale games is probably the most competent horse in that race, but even Papers Please turned a drudgery of a job in to a fairly frantic scramble. Letting you feel a sense of accomplishment when you did well, and letting you feel the intensely oppressive nature of living under an oppressive government.

    Having my digital son draw me a picture to hang in my digital workplace gave me more of a sense of accomplishment than slaughtering a million digital terrorists. When you stop and think on that for a moment it really gives you a perspective on what people in these kind of nations go through, issues that can’t be solved with bullets and explosions.

    Returning to Sunset, I noticed on the steam sale that Sunset started at 21 Dollars, that is fucking pricey for a game like this, 10 dollars less than Telltales “A Game of Thrones” Game (which is fucking spectacular btw)

    Looking at the trailer for Sunset I can certainly see where the technical weakness comes in. It is ugly, the color scheme is ugly, the graphics are maybe PS1 standard. I can look past these issues. but not at that price point, and artsy fartsy game at 21 dollars? good god.

    1. That’s the main problem. Gone Home got away with selling at $20, and so every indie developer thought they could pull that trick off too. However, GH happened to know the right people to hype up their game, and showed up before Steam overhauled their refund policy. Perhaps if the makers of Sunset had hired Maya Kramer (PR agent who knows everyone in the SJW indie dev scene), issued a more reasonable price point, and pushed their game out a few months earlier, then maybe things would have turned out better. Oh well.

      1. Unfortunately for these Indie folks I don’t think so, artsy-fartsy games are going to suffer more and more as time goes on, because these games are by and large cheap cash grab games “Art game” To me translates as “We didn’t have the time/drive/talent to make an actual game, so we covered the lack in pretension”

        1. This is just the wheat getting separated from the chaff. Indie devs are slowly realizing that they can’t churn out games that last 10 minutes , have no mechanics aside from walking or choosing dialogue options, charge $20 for it, rely on their friends to whore it out, and roll in the cash. The game development industry has always been about putting in lots of time and effort, not celebrating some turd that took 30 minutes to make on TWINE. Thomas Haap spent 4 years working on Axiom Verge, and players are gladly shelling out $20 for his game. They’re buying it because it’s a great game made with lots of attention to detail in the controls, atmosphere, music, and story – not because he guilted anyone into buying it, or shoehorned lesbians into it, or had friends in gaming sites give it 10/10. The (thankfully short) era of spewing out quickly made garbage and being rewarded instant fortune & fame is over. You want to be the next Miyamoto or Kojima? Then you better put in the motherfucking hours and GIT GUD.

          1. Not to sound like an old man but I wouldn’t be sad if some indie devs wanted to improve on older concepts that were done, but due to technology limitations of the era were unable to be done as well.

            Some of my old favorites come to mind, Defender, Space Spartans, Star Hawk, Indie studios don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Good examples of old ideas with modern tech were things Like Dust: An Elysian Tale, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, pretty basic platformers with beautiful 2d graphics (A note to devs, I will take well done 2d over poorly done 3d every day of the week, if you can’t match at least Playstation 2 level 3d graphics your game will look hideous. Exception to that is dogfighting games or space sims, I don’t mind ships and space stations looking blocky.

            But here is my bigger issue with Artsy Fartsy games: When I play a game I tend to get invested in the characters. The issue with Gone Home, with Sunset, with The Path, these characters are not developed, I don’t feel like I am playing a character in a story through these games, I am not driving a narrative, the narrative is happening and I am… more or less driving the camera. It more or less falls into the major failing I felt FFX’s narrative has. FFX is Yunas story, not Titus’ so why are we following Titus? events do not need to revolve around the character but the story does. The Main character is the one who’s story we are supposed to be invested in. A great example novel wise of this is Liberty’s Fall, a Starcraft Novel of a reporter in the Starcraft Universe, the events of the Terran Campaign from Starcraft happen around him, but he is the one driving the Narrative of his story, he is not just watching Raynor and Megnsk do the work around him. Many of the arty games use main characters more as mouthpieces and player controlled cameras. The Path for instance, is there a need for this to be a game? repeat the same walk 6 times while you are barraged with movie scenes with no dialogue. And you know what, I get it, it was just boring

  14. Speaking of shitting on your customers, I dunno if any of you have followed this, but evidently (the book publishers, not the anonymizer) had some high level execs shit all over the Puppies campaign.

