I’ve been enjoying a relaxing evening watching Arrested Development re-runs, but the news never stops. If you’ve been following Twitter the last several hours, you can see that Zoe and Cuckmaster Jr. have been trying to paint TechRaptor as antisemitic. I’ve enjoyed the TechRaptor website these past eight months, and consider it one of the GamerGate success stories. So seeing a smear like this naturally revolts me.

I would imagine it disgusts many of the people who work there as well, especially the Jewish contingent (I believe the owner is Jewish too, although I haven’t been able to confirm that). It’s amazing that two people who’ve just founded an “anti-harassment” organization are behaving in this way. They’ve been encouraging pile-ons all day long. How long until they plant this story with one of their chosen journalists? The whole thing is a nasty piece of work. Here’s the rundown:




Plus an infographic that explains things pretty well (h/t @atlasnodded):


It’s all just a lot of nonsense, basically. If you’ll notice, the article was written back in January. It’s like these two clowns sit around all day looking for their negative press. I know I don’t do that. The only time I see that shit is when someone tags me on Twitter. I didn’t even see the column(s) that Zoe Quinn herself had written about me until the next day, when someone alerted me to their existence. This smells like yet another publicity stunt.

We’ll see if the usual SJW outlets pick this bullshit up. It seems pretty lame, even for them. The only reason I’m talking about it is because it shows just how impotent Zoe and her clown crew have become. They’re talking about cover photos from three-month old articles, while we’re watching their entire side burn to the ground. So keep up the good work, guys. It’s only a matter of time now.

I’ll be back later with a possible story on Anna Merlan and Jezebel. Until then, thanks for reading. We’ve had a great day here today. I guess I should thank Randi Harper and anti-GamerGate for melting down as well. I’ll enclose that message below.


  1. can’t even post a picture of some shekels without being literally hitler anymore.

    jeebus cripe, never seen a couple people grasp at straws so fucking hard.

        1. Not really sure that’s “educated”. What part of history class is the “betraying jesus” part, again?

          1. Even if you treat the bible like a work of fiction, you should at least know references to the fucking thing.

          2. Sure, common enough cultural references. This is not a common enough cultural reference. How many people who aren’t religious (or are… or not “the right one”) would are aware of any “pieces of silver” relation to judas?

            And, frankly, I don’t judge people for their lack of religious knowledge the same way I wouldn’t judge them for not knowing the history of Rudolph.

          3. I’ve never been religious, and as soon as I heard “silver coins” I instantly thought “30 pieces of silver”.

          4. Never mind for a minute that Jesus of Nazareth is almost universally agreed upon to have existed by historians and that the gospels would not qualify as fiction even if you didn’t believe that the extraordinary events happened….The Bible is the single most significant, most referenced and most known work in all of Western Literature, and any well-educated person would be familiar with “30 pieces of silver” as a symbol of betrayal for money. Have you not heard of “betrayed with a kiss” either? It’s in a U2 song, maybe you’ve heard that.

      1. Yeah, but that probably isn’t the connotation ANYONE had with them. If you were just looking for some silver or gold coins to represent “somene getting paid off”, you might do a google search for “bag of silver”. And that is the first result in google image search.

  2. also, what are the odds it was a grab to ‘attract’ draiman since he went and spilled his “muh antisemitism” sketti all week?

    i’m going with very likely.

    1. oh, didn’t see you wrote yours before me, but I’m with this, timing is just too convenient. Article from January, Draiman complains about antisemitism and people not taking a stance on comedian, suddenly Zoe starts complaining about antisemitism almost 3 months after the article in question.

    1. It’s already failed, he apologized for his actions when he was met with a wave of “we support anti censorship so we can’t censor this guy”

      1. Maybe because he realized that if comedians get censored for offensive jokes, then it’s fair game to censor singers for offensive songs.

    2. That sounds awesome. The only thing I know about the guy is that he is some has-been from some shitty nu-metal band or something a decade ago and that no matter what “side” he is on, he only knows how to discuss things IN ALL CAPITALS AND IN A VERY FUCKING HOSTILE WAY WHICH DOESN’T REALLY DO MUCH TO DO ANYTHING BUT DISCREDIT WHATEVER SIDE HE IS SPEAKING IN SUPPORT OF AT THE TIME.

