I scoured the Internet for a worthy SJW-insanity story, but I couldn’t find one that was up to snuff. I’ll come back later this afternoon with something. The University of Memphis professor mentioned yesterday on these pages is no longer employed there, though. We do have that bit of news as a small follow up. But what I’m now going to talk about for a few paragraphs has nothing to do with radical feminists. It has everything to do with my love of gaming, though. It’s rare that I can keep these ideologues out of the discussion around here, but this would be one of those times (unless you count this intro lol). 

Now, I don’t want to make this out like I was about to give up on gaming completely, because I wasn’t. But I went through some personal upheaval a few months ago. To be frank with you all, I’m still ironing out some kinks from all that. I will save the full tale on that for the book (which I hope to be officially announcing soon. I’m waiting on the cover). All you need to know for this story, is that it had be so dejected that I couldn’t even play games. I didn’t listen to music for a month. Watching anything was a gigantic hardship, because my mind would continually wander to negative thoughts and feelings.

I had made up my mind to sell the Playstation 4, Wii U, and New 3DS. They were reminders of the past and that money would come in handy. I didn’t feel like playing games anyway, much less AAA titles. I figured maybe someday I would get back into real-time strategies, or the select PC title here and there. But I had lost the gaming mojo I’d had since I was 4-years-old. The feeling of unbridled enthusiasm was gone. I never thought I would feel that way about one of my biggest passions.the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_2-t2

Then, I heard about The Witcher 3 coming out. I read a lot of reaction, watched some footage, etc. I loved what I saw, even though I had never played the series (I know, dumb). I got a copy and dived into the massive world. At first, it was slow-going. I still wasn’t really back into the mood, but I was fascinated by the world and the work the developers had put in. By the next week, I was fully immersed. I still had thoughts of selling the consoles, but I had started to reconsider. Why give up on one of my passions simply because circumstances had changed? Should I really let a bad episode in my personal life cause me to fall away from one of the few things that I could always count on to lift my spirits?

I decided that was a terrible way to think. You can’t change the past. No matter what I do, it won’t affect all that. It still happened, I still have to live with it. Life goes on. You can either sit back and let the negativity wreck your shit,  or you can step up to the plate and start putting in work. This isn’t to say I have everything figured out, because I don’t. I still struggle. But what I won’t do, is quit fighting. Those of you who’ve been reading the site for the better part of a year know that well.

So I thank you, Geralt. You help has been much appreciated in this summer of my discontent. The Witcher 3 is not only one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s also one of the the most personally significant. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this amazing game.

    1. it’s a step in the right direction, but real progress will be made when people like her aren’t hired in the first place

      look at her credentials – worse than high school diploma

  1. It is a remarkable game and I am enjoying it as well. I sympathize with the whole selling of stuff sadly I am selling some but not all of my games and consoles cause I need the money

  2. Ralph i don’t know how old you are but I know its younger than me. Don’t sell the stuff…well maybe sell the ps4 because that’s hopeless but I’m gonna let you in on a secret.

    As you get older unless your one of those adults whos a little…behind, your interest and feelings towards games and excitement about them comes and goes. Just part of getting older. The excitement for a new game gets harder and harder to find but it always comes back eventually for something. Witcher 3 had me more hyped than anything in years and I feel it delivered. I am also loving batman…on PC… Despite it being broken beyond all belief the game buried under all the shit is amazing and I’m finding it at least as compelling as the original. As for WB games if they don’t fix it quick they wont ever get a cent from me again and I spend alot a month on gaming. Hell I haven’t given Activision money in years and I’ve been anti gearbox since aliens despite LOVING border lands i just refuse to give them a penny. They don’t deserve it and soon neither will WB…I’m rambling now.

    1. I bought Arkham Knight on PC due to getting a deal. I finally got it running decently, but the image tearing during the cutscenes was just too distracting. So I refunded it, bought the PS4 version for $50, and the Harley DLC for $5. I could have got them both for $50, but I bought the wrong one on eBay by accident haha.

      But yea, after what I read today about WB, I’m pretty pissed. I had to play this game, though. I couldn’t skip it, having played all the others.

      1. I’m about a 3rd of the way through it (the PS4 version), and I’m loving ever minute of it. Once i’m done with it, I’ll give Witcher 3 a go.

      2. Yea that news was pretty tough to swallow but not exactly unexpected. They got paid big money by Sony for that content so you know that version was all set.

        I get a stable 60 most of the time but I’m playing on a 290x and a PCIE SSD. I do have major issues with the BATMOBILE like everyone else and I get hitches sometimes when grappling up a building but if I’m just fighting and flying around its acceptable but I’m under no delusion, its only acceptable because of my specs so its unacceptable.

    2. Same here i been down and out a few times… my life has(is still) been rough sometimes its been hard to find the energy for it…

      But eventually i learned its just a cycle i can’t ever give up on gaming but i might not always play as much when stuff goes down…

  3. Is it enjoyable without having completed the previous games?

    I own Witcher 1 and 2 but I can’t get the first game to stop stuttering, so I’ve never finished it (my PC specs are beyond what is required to run it), but I’m definitely interested in the third.

  4. Heh feel it man, though for me it’s more when my PC gets too dusty to play whatever game i’m really into is reall dusted up inside.(gotta A. clean it out and B. take back my old Chair and use it as my computer stand to get it off the ground.)When that happens, Gaming typically goes down.

  5. Fuck sake Ralph. Generally I agree with pretty much everything that you post. Sometimes I think you’re a little heavy handed but then anti-GG people are equally so. But come on, the ‘merica social media profile pic?
    Look I know that, the whole rainbow flag on everything seems kinda Orwellian group-think and assuredly there’s a lot of vainglorious bandwagon people but the reason it’s so fucking cool is because there’s almost a consensus. The #LoveWins thing was fairly hokey too but think of it like this. There’s now enshrined equality for your fellow tax paying citizens. There’s no way anyone can contextualise that as a bad thing and have any credibility. This “response” with the flag profiles…….it’s just pathetic. Again I too can get pissed out with over saturation of certain topics and narratives being pushed but this is absolutely not a winner or something GG should even tangentially associate with.

    1. He could’ve easily used the “Stars & Bars” (instead of the “Stars & Stripes”) out of defiance and a desire to piss people off. Lord knows I was tempted to do it for that very reason.

      1. Look even though I personally dislike the flag as a symbol I can kinda get you. It’s being overtly demonised as if it’s done something. The reason I feel you is because by and large it’s been a mostly innocuous flag for ages despite it being used by people with a certain point of view who imbued it with a different meaning to the majority of people. Flags just make people crazy.

    2. I’m not an sjw but I do lobby for equal rights, I’m an egalaterian

      I have the rainbow coloring not because im gay or because everyone else does, but because I helped win it, I’m celebrating one less injustice in the world

      I don’t get the edgelords who are getting annoyed at it, nobody’s forcing you to do it, people have control of their own fb accounts, and most will change back soon

  6. some of the “goodies” that social justice has brought “wonder” into the world. Here’s a few of those classical hits: the salem witch hunts, the spanish inquisition, the french revolution’s Reign of Terror, mob justice, and lynchings.
    social justice is a insult to justice. If the law worked under the principles of social justice all you need is to make accusations based on what you say are your feelings, facts, and truth be danm’ed.

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