Let me preface this by saying please limit spoilers lol. But I’m about to go play The Witcher 3 for a couple of hours before posting an excellent reader-submitted column about female heroines in gaming. So I thought I would ask you all what your favorite aspect of the game is so far, and see what the results were. Despite mentioning it a few times here, I’ve only gotten to play it for an hour or two, so I’m trying to rectify that over the next day and get into it a little bit deeper.
I’ve also had a lot of shit going on in real life that I’ve had to take care of. So I haven’t been able to dig in properly. But I know some of you all have, so let me know what you think. After I get at a decent amount of time put it, I’ll write a longer post with some of my thoughts on the game.

Anyway, I’m off to go fuck some undesirables up.

  1. Going from Monster Hunter 4 to the Witcher 3 is like going from Bayonetta 2 to Dragon Age 2. The game has lots of pretty graphics, and wilderness, but it is atrocious in terms of actual gameplay and control quality. I’m trying hard to like it for the things it does well, but it’s just such a clumsy mess at times.

    I like the side quest writing, and his attention to clues. But the core gameplay loop is basically 1) use batman vision, 2) roam around a big open area, 3) poor designed combat.

    I played for about 5 hours so far, and I don’t think I have enough alchemical items to even craft a single potion yet. I don’t get how this game has near unanimous praise. Great grass though, but even there, I have a feeling Zelda U will have better.

    1. Meh, the only thing about the controls I dislike is that on the controller the sprint button is A, and the jump button is B, which is a little difficult to pull off. Combat is a dodge / rollfest but is till way better than the Witcher 2 – Basically quick strike, quick strike, dodge or roll and then heavy strike or magic.

      As far as playing for hours and not being able to craft a potion, that is probably by design. Once you have crafted a potion of any kind, you merely need to have a stock of alcohol and the potion is automatically re-crafted when you meditate. So crafting potions is more like collecting them than supplying yourself. A quick easy potion to get is the basic Vit potion (Swallow): You need Dwarven Spirits, a Drowner Brain, and 5 of some yellow flower (can’ think of the name at the moment) – The brain and the flowers can be found in the swamp directly south of the Nilfguardian outpost you head to in the first 5 minutes of the game, the spirits I’ve not yet found, but they can be purchased from the herbalist (Who ironically has a quest where you brew this potion to save someone who is beyond healing)

      From what I gather, the game expects you to do everything yourself, unlike other similar games such as the recent Arkham games, Assasin’s Creed, etc. where every move is smooth and semi-cinematic. In Witcher 3, you must do the attacks, the running, the jumping, etc. with no prompting or aid.

  2. 25 hours in, haven’t even gotten into the main questline outside of Velen, I’m still there. Traveling around, hunting, looking for stuff that’s hidden. Personally I can’t figure out the people complaining about it, combat is great. Stuff I’m enjoying story, without a doubt the story is great. Once you bump into the first mage in the main questline and see where it goes you’ll know what I mean.

    It’s much better than W1 or W2, if you’re having problems you’re probably rolling all over the place instead of dodging. If you don’t have the alchemical items to make potions, you’re not hunting them down. Nothing gets handed to you in terms of that.

    edit: Going to toss in that a lot of people that have problems with the combat should look at a couple of things. K/M can be difficult if you’re not used to it, if that’s the case try a controller. Also make sure that “hardware mouse” is turned on. Makes a huge difference, if things seem blurry, turn it off. It makes not a bit of difference, turning off sharpening will also not make a difference but seems to smooth out the combat.

  3. Easily the best game I’ve played in years, the combat is challenging and rewarding, the story is engrossing, the world is fucking colossal and every inch of it is interesting. I love the side quests and witcher contracts, 20+ hours and not a single fetch quest 🙂

  4. EVERYTHING is voice acted, even the loading screens have narration. Quests with moral chioces, NPC deception, and sleuthing to find out what is going on.

    Every animal / monster drops something that can be used for crafting or alchemy.

    TIMED responses to moral choices: Sometimes you will have to make a quick decision about whether to start a fight, calm the situation down, etc.

  5. My favourite thing about the Witcher 3 is that it has motivated me to finally get round to trying to complete the previous games.

      1. Yeah, I know, but did you see him defending Witcher 3 and it’s “lack of trans people” and how it’s not historically inaccurate to omit minorities from places they NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE?! lol sorry, blood pressure. SJW retardation and lack of historical knowledge bugs the shit out of me. I believe it was Vavra who referred to Witcher 3 as “Dungeons and Dragons Poland” or something like that. What with the whole Norse and other culture themes because of shared borders. I could have him mixed up though, but I think that was him.

  6. As a fan of the series I love how its all grey sometimes you have to do horrible things to do a little good. And sometimes you doing the right thing leads to something horrible to happen.
    Its very much of what game of thrones would be like if they turned it into a really good RPG. Plus theres Triss Merigold who is one of my favorite sidecharacters of any game ever because of how complicated their relationship is.

    1. Oh there’s bugs, but I had this happen last night. I jumped from a boat and…fell through the world. Then I kept falling and falling, and eventually I landed back in the water. I should have recorded it, I was actually hoping I’d hit land.

  7. Really an emotional moment when Aeris dies. I heard there is a code to get her to come back to life though.

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