  3. TR staff writer here.

    The only things I’ve noticed from this group is shit stirring for the sake of personal gain via Patreon to fund endeavors. Even the photographer who snapped those now infamous nudes of Zoe claimed she was the worst client she’s ever worked with.

    Alex has a massive hate boner for Techraptor that it’s ironic that he speaks of hit pieces ect. while openly mocking the site, even so much with a pinned tweet. The most pathetic failure in media is that he and Zoe still have MSM fooled that they stand for “anti harassment” when anyone not drunk off their ass on “social justice” can see right through them.

    The gamers know better, people battling SJWs know better. I’ll say this on behalf of myself and other with a like mind that Zoe and Alex are nothing more than opportunist. Ralph smells that shit from a mile away, so do I. If Draiman wasn’t lighting Twitter on fire the other day, they wouldn’t even bother with making a fuss over an older article. Especially making a fuss while being fucking wrong about what’s even in the image. Zoe was the one who called it “jew gold”, who sounds anti semitic here? Chances are, Zoe and her social justice warriors say Draiman’s tweeting habits and rubbed their hands Mr. Burns style with “Let’s find something related to GamerGate and look for anti semitism, that’ll show ’em!”

    Truth is, TechRaptor isn’t even a GamerGate site. It’s a site that actually bothers to listen to people without pulling a Randi Harper. Some staffers are pro GG, neutral or don’t care for it all and frankly, who cares? That’s how a business should run – work before personal bullshit. Pro GG, anti GG and neutral, all are welcome to speak their mind on TR. The thing that GamerGate wanted, a right to be heard.

      1. SJW’s seem to conflate, ‘hating sjw’s and their bullshit’ with ‘supporting gamergate’, just shows how dumb they really are.

    1. Yeah, but don’t you remember? If you aren’t actively “against” gamers, you’re one of them.

      Also, I notice that picture is the first thing on a GIS of “bag of silver”. And the article doesn’t contain the words “silver” or “gold” or “jew” as far as I can tell. Fault me for being a non-racist atheist — unlike our SJW friends, I guess — but in absolutely no world would I have come up with any connections between all these things in that article (aside from the fact that in my almost four decades on this planet, I don’t recall hearing the phrase “jews gold”… or at least not enough that it is a thing that I would remember).

      These people are gross lazy fucks looking for an easy payday, because they can’t cut it doing… whatever the fuck Zoe’s male twin does… or making a shitty free twine game once a decade, which is about all Zoe does. And what’s an easier gig than founding a charity that gets lots of support and then paying yourself as a full time employee of said charity?

      PS: It may be appropriate, here, for me to mention that I used to be a backer on Zoe’s patreon before she revealed exactly what kind of person she was last year.

      1. This reminds me of when you see a kid that doesn’t have fucked up parents, they don’t act bigoted to other kids around them. I promise you, find a kid that’s untainted and show them that same image.

        What would they see? A bag of coins and some text they can’t read. Show that same image to a kid raised by frothing SJWs and you’ll hear them spew drivel how they are offended even though they don’t understand why. Those same kids eventually grow up and the cycle repeats itself.

        1. Flip that over, it’s like when racist kids form their opinions based on what their bigoted parents have taught them, exactly the same mindset, both dumb as hell.

          Also, just started reading tech raptor, really like the articles you did on Attila Total War! 🙂

        2. To be fair, any educated person would get the Judas reference instantly (I’d have got it as a child, I loved me some bible… so I could argue about it with my head teacher… when I was 8 and chose to be an atheist)

          Wouldn’t have thought “Jews!” though.

          I mean, I’m all for using stereotypes and tropes in jokes and insults (http://time.com/22993/key-and-peele-make-fun-of-everything/ sums up my feelings nicely) but they need to make some kind of sense.
          When I’m sensible with money, I’ll totally make that joke in the right company, or a Scotsman joke.

