Let me preface this by saying please limit spoilers lol. But I’m about to go play The Witcher 3 for a couple of hours before posting an excellent reader-submitted column about female heroines in gaming. So I thought I would ask you all what your favorite aspect of the game is so far, and see what the results were. Despite mentioning it a few times here, I’ve only gotten to play it for an hour or two, so I’m trying to rectify that over the next day and get into it a little bit deeper.
I’ve also had a lot of shit going on in real life that I’ve had to take care of. So I haven’t been able to dig in properly. But I know some of you all have, so let me know what you think. After I get at a decent amount of time put it, I’ll write a longer post with some of my thoughts on the game.

Anyway, I’m off to go fuck some undesirables up.