TERRORISM: Veteran Has His House Burned & Sprayed With Anti-Trump Graffiti

TERRORISM: Veteran Has His House Burned & Sprayed With Anti-Trump Graffiti

Sometimes people get a little hyperbolic when describing an attack as terrorism. But you can’t describe something like this as anything other than terrorism. A veteran just had his house torched and sprayed with graffiti…all because he supported Donald Trump. If this had happened to a Hillary backer, you would never hear the end of it. Don’t count on the “progressive” media spending much time on this one, though.

From Fox 13 in Tampa Bay

A young couple and their two children are homeless today after receiving a call overnight that their home had caught fire and been vandalized with anti-Trump graffiti.

The investigation into the fire is ongoing, and the fire department has not released information as to whether the graffiti and the fire are related. But the homeowners spoke with FOX 13 about what happened…

“It’s very devastating to get a phone call from your friend across the street at three in the morning saying your house is on fire,” Brittany said.

The Smith’s two young children, a boy and a girl, were with them. When they got home, the couple says they found their home ransacked, with anti-Trump and racist graffiti spray painted on interior and exterior walls and furniture.

Luckily, no one was home at the time of the fire.

Matthew is an avid Trump supporter, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy who served time on a submarine. Navy, POW, and American flags are displayed in front of his home.

Brittany told FOX 13 that they did not have any Trump signs on their lawn and were not vocal about their views in their neighborhood.

“We got along with people,” said Brittany. “So this is odd.”

Well, unfortunately it’s not all that odd these days. The left has stepped up its violent attacks in the face of Trump’s election, all the while portraying his voters as some kind of modern-day crew of Brownshirts. The cognitive dissonance is staggering, but if you only read The Atlantic, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, etc, then you might actually believe this narrative. It only takes a small amount of digging to see that it’s complete bullshit, however.


I hope this man and his family are able to recover from this brazen act of political terrorism. Trump supporters have shown themselves to be extremely generous in the past, so I imagine these guys will be receiving lots of assistance.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Typically Deplorable

    Yeah, this line makes me doubt the veracity of the story:

    The Smith’s home was in foreclosure, and they do not have insurance. Now, the young family of four must scrape together what’s left and rebuild.

    • Danlantic

      I can’t figure out what your point is. Please connect the dots for me.

      • Typically Deplorable

        Their house was in forclosure. There was nothing indicating they were Trump supporters around the house. They weren’t even staying there, and it was uninsured, so they’re falling on hard times, hoping to play the veteran hard luck story to drum up support and no doubt a gofundme or some other outreach of support from the gullible masses.

        A house no one was living in, that they hadn’t been paying on and couldn’t pay insurance for suddenly burns down in a “hate” crime? Reminds me of when the pool hall in my neighborhood “mysteriously” burned to the ground the night before the city council was to decide whether to shut them down for good.

        The graffiti was a smart move to shift blame because you know the investigation would have found it was arson.

        • aliswell

          Perhaps you should read a bit more about the situation. The Smith’s fly 3 flags in their yard: the American flag, a POW flag and the Navy flag. Common knowledge these are flags a right-winger would fly. Mr. Smith also makes it clear on his FB page he’s a Trump supporter.

          Furthermore, they hadn’t moved out of their home, they were staying at a friend’s house just for the night.

          Additionally, in a neighboring town earlier this month two mobile homes were also hit with anti-Trump graffiti, with one of the homes also being targeted with fire.

          There’s more but this should provide sufficient reason to avoid jumping to conclusions about this crime.

          • Typically Deplorable

            Yeah, only right winger Vets fly their service flags and POW flags in their yard. Healthy skepticism is a useful tool. I don’t buy the “terrible things happened to a vet” stories at fist blush because an awful lot of people who served are also shitbags. You seem to be the one having reading comprehension issues because he was staying at their grandparent’s, not a friend’s for the night.

            “Brittany told FOX 13 that they did not have any Trump signs on their lawn and were not vocal about their views in their neighborhood.”

            When’s the last time you had a complete stranger see your facebook posts and hunt you down at your house to confront you. let alone burn our house down? Are you retarded? Most people that would do this aren’t smart enough to do that kind of detective work.

            His house was burned down, having had no indication that he was a Trump supporter, while it was in foreclosure and he was staying with relatives, and he now of course has a gofundme set up because he couldn’t afford insurance, and the more likely scenario to you is that some roving gang of outlaws are out there, scouring facebook for pro Trump messages, then tracking down the users’ home addresses to set their houses on fire, on a night they just “happened” to not be staying there?

          • aliswell

            Like I said, there’s more. You might also want to consider the fact that a thief broke into the house, figured out once he was inside the politics of the household, and decided to torch it after his theft spree was over. MOST lawbreakers are leftists and even leftists admit that.

          • Typically Deplorable

            Yeah, that’s totally a plausible scenario. Thieves look for the shittiest houses in a crap area to target. Seriously, did you eat paint chips as a child? Occam’s razor dude, he was looking to profit off of a situation that was going to haunt him the next 10 years anyway.

            I mean, yeah, I have Trump’s portrait hanging on the wall inside my house so that people coming in see my politics when I don’t outwardly display it. This is in an area that is full of Trump signs in people’s yards. But somehow, this one thief decided to go ahead and bring spray paint and arson materials to a burglary, in case he could look through the guy’s papers and see a pro Trump email or something?

          • aliswell

            So you don’t have spray paint in your home? Or matches or flammable liquid? Interesting.

            TD, I’ve definitely underestimated your brilliance. Your adroit analysis of the family’s circumstances which led you to conclude the victims are the bad guys gives hope to all Muslim men who claim women are responsible for their own rapes. Excellent detective work.

          • Typically Deplorable

            So when the investigation’s done and it’s shown to be a scam, you going to come back here and kiss my ass? Because you seem pretty fucking certain of your extremely specific scenarios playing out.

            Obviously you think the average thief hangs around just looking for shit to torch a house with because he’s that sure of having all te time in the world to burgle.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Yeah faking “hate” against yourself is the new burning your house down for the insurance money…and it even often includes burning your own house down for the insurance money. I’m taking the same stance I would if angry Hilldabeast bulldykes claimed trumpers burned down their house because of their rainbow flag and I’m not believing anything until I see the fire marshal’s forensic report.