          Half of the in jokes in my social group would put me on blast in *any* social justice or professional community.
          I’d even understand with the latter, because there is a time and a place for off colour humour, and it aint at work.

          It’s just retarded how with GAMING the SJW’s cant dig out something more damning than a picture of some silver. Which is *commonly* used to infer betrayal. Because the West is largely culturally Christian. So it’s a common meme.

          I get that references to Judas can be anti-Semitic, but context is everything.
          A banana can be used to racially insult people for instance, but it’s still just a banana in almost all circumstances.
          There was literally no inference in the article, and this was just a cynical play after seeing David Draiman go full retard (still like the man, but it happens)

    2. Let’s see:

      1. Pals around with Ian “Hitler is fucking idol” Cheong.

      2. Is buddies with Jonathan “Charlie Hebdo had it coming” McIntosh.

      3. Claims that Judas is the representative of all Jews.

      Careful Alex, your self-hatred is showing.

      P.S. Bonus points, “that Jew Gold picture!!11!1” is:

      A) Silver.
      B) From the Christian Bible.

    3. You’re completely right through and through plus with the way randi harper is going on saying she’s monitoring people’s feeds with her camp it’s like who’s watching the watchmen. Or in this case can you find something to make people care because brianna wu and Anita sarkeesian make more money than you?

  4. And people like this will continue to do this, thanks to the aid of ignorant idiots like the twit.tv network who are still giving Randi Harper an hour on their FLOSS Weekly program that’s being recorded next Wednesday morning (the 8th).

    Nobody will EVER know about this and those who do will not know what it really is. They will see it as “these good people who care about stopping ‘bullying’ online say this outlet is racist, so they’re racist”. I mean, let’s not forget that we live in a society where being arrested is proof of guilt.

    Also, it is kind of frightening that these anti-gamer types (stop calling them anti-gamergate, they’re ANTI-GAMER) are so religious and racist that the first thing they think of when they see a picture of a bag of silver coins is “jews gold” (a phrase and thing I’ve never even heard of before). I mean, when I see that picture, I think D&D maybe. Or just “history” in a very broad and generic term. Maybe pirates or something. The last thing I think is “oh that’s fucking jews gold for dirty jews and these people are racists!”. Especially when the article doesn’t even contain the word “jew” or “silver” or anything else as far as I can tell.

    I mean, as someone who is not racist and who is atheist, I really have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people that this is their first thought? More pathetic, that they aren’t ashamed of their racist first thoughts and instead of catching themselves on being stupid, they eagerly spit that bullshit out into the ether in a gross display of racism. These people ARE the ambulance chasers. They ARE the Jack Thompsons. They are the lampreys attaching themselves to whatever can get them attention and easy “work”. I mean, look at the people starting idiotic charity organizations for “bullying online”. They’re the laziest pieces of shit who create almost nothing in the first place. These are the type of people who go to “art school” and then can’t get a job in the real world, because… well, art school… and then get pissy because nobody will employ them out of “art school”… so they go around bitching about how we need a “base income” and… well, basically anything that they can get out of life without having to put some effort into it.

    Hey, I know! I’ll put myself out there as a victim of bullying,t hen start an anti-bullying organization where I can raise a ton of money and pay myself as an employee of said organization and all I have to do is shit-post on the internet all day for a living!

    BTW, you stupid SJW cunts — do you know why they used that picture of a bag of silver? Probably because IT IS THE FIRST RESULT WHEN YOU USE GIS FOR “BAG OF SILVER” (it is).

  5. When the particular article they pick out as antisemitist happens to be written against them, they aren’t trying very hard. Or maybe they’re just that transparent.

  6. “Judas did nothing wrong!”

    I guess that’s about the only fucking retort they can come back with at this point.

  7. These people are FUCKING NUTS! ”
    “Silver is anti-semitic! That’s the contract Judas signed!”
    Jesus said shut the fuck up and go do something worthwhile with what’s left of your bloated, alcoholic life.

  8. If this is just a publicity stunt, we need to ignore the fuck out of it! We are feeding into it and spreading the word. Instead we should try to shut it down. If there is evidence of SJW antisemitism draw light on it, turn it on them.

