This is really annoying and I’ve been spending all day working on the issue, but I don’t know what else to do other than put out a post. As you know, I use advertising to make a living with my work here. I try to keep ads as friendly as I can while still making money, though. One type of ad that has been verboten for me from Day 1 is a redirect ad. They’re cancer, I hate them, and I would fully expect any of you to hate them. Anytime I see one on a site it makes me suspect. I realize most of us are trying to make some money, but I just think those kinds of ads are a bridge too far. Even pop-up ads that open up new windows are preferable to those (although I still consider those off-limits around here as well).

The problem is, I’ve gotten several of these redirects on my own site over the last few days. Ad serves have been contacted and they all say they have nothing to do with them. I know Google never would do those sorts of ads, but after conversing with the other providers, I don’t think it’s coming from them. These ads can also come from a virus on your own machine, however. I’ve only been able to find one other person who has received one of the redirects, but that was enough to set me on a days long mission to stop them.

So, I need some feedback. Have any of you all gotten redirect ads on this site? If you have, how did it work, etc? It could just be that we both have some sort of malware infection. All feedback is welcome and needed as I work to address the issue. If you have received these, please know that they are not coming from me and I’m working to fix the problem. And, if you haven’t seen them, just chalk this post up to autism. I just want to have the best user experience I can for you guys.