I’ve been enjoying a relaxing evening watching Arrested Development re-runs, but the news never stops. If you’ve been following Twitter the last several hours, you can see that Zoe and Cuckmaster Jr. have been trying to paint TechRaptor as antisemitic. I’ve enjoyed the TechRaptor website these past eight months, and consider it one of the GamerGate success stories. So seeing a smear like this naturally revolts me.

I would imagine it disgusts many of the people who work there as well, especially the Jewish contingent (I believe the owner is Jewish too, although I haven’t been able to confirm that). It’s amazing that two people who’ve just founded an “anti-harassment” organization are behaving in this way. They’ve been encouraging pile-ons all day long. How long until they plant this story with one of their chosen journalists? The whole thing is a nasty piece of work. Here’s the rundown:




Plus an infographic that explains things pretty well (h/t @atlasnodded):


It’s all just a lot of nonsense, basically. If you’ll notice, the article was written back in January. It’s like these two clowns sit around all day looking for their negative press. I know I don’t do that. The only time I see that shit is when someone tags me on Twitter. I didn’t even see the column(s) that Zoe Quinn herself had written about me until the next day, when someone alerted me to their existence. This smells like yet another publicity stunt.

We’ll see if the usual SJW outlets pick this bullshit up. It seems pretty lame, even for them. The only reason I’m talking about it is because it shows just how impotent Zoe and her clown crew have become. They’re talking about cover photos from three-month old articles, while we’re watching their entire side burn to the ground. So keep up the good work, guys. It’s only a matter of time now.

I’ll be back later with a possible story on Anna Merlan and Jezebel. Until then, thanks for reading. We’ve had a great day here today. I guess I should thank Randi Harper and anti-GamerGate for melting down as well. I’ll enclose that message below.