    1. Absolutely! I can’t believe after all these months people are still falling for the same SJW tactics.

  9. It is a massive tactical error trying to defend against this. It just signal boosts their initial lie.

    They are trying to get a response so they can claim their shitty failing project is being attacked and then use the phony outrage tactic to drum up publicity and donations.

    Next thing you know there will be third party trolls or false flags hitting them and they will be rolling around on the floor crying and screaming “patreoooooon”.

    Remember they are masters at this. It’s how they earn a living.

    End of the day I view TR and have the site on my ad block white list. I haven’t visited the other gaming sites since August and they are ad blocked anyway.

    That’s all anyone needs to do.

  10. Unlikely. These people can easily justify absolutely anything and the general public and game developers and journalists are happy to easily have it justified.

  11. Israeli Jew here.
    I said it once, will say it again:
    Zoe is a scumbag, and Lifschitz is a goddamn shonda, a disgrace to Jews everywhere.

    What a lying, flaming piece of shit.

    Shekels on a torah.. give me a fucking break. They used the exact same way of quarter-truths to attack the CEO of Stardock a while ago.

    1. ,,,last i checked plenty of non Semitic folk like cash as well,,,and every time Zoe uses her strap-on with that yenta Alex, im pretty sure it borders on a hate crime…

  12. It happens to be Good Friday, but I would have recognised the Judas Iscariot image anyway. The SJWs are too ignorant and quock to judge.

  13. Keep in mind that Alex Lifschitz is the same guy who called for people who liked and defended GTA 5 to be ‘broken on racks’ during his little speech at Critical Proximity.

  14. This is clearly a very clumsy attempted by Ms. Sausage Fingers and Tramp Stamp Boy to create e-drama and drum up publicity for their CON.

    I mean, they accuse TR of using “Jew gold” in their header image, when 1) there is no references to Jews, Hebrews, or Semites anywhere in the article and 2) it’s pretty fucking obvious that it is SILVER in the image, not gold. Yet, these assclowns act like TR posted a swastika or photos from a concentration camp.

    It’s fairly obvious that the retarded hipster version of Bonnie & Clyde are as competent at creating a scandal as they are at programming.

  15. Zoe is probably just trying to make shit up so Draiman’s head will explode. This is the weakest accusation they’ve ever made lol.

    “Jew Gold!”

    /looks at a picture of silver, confused ….

  16. So the coin picture looks silver and Christian to me, but some people online said it looks gold and Jewish to them. What are your thoughts Internet, Silver/Christian or Gold/Jewish?

    1. ,,,yarr,,,that be lookin like pirate booty to me,,,yarrr…some dubloons fer me trove,,,

    2. These are tyrian shekels. But the picture itself is a stock for the “30 pieces of silver” thing. First result on google search. The “jew gold” and “shekels on a torah” claims are disgusting quarter-truths.

  17. It is pretty funny, when looked at outside of the context of this.
    She accuses a Jewish person of Anti-Semetism, because they posted a picture of a bag of silver coins.
    I got the 30 pieces of silver reference. The story of Judas is a story of betrayal. Of the moral weakness of character. People valuing money above loyalty. Of people selling out ideals and/or friends.
    It was never really about Judas or Jewish people insomuch as it was about these character flaws. For Jesus, who was being sold out was Jewish too and apparently did not suffer from such weaknesses.
    So, 30 pieces of silver is NOT a slight against Jewish people and was a allusion to the 30 pieces of silver of betrayal. Where is the Anti-Semetism?
    There is none.
    Why are these two pretending there is? Why are they dishonest? It is not mistakes. They are supposed to be anti-harassment and yet this is how they spend their time? Why the Hell is wrong with them?

  18. I get the feeling that Jews in the West don’t even care about casual anti-semitism

    It’s only a big deal when somebody needs to play victim or stir up faux outrage

  19. Since when do these people give a damn about Jews? Christ, have you seen the shit McIntosh posts? That guy is a closet anti-semite if I’ve ever seen one.

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