    While Vox Day and Larry Correia really didn’t care (it was like that image from The Sound of Music with ‘Look at all the fucks I give!’), it really pissed off some other folks. Peter Grant over at Bayou Renaissance Man has called for a boycott of Tor books.

    (Full disclosure: I’ve bought most of Grant’s stuff. He writes a good stick of sci-fi, but I think his book about being a prison chaplain is fascinating stuff)

    A good place to start with reviewing this mess is at Grant’s blog:

    Honestly, anything that makes the SJW weenies snivel is fine by me.

    1. That’s… you do know that Tor, the publishing company, is basically the SJW’s congealed form of literary control in the Sci-fi community, right? It’s like the fully awakened form of DIGRA, that destroyed early opposition, gained control of the SFF community, and ended the golden age of American Science Fiction. They’re responsible for almost every absolutely terrible piece of post modernist garbage sci-fi that has been published in the last 3 decades.

      That only /some/ of their high level execs flipped their shit is amazing. That it took them months to commence with the shit flipping is amazing.

      Tor is literally the big league adversary of the Puppies campaign.

      1. *grin* I’m thinking I should crosspost over to 8chan’s /gghq/ and see if we can get some disrespectful nods going Tor’s way.

  15. “Game for gamers” yet hire Leigh Alexander that makes no sense at all…

    not to mention that last part seems like they hate gamers so yeah good luck…

  16. Who would have known that once Ian removed his head from ass he would be such a great advocate for games and gamers? He was rather lousy at towing the SJW party line.

    1. It’s like they took the SJW chip out of his brain, and now he’s acting like a normal guy you’d be happy to play a round of Mario Kart with.

  17. More fucking idiots leaving the industry. Good. Don’t like it, then fuck off. I like their reaction to failure. Throw a hissy fit. Why do I get the impression mummy and daddy lathered too much attention on them as children.

    1. Because they’re whiny hipster screw-ups who haven’t learned the value of hard work…or that failure itself is the key to success…or the value of not shitting on the people who are supposed to comprise their customer base…or not to trust Leigh Alexander, of all fucking people.

  18. That’s like a Nazi opening a Jewish Deli. Or a vegetarian getting a job at a butcher shop.

    More like a militant vegan, some vegetarians just can’t digest meat very well or personally prefer not to eat it.

  19. I just don’t understand why they said “we tried to make a game for gamers” how the fuck is this truth? Have they tried to make a game for gamers they wouldn’t hire the person who started “gamers are dead” nor would them advertise on any gaming site and would try to get youtube coverage instead.

  20. exactly, I can’t understand what they where trying to achieve with this, maybe they had some kind of savior complex and thought they would create a revolution in video games with their pretentious game.

    1. AGGro’s dont want to show (i’m guessing they think that if they don’t show the event wont happen) but the event will happen if they show or not ( regardless (or in spite) of their precious narrative. But then the big name AGGro’s wont debate cause they are in it for the money or for some twisted kind redemption.
      you can color me surprised if any AGGro’s actually show up to Airplay

      1. Makes sense. If Anita Sarkeesian refused to except the $10,000 donation from Milo to openly debate her because she knew she’d get destroyed. Then I doubt that horrible people like Leigh Alexander, Ben Kuchera, Nathan Grayson and other scumbags on Game Journo Pros list and other salty aGGros will show up to the SPJ event.

  21. The Story of Sunset

    Angela Burnes, is not an empty vessel. She has a personality of her own and you discover her thoughts while playing. As a US citizen at the end of the sixties, she is inspired by the Black Power and civil rights movements. In an effort to learn more about egality, she travels to the then socialist republic of Anchuria. During her visit, a US-backed military coup happens and she is disallowed from leaving the country. Her university degree is not recognized by the new regime and she is forced to work as a housekeeper to sustain herself.

