Teen Vogue

I wasn’t even going to write a post about Teen Vogue and their anti-white hate monger staff, but then this tweet took off…

Which made me remember that the future wifey and I did a video on Lauren Duca and her hatred of men, particularly white men, a few weeks ago…


But notice one Lara Witt in the tweet above. She’s been making the rounds today for her tweets about whites. As you can tell by the ongoing theme of this article, and her comment above, she doesn’t think very highly of them.

But guess what? We’re about to see an epic plot twist! It turns out Lara is married to a white man. Yes, he’s that much of a loser and she’s that much of a headcase. Oh, and her dad is white too!

Ah yes, that famous “deep understanding of white supremacy.” These people are legitimately insane.  Who the fuck thinks like this? How is her husband this much of a cuck? Is it some kind of performance are she’s carrying on for Twitter, or what? So many questions.

I think the insane bit explains most of it, though.