    Oh man. Can’t believe gamers weren’t interested in playing a SJW roleplay game. What’s wrong with you people???

    Tale of Tales has always teetered on the edge of sustainability, combining art grants and commercial revenue to fund our exploration of video games as an expressive medium.

    These parasites were taking tax money – forcibly extracted from ordinary working people – to make their shitty SJW games.

    Good riddance.

    1. Yeah, the fact they needed art grants to keep going doesn’t say much about the quality of their work.

      J.K. Rowling didn’t need art grants after that first book took off (granted, she was damn near poverty level at first; then the checks rolled in).

  22. They made an SJW game for SJWs, but forgot that SJWs don’t pay for things, they expect things for Free. Because no matter what they say to the contarary, no-one is more privelaged than mouthy, white, cash in of their parents, bone idle, college drop-outs that all these SJWs are.

  23. There are a few things in life of which you just can’t get around. >>You Reap What You Sow<< is one of those things.

  24. >.> Is this a bad time to mention that one of my favorite butchers at a local deli is a vegetarian, and that he’s a solid professional who is skilled at his job?

    Vegetarianism isn’t a political thing. It’s a dietary choice. Some folks just genuinely don’t like meat for a variety of simple personal reasons. Vegans are the ones who politicize their diet, and act like feckless chodes over the dietary choices of others.

    1. It’s all good man. I’ve seen it from the side you’re talking about too. A now disbanded local prog-metal band from Seattle, called Esitu, was headed by a guy who turned on to the vegan lifestyle a few years back. He announced it rather innocently on Facebook some months after his band’s final tour of the scene was announced, and it very quickly devolved into the sort of trial you’re talking about. It also massively exceeded the sort of attention he received when he made send end of band announcement.

      It got him pretty riled up on multiple levels, and for good reason. It wasn’t deserved, at all, and when people give you more attention, and commentary, because you’re swearing off meat and animal byproducts, than they do when you announce your art passion of many years is being put to the grave? Well, that’s just all sorts of fucked up to have to deal with.

      That all said, the hate that has been piled on Emos and Hipsters is very well deserved. Emos were a shitty millennial-gen attempt to forge their own brand of goth culture, but instead of working on the nihilistic-occult angle, they went sheer bitch mode instead. A lot of people I knew growing up thought I was an emo. I hated it, more because I shared their contempt and was genuinely all sorts of fucked up at the time. Hipsters, on the other hand, go hand in hand with SJW bullshit; The pretentious non-art they do, and the wanna-be critiquing they make of other forms of art that they don’t approve of. Hypocrisy, egotism, narcissism, white knight fagotry, and childish attempts at anti-authoritarian philosophy that leads into genuine authoritarian behavior are the hallmarks of that group of worthless fuckwits.

      Seattle City is absolutely rife with them, and they’ve made a lot of enemies of the rivet heads, metal heads, and genuine intellectuals that rule the night life there. They ruin everything they insinuate themselves into.

      1. Why you described my hipster friend perfectly. I’m starting to realize he might be a giant douche nozzle.

        1. My best friend’s brother turned into one, and when I called him out on his group think he was absolutely appalled by me suggesting he wasn’t his own uber unique individual. Hipsters are the worst kind of progressive these days. If you want to see where your friend lies, bring up any number of political or artistic talking points that disagree with his or that you suspect he might go agro over, and then critically examine the actual content of what he has to say. Most hipsters put zero thought into any of their opinions, which is why they can only ever pretend to be smart instead of actually being smart. This will show in much of what he has to say. There will never be a genuine, reasoned argument to what he has to say, just a series of juvenile attacks and dismissals with no content. He certainly won’t address anything on a substantial point by point basis.

  25. It isn’t unusual for a game to revolve around circumstance the player would never want to experience in real life. Fallout anyone? But those game do offer the promise of adventure, exploration, and challenge. Therein lies the attraction. A scenario where one is forced to become a manual laborer to survive offers none of those virtues. At no point in development, was there ever heard the obseration that they were creating a tedium simulator? Friends don’t let friends produce tedium simulators. (Unless that is the satirical objective ala Desert Bus.)

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